The following email, entitled “Media Inquiry”, was sent to Peter Weinstein and copied to his JA last Friday, April 11th.  Absent some initial pleasantries and a few typos, the email has been reprinted in its entirety.  As of the time of this post, Weinstein has failed to answer any of the questions posed, despite an indicated deadline of 5:00 PM, April 14th.

With the 17th Judicial Circuit backsliding to depths not seen since 2007, it’s clear something is drastically wrong.  And while JAABLOG may be partly responsible for giving the gregarious and likeable chief judge a free pass over the last few years, we think it’s high time Weinstein answers to the public he serves. 

Post a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions for improvement.  JAABLOG believes it’s not too late for Weinstein to salvage the 17th’s sinking performance and reputation, if he decides to send a strong message to both the legal and general communities, and be something more than a caretaker of the abysmal status quo who seemingly just wants to keep everyone happy.  He may not have to answer our questions, but he certainly will answer to the judges who read your comments next February, when he seeks his third term as their chief …

The email:


(R)ecent developments have some people theorizing there is a lack of leadership in the 17th Circuit.  As I know you would be the first to admit, the buck stops with the chief judge, and with morale at an all time low, and potential serious fallout looming as the RRA scandal threatens to further darken the clouds over the courthouse, I would like to ask your opinion on the following issues before I publish.


1.) Reliance on un-elected, senior judges filling in for elected judges.  There seems to be an unprecedented reliance on senior judges in the 17th, while many full time judges seem under-utilized, or unwilling to pick up the slack.  I understand the seniority system and reluctance to transfer judges from their long standing assignments, but clearly some type of reform is needed.  Are you willing to restructure division assignments and the judicial staffing of the satellite courthouses to ensure judges are working full days, and if not, why?  Are you willing to take action in other ways besides reassignment against under-performing judges? Also, is there some reason why you haven’t personally picked up a division full time, and also asked (Admin judge) Sharon Zeller to do the same?  Will you allow me to look at your schedule and Sharon’s and (Admin judge) Jack Tuter’s for the last six months without filing a public records request?


2.) New courthouse design flaws.  How involved are you in the construction project, and what type of demands does this place on your schedule?  If you are actively involved, can you discuss some of the design flaws and why the judges’ concerns weren’t remedied?  What are you doing to protect courthouse staffers who have been told they will have to park in a garage unprotected from the elements once the new building is operational? (CLARIFICATION: the new garage is not connected to the new courthouse by a covered walkway) Why are judges entitled to covered parking, when every courthouse worker is as important as the next, and will you evenly distribute or rotate covered parking to all workers?


3.) Diversity.  The most recent census data  shows the African-American and Latin populations of Broward to be each around 30%, yet those populations are pathetically under-represented on the bench.  Judges are allowed to involve themselves in the appointment process, and many believe you may have tried to help Arlene Backman.  Did you try to help her?  And what have you done during your tenure as chief judge to actively promote diversity on the bench?  What are you doing now to ensure minority applicants and appointments now that there are two county seats coming up, specifically Merrigan and Murphy?


4.) Judicial substance abuse concerns.  What are you doing to educate and help judges concerning substance abuse, and to protect the public from judges who may be battling addictions to drugs and alcohol?  When racial insensitivity issues arose during prior administrations, programs were implemented to educate and help all the judges.  Why hasn’t this been done here, particularly when other judges besides the ones in the news are also rumored to be dealing with substance abuse issues?  Will you ask the judges to submit to voluntary drug testing, to protect the community from further embarrassing episodes which tear at the basic, underlying integrity of the judicial system?  And regarding Gisele, which experts did you consult before determining to place her back in drug court back in January, and is it true you spoke with her lawyer David Bogenschutz before making that decision?


5.) Term limits for the CJ.  You have previously indicated that you will be seeking another term as chief judge.  Why?  Isn’t four years enough for any circuit, particularly after the well documented troubles here in the past that many believe were the result of having the same chief judge for too long?  What is it you wish to accomplish in another term, and why haven’t you implemented reforms already besides the much needed three judge panel for civil county to circuit appeals?  

