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Florida Division of Elections

*UPDATE* – 12:20 PM.  It seems congratulations are due to all the unopposed reelected incumbents, while best wishes go out to everyone running for open seats, in addition to incumbents and their challengers, namely Ellen Feld, Mark Rickard, Jahra McLawrence, Lynn Rosenthal, John Contini, Steve Feren, Ian Richards, Jonathan Kasen, and Claudia Robinson.

                                May the most entertaining candidates win!

BBeat: Judge Steve Feren Gets Last Minute Opponent

17 thoughts on “CONTINI v. FEREN …”

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    Run against them all! Apparently when they make it to the bench at least some of them should be sleeping off a BAD HANGOVER instead! Broward sure has allot of drunk or drugged out judges that shouldn’t be doing the job and need to be in detox.

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    Sounds like most of the broward judges are in rehab or should be. How are they going to run campaigns? I forgot: They hear cases…

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    Party Girl says:

    May 1st, 2014 at 1:28 pm
    Claudia Robinson:

    Her fundraiser post card.


    “Smoke, drink, relax”
    “Make a $100 contribution and receive a complimentary drink and cigar”


    Do you think these “Trent girls” will vote for you? I don’t think so….


    And Ahearn wants to make this nut girl a judge? Let’s wait and laugh.

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    And Mike Dutko wants to put a slick attorney with serious ethical issue on the bench??

    Defending the most hated woman in America reviews the true color of JONATHAN KASEN And Jose Baez!


    I would vote for any nut girl over CASEY ANTHONY’S ATTORNEY !!

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    Whatever happened with the investigation into Feren over the Tao apartment that went bust but Feren was the only one to get his money back?

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    Last night we attended a gathering of retired police officers in Margate. Also present were several judicial candidates who had been invited to introduce themselves. All the candidates spoke for approximately 3-4 minutes. The only remarkable comments were by incumbent Steve Ferins who went into a semi-rant about being challenged for his seat in the last hour if the filing deadline. He then unexplainably told the gathering of more than 200 that everyone there was welcome ” call me if you ever need anything. Although I can’t fix your traffic ticket I am in the family court.” Hmmmm?

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    Steve Feren at the Northwest Focal Point Senior Center last night speaking to the 10-13 Club:

    1.) “I’m not in traffic division so I can’t fix traffic tickets, but if you ever need something in the Family Division, come see me…”

    2.) “I’m not sure why Contini filed to run against me at the last minute, but I’ve done a good job…”

    3.) “After six-and-a-half years now, I guess I need to campaign now…”

    4.) “I’m the only Circuit Court Judge who is being opposed…”

    Note: It’s not your seat, Judge Feren. It’s the people’s seat.

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    Has the JQC been contacted? If he said that he’s in trouble I would guess.

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    Claudia Robinson is the biggest drinker of them all. Of course she would ask a cigar bar to host a campaign party for her, have drinks, get drunk and head on over to the strip club to fondle some boobs! All on her Sunrise husband’s payroll… he a part of the Sunrise scandal going on?

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