Criminal lawyers have been busy panicking all week due to the impending October 1st deadline for criminal courts E-filing.  Training sessions have been held in the main courthouse for both judges and lawyers (there’s another one for attorneys about to start in the jury room as of the time of this post), and everyone has noticed the recently installed swanky new touch screen oversized monitors on each judge’s dais. 

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief though, as the October 1st deadline seems likely to be pushed back in Broward and other places as well.  Clerk of Courts Howard Forman helped to clear up some of the confusion just a few minutes ago, explaining that Clerks from Broward, Hillsborough, Lee and Miami-Dade Counties have requested an extension of the deadline from the Supreme Court, and hope for it to be granted by Administrative Order any day now.  And while it’s anyone’s guess as to what the Supremes may do, if the biggest counties need more time, it’s a safe bet they’ll get it.  The AO should post here shortly, so check it out.  In the meantime, everyone is still urged to register for E-Filing, while all the problems presented by criminal E-filing are ironed out …

State v. Cunningham UpdateGarrett Cunningham’s case has been assigned to Matt Destry’s division.  Johnny McCray for the Defense, and Katie Bogenschutz for the SAO.  Things may change, however, if any of the parties decide to ask to send this mess to an out of county judge or prosecuting authority …


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