SS: Broward courthouse parking rate ‘really out of line’ (April 14)

Weinstein said he didn’t want to be critical of the county. After all, they’re building a new county courthouse and two new garages, for employees and for judges. But he said $8 an hour in the public garage just east of the courthouse on Southeast Third Avenue on the south side of the New River, is “really out of line.”

… “I think asking people to pay that kind of money to come to court is very significant,” Weinstein said. “On the other hand, I also recognize all the expenses the county has.”


Carmel Cafiero: Chief Judge Ross monitoring slacker judge’s dockets (2007)

If Pope Francis can reform the Catholic Church,

… can’t Broward find a leader to reform its judiciary?

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344 thoughts on “DEAR PETER …”

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    Judge Weinstein doesn’t strike me as a roll up his sleeves and pitch in type of guy when there’s heavy lifting to do. He should have a division though. No question about it.

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    Taxpayers are paying for Senior Judges while some Judges are moonlighting at American Heritage during work hours.

  3. 0


    You act like it’s some big surprise Peter Weinstein can’t step up to clean up this cesspool? The only thing he’s got his hands in is dough! To hear him speak reminds me of someone that belongs in assisted living already.

  4. 0


    The robed elite doesn’t like being held accountable. The robed elite doesn’t like getting rained on either. That’s why so much money was spent on the temporary judicial parking lot tunnel. Now employees are told to get an umbrella??? Tacky man, really tacky.

  5. 0


    I like how they have to share bathrooms in new building. That’s not a design flaw.

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    I like coming to Broward every so often.It makes me appreciate how lucky I am to practice primarily in Palm Beach.

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    Judge Holmes would be good. She’s supposed to be in her last term and could shake things up.

  9. 0


    Chief Judge Ross always filled in when needed.

    This is disgraceful what’s going on here.

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    I always thought Relief week for County Judges was a crock. That should be eliminated immediately. I can’t imagine a felony Judge allowed to take a week off every so often. A dumb idea and wasteful.

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    The comparison to the Holy Father is ludicrous. Weinstein couldn’t even get elected to Congress for crying out loud. It’s like comparing a Sailfish to the fake crabmeat they sell in Winn Dixie.

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    Paul Backman would be a very good Chief Judge. He’s certainly the best judge at 201 S.E. 6th.

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    Backman would be great but I don’t think he can win after the Tobin election mess.

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    If they want to clean up the mess and g bring respect and integrity to the title Chief Judge His Honor Martin Bidwell would be a great choice if he could be convinced.

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    Expecting Weinstein to answer tough questions is like thinking Ana Gardiner was going to take responsibility for her actions.

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    Bill, you are like a broken record. You had problems with C.J. Dale Ross, then C.J. Vic Tobin, and now C.J. Peter Weinstein. You have problems with any judge that does not bend over and kiss your self-important ass the moment you walk into a courtroom. You have problems with Mike Satz because he won’t roll over and play dead for the few clients that you have managed to represent. Why don’t you grow up and accept that fact that you are a waste of neurons that no one would even acknowledge if you weren’t empowered by the pony-tailed Napoleon. Your parents must be so proud of you.

  17. 0


    It’s a broken record I never tire of listening to. Judge Weinstein is going the way of those other two dodo birds. Maybe the new CJ will make him work his last two years. That would be nice.

  18. 0


    I think you’re expecting more than will ever be forthcoming with Pete Weinstein. He schmoozed his way into the job, which is to say a job doing nothing, and will do nothing while he’s there. The thing is, the guy is so stupid, if he were to actually do anything, he’d screw it up. Look at anything he’s had to handle. See what I mean.

  19. 0


    Backman would be a worse choice. Talk about an even bigger worm. He’s too busy changing his diapers six times a day.
    A better idea would be to dump both loads for somebody who’d make a difference and isn’t in it for the perks. Nothin perky about Backman. More like wet pampers.

  20. 0


    Peter is good at talking about himself. He’s good about forwarding emails. Not so good everything else.

  21. 0


    I’d say most Judges want to clean up the mess once and for all. It’s not pleasant being a member of a judiciary that is a joke across the state.

