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    I’ve known enough about Brenda Snipes for years and none of it is good. This woman could screw-up a one car funeral.
    But since affirmative action is being pushed in this ultra liberal county for every public office, we can expect more of the same incompetence.

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      Isn’t he in Century Village about now or assisted living ?
      He used to stumble around the courthouse like he was lost looking for his mama. Guess he found her. She’s clerk now.

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      Usually I have to put in a partial name for it to pull the case. When using a mobile device I mean. When using a desktop it usually works fine.

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        Better than Miami but not as good as West Palm where they also put the State’s return of service on subpoenas so they can’t bluff.

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    Lucky to get half the time. Diane has to spend the first hours of her day getting Brenda logged into AOL so she can access the dating chat rooms.

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        Maybe running it into the ground. Howard never did anything to improve the office. Don’t even think he knew what he was doing anyway. Just another Broward politician milking it for all it was worth.

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    Fraud report? Is this pending?

    Howard Forman filed a fraud report with the Social Security Administration, accusing her of transferring two months of his Social Security benefits, totaling $5,092, without his permission to a bank account she controls. A Social Security spokesman declined to discuss the claim, citing privacy rules, but said generally the agency works administratively to resolve problems involving misdirected checks of small sums.

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    Seriously? Does nearly every official in Broward have to be either incompetent or have terrible ethical skeletons in the closet?

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    It’s amazing the level of incompetence or outright sleaze here. Jenne went to prison so did Eggleshon. Oliphant and Snipes removed for incompetence. Now this Forman who sleazed a good man like Howard Forman and got called dishonest by a Circuit Judge in a written order. Why don’t they remove her too?

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    This place is disgusting. Whenever strides are made, someone like this Forman or Ehrlich drags the whole place down with disrepute.

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    Return honor and integrity to the Clerk of Court.

    Vote for Richard Brian Kaplan for Clerk… ensuring liberty and case files for all.

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    I don’t get it.

    Mr. Forman have her his heart and got her elected to a great job.

    Why didn’t she let him escape with his dignity intact?

    He filed for divorce; she couldn’t just let him go after everything he did for her?

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        Brenda has a big old chip on her shoulder. It’s because she knows how she got the job. And because everyone else knows too.

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    It should cost him
    He knew what he was getting into
    And he’s left everybody with his dirty laundry and a clerk’s office that’s worse than what it was when he was clerk.

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    A long career and Howard Forman’s legacy isn’t worth a sack of soiled bedsheets. Serves him right for saddling the community he “served” with Madam Clerk.

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