24 thoughts on “CLOSURE UPDATE”

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    SAO- don’t bring your kids here.
    PD – kids are always welcome. We will set up a movie in main conference room.

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    It looks like he got all those Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Iranian and Italian touristas out of here just in the nick of time.

    What changed so drastically overnight?

    Another phone call from Tallahassee?

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    The police aren’t going on break. They will still be arresting people. The Judges can close a courthouse in the meantime? I don’t get it. How they getting innocent and other people out?

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      EXACTLY! Running the criminal justice system qualifies as “ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL”. Perhaps slightly less important than nurses, doctors, and supermarkets. But nonetheless, people are incustody. And the legal system needs to function. Period.

      If you’re gonna have cops arresting people on the streets then you better have lawyers and judges working on the other end of it. Ridiculous!

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      ShitSatz 5 and dime prosecutions are cramming the jails already. Then cram it extra tight now with shutdowns. Then wait until the jail goes Corona. Anything connected to Satz like Murphy’s campaign are finished politically.

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    We’re just going to have to keep the Koreans, Italians, Iranians, Japanese and Chinese out, and keep the Blacks in

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        With today’s tech., there is no reason that some people, if their attorneys want, can’t have their hearing VIA Skype or something else. Of course with any fees being waived. (National Emergency).

        Doubt the 17th can handle that though.

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    Ok. Ok. So I’m no Einstein. I never said I was. I’m just trying to keep squeezing the glue out that keeps this chitty Circuit together.

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