    At the same time, there are many who like things as they are. They don’t want to work long hours, and they want a top Judge who will protect them at all costs.

    It’s a numbers game. At some point in time there will be enough votes to ensure reform across the board. Until then it will be business as usual.

  22. 0


    Comparing Judge W to Messrs Satz, Tobin Ross…..are you not proving the guy’s theory for him?

  23. 0


    Weinstein’s only agenda is to live off the fat and do nothing for it. Ever seen him in court? He’s really not too bright. Just a regular run of the mill politician without much brains. Typical roadhouse judge for a less than typical circuit who has had more than it’s share of really bad judges. It’s time this dude hits the road as chief judge. Maybe he’d do better slinging hash at a diner. Jabba the Hut has nothing on this chump.

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    Yes, Sephardim are desperately needed to balance the overabundance of Ashkenazim.

    The rest of you can go to hell.

  25. 0


    Don’t think much was ever expected from Peter Weinstein from the get-go as CJ. He’s like allot of cops I know: Too busy hanging at Dunkin Donuts!
    The rest of the time he’s conspiring with Daddyback trying to figure out the best spin to put on a bunch of out of control broward judges who are either too high to find their way to court or too lazy to get out of bed.
    Go ask Woozy Suzie when she’s ten feet tall.
    The Broward Judiciary is the biggest laugh in the State. And then of course you’ve got Weinstein watching it fall apart while scoping out the nearest jelly donuts.
    It’s time to give another judge a chance to be CJ, preferably one who cares about the rapidly deteriorating health of our judiciary.
    It’s become painfully obvious that Peter can’t hold up his end.

  26. 0


    It’s a respect thing. Judges see Imperato getting arrested again for DUI and being called a ‘wonderful person’ by Peter and allowed to keep a death case. They see Pollack screwing her JA over and falling down on the job and not getting any punishment except a hug and a daily visit to Zeller’s office for the smell test. This man is responsible to the public? LOL

  27. 0


    Chief Judge Peter Weinstein of the Broward Judiciary seems to be stuck in a reverse trend that has become almost comical except for the fact that tax payers are paying for this sad comedy.

  28. 0


    Tuter and Bidwill work their butts off. Why can’t Zeller and Weinstein work a division too?

  29. 0


    Drug testing for Judges is obviously a necessity, but they also need to be searched upon entering the courthouse. As it is now, they are allowed to bypass security. This is a public safety concern. It is not beyond anyone’s imagination that some Judge goes off the deep end and hurts someone with a gun. The same issue with drugs and alcohol. How can anyone be sure Judges aren’t sneaking liquor or contraband into the courthouse?

  30. 0


    Why would Weinstein be expected to do any better than any of the other “Jokers” who have laughingly “Served” as chief judges in Broward County?

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    Judges who do nothing and yet the legislature is repeatedly asked to fund more judges in broward? What’s up with that? Is there anyone monitoring these slackers? Isn’t that something the chief judge of each circuit should be doing?

  33. 0


    Neither Tuter or Bidwell will run against Weinstein. That speaks volumes about them. They are happy as head of civil and criminal. Bidwell is not going to do anything to jeopardize his federal judgeship. It’s funny handsight is 20/20. How would it be now if Judge Greenhawt had beaten Weinstein.

  34. 0


    It’ll be interesting to see just how many Broward Judges get sucked down in the Rothstein scandal before the end. Which as I understand it could be any day now.
    Broward County is known for its corruption. Watch the squealing begin now that the finger pointing is over.
    Could have told you Weinstein would be a disappointment.

  35. 0


    When you think about it, Weinstein is the least of concerns when the topic is judges in broward. Sure, he’s worthless, but to do that all he has to do is nothing which is exactly what he does best. LOL

  36. 0


    You want suggestions for improvement of judges in Broward County? Run against every one of these turkeys and get people in there that will do a better job. Any improvement would be better than what we have now. From drunks to druggies to lazy judges who feel entitled to sit on their azzez and get paid to retirement when they can suck even more out of the people of the State of Florida. From what I read in the newspapers that would make up about three quarters of them. I’ve never seen anything like it. This Weinstein acts like a total buffoon from what I’ve seen of him on tv.

