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    You mean I’m going to have to watch Coleman stumble around the State Attorney’s Office for another 20 years ? 👿

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    The baillifs cheating on a federal exam, their own supervisors giving them the answers. Wow not the true blue bso bailiffs. They are way to honest and professional for that. Oops I think I just threw up in my coffee. Everyone of those pedohiles is corrupt.

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    The bailiffs are probably the worse bunch of idiots that the sheriff’s office has, that’s why there is a plan in place to get rid of them when the new courthouse opens. Have any of you noticed how more and more regular deputies are working in courtrooms. And I for one am glad of it. What is one of these old retired nypd has beens going to do if something happens in a courtroom. First you have to wake the old geezers up and then what.

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    The bailiffs have always been a political appointment do nothing job. None of them are qualified to do any kind of law enforcement work. None of the stunts and scams that they commit surprises me at all. The only prerequisite for being a bailiff is to be breathing and barely breathing at that. They are all pretty much useless little people hanging out trying to look important.

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    Has Kathleen Pugh in court administration been made aware of bailiffs cheating on a federal security test with the help of their supervisor.

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