Kayo Morgan passed away early Monday morning, succumbing to cancer.  He was surrounded by loved ones in his native Georgia, where he had recently relocated due to his illness.

Barbara Brush had this to say about Kayo, when relaying the sad news:

He was the truest criminal defense attorney I have ever had the honor to know and learn from.  A major loss for the legal community and anyone ever falsely accused of a crime.

Stories about Kayo are legendary.  He was fearless, and an inspiration, refusing to take no for an answer when the truth or justice was being trampled.

Thoughts and prayers to the Morgan family …

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27 thoughts on “COURTHOUSE LOSS”

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    I cannot believe it. I just saw him on Facebook. I did not know he was ill. When I moved to PB I would still call him from time to time.
    Kayo was the first attorney to help me when I started private practice. Kayo was very bright and helpful to all.
    I will miss him very much.

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    kayo was friend of mine for over 20 years…..I still remember his 6 hour closing on Heather Swallows in the Bobby Kent Murder case. I learned a lot about compassion for a client’s plight from him.
    Sad Day for us all

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    I was very close to Kayo for many years. i knew he was “ill”…a long time ago. My heart hurts right now but I am thankful that he is not suffering any longer. God Bless you Kayo. Your life on earth was very beautiful.

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    a great loss,not only as an attorney but as a human being. one of the best of all the attorney ive faced, id rate KO in the top one percent in ability and most importantly in ethics…. a true loss..

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    Remember how Kayo would recite all of the grounds when he objected? hearsayrelevanceambiguousleadingimmaterialargumentativenonresponsivenofoundationcallsforspeculationassumesfactsnotinevidencecompoundnarrativeprivilegedaskedandansweredcallsforconclusionimproper… no waiver there!!!

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    Kayo was one of the best and it is a great loss to the legal community. He had skill, ethics, and a love for the law. May he rest in peace.

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      Trudy, I told you about his threats yrs before you had the guts to come forward. Check your old evals, its right in there. Too bad he and his supporters can get away with ruining decent, hard working honest people. And young innocent lives along with them. Talk to your old landlord, goodness knows he was informed about this looming tragedy. Chemical imbalance does not affect good genes, upbringing and decades of proven honesty. Lets hope everyone gets what they deserve, good and bad.

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    I always liked the guy. He was so genuine. Very nice to me when I first started in Broward and knew nobody up there. He was a real animal lover just like me. Once told me how sad he felt when he had to give away that monkey because he could no longer keep it. Rest in peace, Kayo. You will be missed.

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    To Scott Hecker:

    Heather might have swallowed, but I think her last name was Swallers. Kayo was a fun loving man who looked for the best in everyone.

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    If he did not go away easily when the brutish forces of the legal system were not seeking justice and the truth then good for him. Also good for Dr. Trudy Block- Garfield for having the courage to bring the truth about another brute. And liar and con man. Now we’ll just sit back and watch to see if there ever really is “equal justice under the law”.

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    One of the greatest lawyers to ever walk the hallways of the Broward County Courthouse, and a very inspiring individual.

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    I haven’t practiced in Broward County for many years, but as a young lawyer in the ’90’s Kayo Morgan was an inspiration and a fearless criminal defense lawyer. I learned a tremendous amount about how to litigate a case from watching him. He would wear the prosecution out with his motion practice before relentlessly attacking their case at trial. May he rest in peace.

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