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      Dale Cohen needs to be tossed on the trash heap of crappy Broward judges. It stinks to high heaven.

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        I feel the same how can we support Ian Richards election please let’s send Dumb Dale packing

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    Its become a roll of the dice for judges in Broward ! And it should be. These aren’t jobs for life and when they show their asses too many times, they need to be shown the door. There’s so many bad to choose from they are like sitting ducks.

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    I wish someone would run against Cohens wife Mardi Ann Levey Jingleheimer Cohen. They would have my full support along with many others.

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    Dumb move Ian. After all those races that Richards has lost you’d think he’d have the sense not to run again. And definitely not to run against an incumbent judge like Dale Cohen. Cohen’s well liked in family division.

    Maybe Ian likes to lose his money? Who knows what makes these people tick? Ego?

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      You don’t understand the Holness Method. Run 20 candidates and if you win 10, you have ten new office holders to kiss your ass. More candidates equal more turnout.

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      thanks, but no thanks for the advice Mardi

      your hubby is a goner this time, you’ll be gone next time

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        When is she up? She needs an opponent more than anyone. The worst combination of stupid and dirty.

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    The gross salary of a County or Circuit Judge over the course of 6 years, including benefits, is in excess of a million dollars.


    Have you run out of criminal cases? No hearings? No new clients?
    Run for Judge
    Are you a family lawyer whose business has dried up?
    Run for Judge (The Family and Dependency Judges have raised little to nothing.)
    Civil lawyer/PI lawyer, insurance companies are not settling claims anytime soon so
    Run for Judge

    * Filing fee to run for Judge is a hair under 7k, so many of the Judges below at the moment have to self fund that amount and more if they didn’t raise money until now.
    ** Total below are net amounts reflecting cash on hand
    Bober- $3500
    Orlando- $11,500
    Bailey- $5700
    Shulman – $25000
    Henning – $3500
    Davis – $86,000
    Ledee- $114,000
    Bowman- $10,500
    Scherer – $23,350
    Dale Cohen – 0
    Siegel – 0
    Murphy – 0
    Holden $38,900
    Tarlika Navarro 190k
    Kaplan 0
    Bidwill $8400
    Tuter $6500
    Feld $31000
    Pole 90,000
    Francois $57000
    DePremo $160,0000

    So who will gamble $6k+ to campaign during a time where the incumbency means nothing? Doubtful there will be many in-person forums or public events to meet and greet candidates. Never in the history of judicial elections has the playing field been so level.

    How to rank em
    1) Gender, women still beat men more than not.
    2) Name game- Hispanic and Haitian names= vulnerable, the amount of money they have is irrelevant.
    1) How much money do they have and can they self-fund if needed?
    2) Who appointed them. Not a good time to be a Scott or DeSantis judicial appointee.
    3) Who has run and won? Novice candidates (only if they have run in the last decade) are more vulnerable.
    4) Prior scandals….adopting a kid in dependency court whose case you presided over and later the kid accused you of wrongdoing.

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        Lost to Elijah Williams, Lost to Kollra- this time I’ll be lucky taking on that country club republican Hunter Davis.

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    Melissa has handed out the campaign assignments:
    OCCRC announces its candidate slate

    Kimok! for State Attorney

    Donohoe vs. Scherer (self made attorney vs stuck up rich kid)
    Kaplan vs. Tuter (former city manager vs ineffective bumbler)
    Heise vs. Pole (Mr. Nice vs Mr. Nasty – it’s a diaz clone redo)
    Peterson vs. Francois (easy win against a bad election name)

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      Lady lawyers…if this is true…3 spots with 2 men good for a female attorney looking to be judge.

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    Please everyone support Ian Richards over Dale Cohen! Dale is incompetent lazy and doesn’t care about his community or children!

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