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John George passed away Sunday of heart failure, 69 years of age.  His wife of over thirty years was with him.  In addition to Diane, John  leaves his son Edward, and his daughters Victoria and Diana.

John was one of those guys no one ever spoke a bad word about.  Soft spoken and erudite, you listened when he talked.  In addition to the authority he carried by virtue of handling the heaviest cases for so many years, he also was a Vietnam Veteran.  There was a depth there which only unmatched experiences and intelligence could provide.

From Louis Pironti:

John was truly the defense lawyer’s defense lawyer.  He went to the wall for his clients.  On a personal level, he was kind-hearted and loyal to a fault.  He was an excellent human being and a great lawyer …

Visitation: Thursday, November 12, 2015, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m., and 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at T.M. Ralph Funeral Homes, 7001 Northwest 4th Street, Plantation, Florida  33317.

(Mass and internment information to follow or visit for further information)

Ross Mowry, 98 years oldBrian Cavanagh sent this message November 1st, shortly after learning of the former judge and World War II Veterans passing:

I just heard Judge Ross Mowry died last night at 98.  May God rest his soul.  As an old-time public defender before he became judge, he infused with Southern gallantry – the real meaning of Justice and Fundamental Fairness into our local criminal justice system during his tenure on the bench.  

I’ll never forget my first day in his County Court division in 1978, when he looked at me and said, “Well Mr. Persecutor, do you have anything to say?”  Taught me proper humility and a perspective steeped in decency right from the start …

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    John was a cool dude, a great trial lawyer and a great mentor.

    John did not eat breakfast or lunch. But, damn that man drank diet coke like it was going out of style. I just saw him a month or two ago at the death penalty conference. He said, “Grey, you’ll never believe this, but I stopped drinking diet coke.” Maybe it was on doctor’s orders. Who knows.

    John was instrumental in getting me hooked on criminal and injury law. I clerked for him when I was a 2L and 3L. I sat through a couple of murder trials with him. He had me research and draft motions to suppress. I remember the first motion I brought him. It was crap. He said, “That is the problem with law school. They don’t teach you anything.” He crossed a bunch of stuff out, wrote a few things and sent me back to re-write it.

    John fought for his clients. I always admired that about him. He would stay up late nights prepping for trial. He also told me, “You have fun with criminal, but you make your money with PI”.
    John settled a slip and fall (with surgery) at mediation for a couple hundred grand. He played it cool in front of the mediator, opposing counsel and adjuster. But, after the mediation, we were hi-fivin’ outside. He used to let me drive his corvette around town.

    John will be missed.

    -Grey Tesh

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    Remember John and Pete Mineo being way out west before this place busted wide open and there were good times aplenty. Now it’s just like a parking lot. Good ride John 🙂

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    I was John’s legal assistant for more than 31 years. Most of you attorneys know that if your assistant stays around that long, clearly he was a helluva guy. There are no words for my heartbreak nor his family’s loss. He had a bigger than life quality about him, quiet and rather intimidating, but that was just an armor he wore on the exterior. He was the kindest, most genuine soul. I can’t imagine not receiving that phone call from him telling me, “I’m late, cover me would ya Sherry,” but most importantly I cannot imagine not seeing him walk in the door with that glimmer in his eyes and that devilish smile he would project. Our lifelong friendship will forever be etched in my memory and in my heart. Rest easy John…

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