  37. 0


    It is what it is. Broward is well known for its trouble with judges and yet there is no oversight. When you’ve got candadates running for judges with the wrong reasons in mind, this is what you get. Weinstein is just another example.

  38. 0


    politicians are consensus builders and it looks like the consensus is weinstein is doing a crap job.

  39. 0


    If he’s the choice of consensus among fellow judges, the problem is worse than it appears. Alot worse.

  40. 0


    Got to hand it to you, Petey. U put a drunk judge back on the bench, since removed to the nut house, and now can’t or won’t answer pertinent questions concerning your complete mismanagement of a bunch of Broward Judges who are either suffering from bad hangovers or are too depressed to get out of bed in the mornings when all they can put in is two hours three days a week anyway. Good one. You never cease to amaze the voting public with your ineptness.
    A word to the wise: Keep a closer eye on your flock Holy Father for they are completely out of control and looking for a father figure that will save them from what I suspect is coming for at least three of them now approaching the cut off date for implications stemming from the Rothstein fallout and various whorehouse entanglements.
    Did you ever figure you’d have to deal with former broward judges stooping to such levels? The worst part is that once they’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, they still want to come back and chow down on the public trough.
    Shame on a bunch of petty political hucksters whose game went bad and is gonna get worse by the looks of things.
    Wake up and smell the jelly donuts. They only stay fresh for a couple of hours until they turn hard.
    It’s all so pathetic you’ve got to chuckle.

  41. 0


    I bet he’ll run again.

    Being Chief Judge is good for business.

    Just saying.

  42. 0


    When will the Federal Govt intervene?
    The Broward County Judiciary is imploding & there are no life rafts left.

  43. 0


    I can’t understand why someone would want to be a Judge and not run a division. Isn’t that the point? Or was a Judgeship a consolation prize for not being able to become anything more than a small time local politician?? Is his heart in it?

  44. 0


    These people want to be honored and feted, treated with distinction without inspiring or leading. Too many of them feel entitled to the airs without putting in the time and effort to earn it. It’s not I was elected, game over, because that’s when the work starts. The power of the State must be respected but the person under the robe isn’t deserving of being spit on if they don’t live an exemplary and hard working life. The Judiciary is here to serve and protect the citizenry but too many are self interested and lazy pension suckers bringing ridicule to the Courts.

  45. 0


    Broward Judiciary sure is a grease fest with only the most admirable applying for the situation. Keeps the wheels of justice lubricated.

  46. 0


    What percentage of the Broward Judiciary is African American, Caribbean or Hispanic?

  47. 0


    Qualified candidates need not apply. If not humping someone in power FORGET ABOUT IT.

  48. 0


    Now Watson bites it. Gardiner waiting for the final dumpster run. How many oinkers have to go down before the FEDS clean up this rathole or we get a chief judge that reins in the tripe? Hasn’t this kind of stuff been going on long enough?

  49. 0



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    Broward’s track record with it’s poorly performing judges is one of the reasons I stay in Dade. Much better judges without all the attitude and of course the requests for campaign contributions. You’ve sure got allot of losers north of the border. Never experienced anything like it.

  51. 0


    Weinstein has allot more to be answerable for than the questions you posed. Not that he’s got any answers which I suppose is why he didn’t answer them. These clowns are really out there.

  52. 0


    Thank you for keeping us up to date on the ridiculous nature of some of Broward’s Finest! Drunk judges and judicial ineptitude seems to be the order of the day at the Broward Courthouse. The only judges I feel sorry for are the ones trying to make a difference among all those that just don’t seem to care. U can bet I’ll remember the names of those that have fallen short of that aim when it comes to casting my vote. The rest of this makes for interesting conversation at my condo. Shameless behavior.

  53. 0


    If it’s not the job of the Chief Judge to do something about drunk judges appearing on the bench, whose job is it? Are any of these judges being monitored to insure compliance to the rules or what?

  54. 0


    At least there hasn’t been a Judge accused of doing strange things with children in a while.

  55. 0


    Let’s see. Judges can vote for someone who will crack the whip. Monitor their performance. Make sure they show up, and on time. Burn them when they get drunk, or are simply incompetent.

