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Chris Doherty, owner of 1st Step Sober House, has confirmed the sad news that Mike Fine passed away suddenly this morning from natural causes. He was pronounced dead around noon at the hospital.

Mike was in multiple courtrooms every single day for at least the last ten years, helping people with drug and alcohol addictions through the program he owned, Primary Purpose, and 1st Step, for which he served as Senior Director.  In recovery himself, Mike led by example, having put together all the pieces for a successful life after the usual ravages incurred by substance abuse and addiction. Trusted by judges and prosecutors alike, his word was his bond.

Mike leaves a toddler son, Alton, and his wife Michelle.  He was 49 years old.

Drug Court graduation ceremonies tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM in the jury room will honor Mike, and memorial service information will post shortly.

Rest in peace Chris Roberts

Rest in peace Lance Andrews

Rest in peace Carolynne Williams

Rest in peace Mary Lou Jones

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    I am truly sick about this. Mike and I just talked
    yesterday . We loved fooling around together
    at the Courthouse. He was a brother in recovery with me for many years. He was such an ambassador for recovery and a good good man.

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    Oh poor poor “Chris.” he once represented me against a roadrageaholic scumbag Ft. Lauderdale cop who tried to kill me and his passenger and her kid ’til I dissuaded him and then satz en company invited and allowed him to lie in trial without correction. I asked him to resign because I found out that at the same time he was running for sherriff because it was a conflict of interest which he denied. Then he got “nice guy” but slug atty Gerry Cunningham who proceeded to blow the case by failing to even impeach the pig with all his incriminating previously sworn statements the prosecutor failed to correct of his criminal actions before garbage judge rob carney who let the prosecutor get away with extensive false and misleading misstatements of fact and law to assist the state in obtaining not only a fraudulent conviction, but an illegal sentence. and then the case was assigned to the KNOWN and convicted dirty lying bitch judge ana I gardiner who was allowed to illegally delay and fabricate excused under the leadership of collusive scott raft and pd cuddihy to obstruct post-conviction proceedings, protecting the rest of the dirty judges who enjoined and assisted gardiner in the 17th and the 4th. So not only does the circle include “long time friend” bogey, and he then married and defended the bitch, too. And that’s how the system works–no investigations; no oversight; Bar and JQC of obstruction long before a JQC complaint was actually investigated v. gardiner and included the very same unapologetic lawyers. So how many faces does a Broward lawyer have?

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        Chris Roberts–wasn’t that also in this blurb–apparently to you, denial IS a river in Egypt. Are you an attorney, too? would esplane a lot.

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    Although we have not seen each other often in recent years, I have known Mike for many years. He was a wonderful, caring, compassionate man. Mike’s passing is a tragic loss for his family and friends, the recovery community, and the community at large.

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      I was about a lot more than money for Mike and that’s what made him different …..obviously you didn’t know him whoever you are….

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    The fact that total bs courthouse gossip can get almost 100 comments but Mike Fine’s passing has less than 10….
    Pathetic. What a wonderful man who will be sorely missed. RIP my friend.

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    Always had a smile on his face, always talked highly of his wife and how she always helped him get ready for work. And the work he devoted himself to was truly Gods work. He will be missed.

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      Mike will surely be missed. He was an awesome guy with a great spirit. He gave of his time unconditionally and was recently so happy to be a father to Alton. He was smiling ear to ear last I spoke to him about the little boy while his notebook was filled with courtrooms to attend to that day.
      Truly a gentleman and kind soul and will surely be missed. Leaving of course now Huge Shoulders and a Huge Responsibility on Chris, who can surely handle it, but Mike was a mensch, for sure through and through! Rest in peace big guy! Love you!

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    Mike was one of a kind man. A Kind, compassionate, non judgmental, ready to help at a moment’s notice stand up guy. If you asked for help, he was 100% behind you for the whole time.
    He would leave me messages over the weekend that clients were having problems and he was going to have to violate them, but then in the next message, tell me he talked with them, often for hours , and they were coming around.
    He WILL be missed by the many people whose life he touched
    including me.

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    I will be forever grateful for Mike……and I am saddened that such a great man was taken away so soon….I am one of the many that he helped and will never forget that his word and respect that he has at the courthouse gave me my freedom back

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    You’ll be missed Mike. You’ve provided a lot of help to all of us never asking for anything in return. Rest in peace.

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    Mike cared with a true heart. He was honest, real, and was in it to save lives. It was his presence that carried 1st Step and made it a place worth being. Mike’s always believed in you, even if you didn’t believe in yourself and no matter what you knew he would always be there when you were ready. He will be missed, never forgotten and his message is still being carried.

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    Mike Fine’s Celebration of Life service will be at:

    The Sanctuary Church
    1400 N Federal Highway
    Ft Lauderdale

    Wednesday October 28, 2015 from 5-9pm

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    Drugs, alcohol and over weight… dead at a very young age of “natural causes.” There is nothing natural about being dead at 49, this man is proof you will pay the price for what you do to your body. Now his little son pays the price for his dad’s bad life style and the choices he made, SAD.

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    🇺🇸MICHAEL FINE🇺🇸 We the lucky ones, who were blessed by his loving care, a real real true friend…., He was, and will always be!
    He found his purpose in his life, and lived it!!
    How lucky he was, and he knew it!! He was a brother, a father, and cared with the same passion as a mother. He invested ALL of himself, to each and everyone who entered his doorway! Next to my father- Mike was the greatest man I’ll ever know.
    Alton.., When you read these words about your Dad, we want you to know how truly great he was, and is! That his blood and spirit is in You! His son!
    Mike Fine, reached down and salvaged me from hell! A stranger…..
    I am forever grateful to him. And I want the world to know.
    M.Ancker 2017

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