Alexander Gabriel Imperato was arrested yesterday, accused of DUI and Refusal.  He’s believed to be the son  of Cindy Imperato, also accused of DUI and a Refusal up in Palm Beach (her second DUI arrest). 

The senior Imperato has yet to be replaced on the criminal bench by Peter Weinstein, with her docket being temporarily handled by Paul Backman.  Imperato is still assigned her criminal courtroom and chambers in the North Wing for the handling of foreclosure cases.  It is believed Weinstein intends to bring her back to criminal as soon as her DUI is resolved (he no commented when asked this question in the past), while Imperato has curiously been allowed to retain the death penalty case of Randy Tundidor.  Imperato recently denied a disqualification motion in the Tundidor case filed by Richard Rosenbaum, who is preparing a writ of prohibition regarding the ruling as we speak.  A status hearing is set for Thursday.

Rosenbaum was asked if the arrest and potential prosecution of Alexander Imperato would cause him to file additional pleadings in the Tundidor matter.  His response was “it may“. 

Developing …

Coming Soon – Death is Different: Has Broward learned nothing from the Gardiner/Loureiro fiasco?

343 thoughts on “BUSTED!”

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    This is what happens when judges, moms, etc. pay no real price for drinking and driving and drinking and judging. Junior saw how the system works to protect his mom, and he acted accordingly. He had a drink. Duh.

    The Florida Supremes and the JQC are protecting these drunk judges in part because some of them drink too much as well. Jack Thompson, So Sue Me

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    I feel as sorry for her and her family as she does for a defendant and his family that gets loaded up for daring to go to trial.

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    Fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Research has shown alcoholism continues from one generation to the next. Get this kid some help fast. Mom ain’t a very good example. As for Tundidor, get the teanscript and assign it to another judge. He deserves a fair shake just like Loureiro. It’s been delayed enough already.

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    Must be a family trait. Weinstein had no business dealing with Imperato, which is to say avoiding it, the way he has. Circling the wagons to protect another Broward Judge is not what is called for and yet it continues to happen when you have a Chief Judge that’s more concerned with remaining a Chief Judge when he should be setting a good example. What do you expect from a lousy politician?
    Suffice it to say that Broward County has more than it’s share of problems with its poorly performing judges.
    It’s time to set the record straight and kick a few of these petty politicans to the curb. See how they make it in private practice.

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    “Now she’s a shoo-in for a BACDL award and banquet in her honor.”

    Fruit juice beverages only please.

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    Judges are the first ones to ream out a parent when they say something stupid at a sentencing or bond hearing about Jr.

    Just saying.

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    There sure are allot of sauce junkies wearing black, and even more making excuses for them.

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    This young man will get a Special Prosecutor from Miami or Palm Beach and get DUI Diversion. That’s still not available in Broward.

    Too bad everyone isn’t related to a Judge or a Broward ASA so they can get treated fairly too.

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    This being a courthouse blog, I understand the relevance of, and the interest in, a DUI arrest of a sitting judge. But why publicize here the arrest of a 20 year old whose only connection to the courthouse is the fact that his mother is a judge? Is it to give the usual group of anonymous idiots a chance to unload on someone they do not even know? Shame on you, Billy boy.

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    Is there a link to the “CASE SUMMARY” for Judge Cindy Imperato in Plam Beach County for her recent DUI stop and arrest? Is it being withheld from the public?

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    Don’t know which is worse, another broward judge weaving all over the roads putting people in danger or one sitting on the bench so smashed u couldn’t understand anything she was saying because her speech is so slurred!
    Three cheers for Broward and it’s really crummy judges!

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    Who is the judge for Judge Cindy Imperato?
    Did anyone forward the Judge Imperato or Judge Pollack stories to Nancy Grace?
    Could be an interesting response

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    Why did The Sun Sentinel Newspaper run a story about the arrest of the daughter of two African-American Judges?

    Will they also run the story of the Caucasian Judge’s son?

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    Neither Robinsons jobs were on the line when the daughter got the DUI. If the paper runs this story now it will go harder on Imperato. Maybe that’s why they ignore it.

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    Or maybe the decision to embarrass the Robinsons was a bad one and this time the newspaper made a better decision?

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    Why hasn’t the Bar stepped in ????? Obviously the Legal profession has a problem with policing themselves on all levels. Imperato needs to be off the bench. This is a family in crisis.

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