    Or, they can vote for someone who expects nothing but another term as a docketless figurehead.

    Don’t be a fucking moron.

  56. 0



  57. 0


    Keep at it Bill. Judge Dale Ross needs to retire and hopefully without a taxpayers pension. He allowed my trial to be post-poned 32 times. When I got sick and tired of waiting I wrote him a letter stating that I had asked for a speedy trial over 4 years only to be ignored by my attorney Bogenschutz and to have SA (there were 4) along with Deborah Carpenter (pig) come up with excuse and lie after lie. Ross wrote me a letter back stating that my lawyer had asked for some continuances and was very snide in his comments. I wrote Ross back stating that since he was supposedly in charge of the courts I thought he might look into this as it seemed an excessive amount of times. Next thing I know without my knowledge all were called into his chambers and I was given the lovely gift of Charles Greene his partner in crime. Remember these 2 were both demoted just a months after my final trial. As far as Satz goes he took part in covering up evidence, covering up a sexual crime and then allowing his office to keep evidence hidden for those 4 years I waited for my trial. So I don’t know Bill at all, but I know the other characters involved. If you want to hear more just come to the Delray Beach Library April 23 @2pm for a book signing and full disclosure of the corrupt court system all judges names and cases documented. You can only hide the truth for so long, eventually it makes it’s way out.

  58. 0


    Mother’s Day March in Washington DC in May and congressional hearing about psychologist Deborah Day, a whore of the court. Not to be missed By Anonymous

    “We march because the majority of child abductions in the US are of children involved in custody disputes, children in foster care, and homeless children attempting to escape abusive homes.

    We march because, in over 98% of cases of abuse allegations in US family courts, the allegations are substantiated by forensic evidence, facts, witnesses, and child victims, but judges routinely find them to be false and give full custody to abusers and molesters.

    The US family-court system is now one of the most corrupt legal systems in the world, with the US second only to Romania for the worst treatment and conditions of children.

    Are you reading this Jeff Wesissman, Sherri-Bourg Carter (I know you aren’t there but you still have friends there or shall I call them partners in crime). You too Judge Richard Eade, Judge Ronald Rothschild, Judge Charles Greene, Linda Vitale don’t think I forgot about your part in this and hopefully you will lose your pension. Somewhere on JAABLOG you need to have a Divorce Industry section, because if you are interested in cleaning up the system that won’t happen until these scumbags are exposed. Believe me your board would be lighting up. But everyone knows about Broward, so the money must be great there to keep so many mouths shut.

  59. 0


    I want to see the first time a majority of the staff (you know, the ones who do ALL the work) are late because the weather is so bad they can’t get out of the garage to walk IN THE MONSOON to the courthouse. Wonder how fast they’ll get in trouble due to lack of planning by the powers that be?

    As for the reTIRED senior judges doing what should be done by current lazy judges, why do you think the 17th isn’t going to a four-day work week? That would mean the judges who only work 2 or 3 hours 3 days a week would have to work 2 or 3 for four whole days. They’re just about all a bunch of lazy money sucking, kiss my robe, screw you I’m better than you mentality ingrates.

    Hope I’m there long enough to see the tables turn before I enter DROP

  60. 0


    If Weinstein spent as much time actually doing something besides trying to protect drunk and errant broward judges, this circuit would be in good shape.

  61. 0


    May 9-12 Conference and March in DC Violence Against Women and Children and Corruption in the Family Courts. Come one, come all. Find out who are the whores of your court.
    My name is Miriam Silver and I wrote a book called “Protecting My Child.”
    After finding out my husband tried to kill me with AIDS I asked for a divorce. Soon After he came out as a bisexual and before long my son was complaining about his paramour touching him in bed.
    One day while my attorney was away on vacation I got a call at 9:30 am and ordered to be at the judge’s chambers at 11 am. After arriving I was accused of being crazy and delusional by a paid court-appointed psychologist named Dr. Sherri Bourg-Carter who hadn’t spoken with me for over a month. A paid GAL lawyer named Jeff Weissman with no knowledge of children and pro-pedophilia, testified I was delusional, even though he wasn’t a psychiatrist. My husband’s lawyer told the judge I had committed Parent Alienation a term I had never heard of. Judge Richard Eade listened to all these lies and then wouldn’t allow me to say one word in my defense and he immediately switched custody without any advance warning or evidence or witnesses.
    All across our country children are being denied a loving relationship with a protective mother. This is almost always done for the sake of money. I was a stay at home, educated, upper class, good mom, but none of that mattered.
    So don’t tell me you care about children and education, while daily at least 1,000,000 children mourn for their moms. Don’t tell me about climate change, or immigration reform, or gay marriage, or income inequality, because nothing matters or is as important when your child is stolen from you.
    Our Government has declared a war on women and children and no one seems to care. What happened to me could happen to anyone. So if you care for our most precious assets on this Earth, then put away your petty complaints and start protecting our children.
    Our family court system is extremely corrupt making billions off of the back of families in distress. They have turned it into the Divorce Industry, vote out all judges, get rid of all paid GALs and court-appointed psychologists. Speak up for the children; it might be your child, or grandchild. My child is now ready to speak up for himself.

  62. 0


    If you expect Whiney Weinstein to do ANYTHING at all but suck the tax payers of this state dry, you’re in for a really big surprise. Drunk Judges in Broward? You think he cares what the public is getting for it’s money? Think again.

  63. 0



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  65. 0


    As a licensed attorney in three states one of the most frustrating things I have dealt with through my forty years of practice has been the inability to resolve matters for clients immediately. I was troubled by GA’s seemingly slow judicial system only to be completely frustrated by AL’s plodding delays. However, neither of those states can compare to what I have experienced in the last eleven years in Florida. The concept of “Justice delayed is justice denied’ continually comes to mind. While I thoroughly appreciate the difficulty of being a trier of fact, it must be all that much more difficult when matters are broken up into hearings months apart. How can a judge remember the demeanor of the witnesses under such circumstances? How can they look back on notes and get the full sense of what they heard months before? And of course they need half of whatever little time is allotted to get up to speed all over again on the case file and facts of each case. That cuts deeply into the precious little time for testimony. Then there seems to be a rule here that ruling from the bench is contrary to good practice. Even simple matters of contempt which are obvious violations or not, require a sitting judge to delay rulings for months. Why? In doing so, many credit reputations are destroyed because the enforcement that should have happened as ordered, should have happened immediately after the enforcement hearing are delayed until bankruptcy is imminent. I was always under the impression that the judges we elected and paid held an awesome responsibility but to me, delaying a ruling is evading that responsibility. Delaying that ruling for months can’t be living up to that responsibility. I am reminded that some of our judges have thousands of cases to handle. I appreciate how difficult that must be however isn’t that all the more reason to rule swiftly and move cases? Even the nature of how a family must deal with initial dissolution of marriage is beyond frustrating. GA had a procedure for years that enabled a filing party to immediately seek a temporary hearing within ten days of filing a petition. At the temporary hearing a financial affidavit which must have been presented to the other side was introduced along with one witness testimony and previously exchanged affidavits. Thirty of these hearings were scheduled by each judge four days a week and most were resolved in the hallway between the parties or by 2PM that day by the judge. Here its six months before anyone gets 15 minutes to plead their case. Maybe its time the lawyers and judges openly talk about these frustrations and all work together to make some things happen of the citizens of this county.

  66. 0


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    また様々 な材料の作られています。SOE の工作員がドイツラインの後ろの混乱の中で結果と同様にどちらか ach を気遣わないことができるおよび各ので、次、必要な効果を提供するいくつか 1 つをされよう分日展覧会も暴行ローカル チャレンジ サービスを見つけることを試みるナチス忙しい異文化に関する追加情報についてのメールが世話をフランスの操作を含める記事劇場送信になります。

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    Para el evento, el Sistema de Atencin Mdica de Emergencia (SAME) destin dos helicpteros, un consultorio de alta complejidad en el hotel de la Sesin, un helipuerto y atencin privilegiada en el Sanatorio los Arcos y cuatro unidades de traslado.

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