We’d like to thank everyone for the unprecedented amount of support thrown our way since Brenda v. Blog broke.  The friendship has always been there, even without a stunningly unpopular Petitioner, but the amount of free legal advice and strategy being offered is also deeply touching.  If you can, please keep the tips coming, whether in person or anonymously, until flaming hot justice is served.  In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted with any developments, so it will be easy to follow along at home …

The following email was sent to Brenda Forman and Jackie Powell at 8:04 P.M. this evening:


Good evening.

Pursuant to your filings in the above-styled cause, and the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, I will be conducting depositions of the individuals named below, all of whom, with the exception of Jackie Powell, are in your employ.

Please kindly inform me tomorrow, Monday, December 16, 2018, of their availability, and I will coordinate with my co-counsel, Ed Hoeg.

I would prefer to conduct these depositions quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of impact possible on the Clerk’s Office operations, given it is a taxpayer-funded organization.  I also would prefer to have this matter handled by the courts as soon as possible. If you could help me coordinate these quickly, it would therefore be

As for Jackie, when are you available?  I am sure this would be best handled before you take the bench, so please advise.

And here are the Clerk’s people to be deposed:

Brenda Forman, Dian Diaz, Shirley Grissett, Nakia Smith, Alethea Petty, Melissa Proulx, Derek McCree, Renee Petty, and Lyubov Beausejour.



COMING SOONLopez v. Hall, Florida Supreme Court (2018): “For these reasons, we approve the First District’s decision in Hall and hold that section 57.105 may be applied to repeat, dating, and sexual violence injunction proceedings under section 784.046.”; Good Timing: The National Judicial Conference’s Contemporary Threats to Judicial Independence and Freedom of the Pressheld just this weekend …

65 thoughts on “DEPOS!”

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    This is the beginning of the end for Forman. She may be better at playing the name game than I was, but the hungry dog will not be denied in the next election.

    Restore honor and integrity to the Clerk of Court.

    Vote Richard Brian Kaplan for Madam Clerk. Ensuring liberty and incompetence for all.

  2. 7


    Relax Gordo. If I run for Clerk instead of Public Defender, I’ll still give you a job after you get destroyed in the election. Clerks need lackeys too.

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    I wouldn’t worry too much about disrupting the operations of the Broward Clerk ‘s Office. It couldn’t be any more screwed up than it is already. Never seen a worse run bunch of morons led by a worse Clerk. It’s a disaster.

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    Like the rest of these scabs, they milk the public dole and ride it for as long as they can. This is Broward. In the interim, like what’s happening in the Clerk”s Office, they do nothing to improve the mucked up situation they’ve created but play politics to insure they stay sucking at the public trough.
    The way this woman has behaved is deplorable but fully in keeping with what you might expect.

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      Breaking up these scuzballs that are all connected thru employment at public expense should be a top priority. These gophers need a reminder that their support of each other’s interests has its drawbacks. One of them is having to tell the truth when placed under oath.

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    Who represents Brenda Forman ? Deposing her should be worth its weight in gold. She’s more to be scorned than pitied !

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      If the 57.105 applies any lawyer she has could be held responsible for half the fee award. Doesn’t she already owe a bunch of fees too. I thought so.

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    Bill, there are a great many people within courthouse circles that support you completely. Your efforts to report on subjects that are of great interest to all of us are truly appreciated.
    Please keep up the good work. If your search for the truth involves ruffling the feathers of poorly performing public servants, I equally applaud your efforts.
    As we all know, Broward County has many problems in this respect.

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    JAABLOG, Hope you corrected that date in your email. A response on Monday, Dec. 16th, 2078 is not possible. After reading all the documents, it certainly appears you are harassing the Clerk. What is your end game?

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    What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?
    But since when do depositions equal harassment?
    Hopefully the questionable author isn’t a lawyer or Judge.
    This seems like basic knowledge.

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        The race card didn’t play very well with Speiser. I sincerely doubt it will work very well in this case. Brenda Forman is overplaying her hand as it is.
        As Clerk of Courts, regardless of the poor job she’s doing, she’s a public official being paid by public funds and is therefore subject to scrutiny on a different level than would be the case of Joe Public.
        She’s already been found by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction to have filed an action that was found to be in Bad Faith.
        She’s running out of cards to play and losing any credibility she might have had.

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    This is going to open a lot of cans of worms. Brenda and her cohorts were equally stupid to take this route. But, then again, with the way the Clerk’s Office is run, I’m not surprised at anything I might hear from this incompetent crew.
    The Clerk’s Office has been and remains a wretched mess run by less than effective team of idiots.

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    It seems like so much in Bob’s orbit ends up in controversy. The Sun Sentinel was right. How about a do over on the election.

    1. 4


      There was something between iris and howard? Inthought it was odd when Howard ran from his home with Brenda, iris was one of his first calls but i thought it was because liked her bunt cake

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    This is just another example of the typical Broward name game. An ignorant, uneducated minimum wage employee marries the boss and uses him to head an organization. Let’s put aside her lack of judgment, a finding by a judge, and her money issues, THIS is what represents Broward county. THIS is who is in charge of the records of the entire county. Disgrace. And her lackeys who lied on her behalf can go right out the door with her when she gets booted out.

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      She’s worn out the Forman name. You can fool some of the voters some of the time, but not all voters all the time. With the bad press she’s received, she’d better enjoy her last term in office. Ive heard there’s 2 candidates that are going to file against her.

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        Let me show you how the name game is played. People laugh and call me an insane Bozo now, but they won’t be laughing after 2020 when they have to call me Madam Clerk. The hungry dog will beat the gold digger.

        Restore honor and integrity to the clerk’s office.

        Vote Richard Brian Kaplan for Clerk of Court, ensuring liberty and incompetence for all.

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      Any educational requirements for working in the clerk’s office, or can any moron with connections apply? Never witnessed so many morons working in the same place. No wonder things are so messed up around here. And as far as Brenda: what do you really expect from this type of clown? The bigger clown was Howard if thats possible. What assisted living dive out west is the guy in without her tender loving care now?
      One thing about Broward: the bigger the incompetence factor, the more likely they are to occupy public office.

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    Dear Chief Justice, I am writing today for an order instructing our agent at William Morris to negotiate an increase in our residual rate. The Circuit has been outperforming itself as of late, and ratings are through the roof

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    Even if this Gelin/ Forman thing never comes our way, we need an advance plan in place to ensure we do absolutely nothing

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    It’s hard to figure how Clerk of Broward County Courts Brenda Forman sees herself as a victim in this scenario, but we’ve seen this kind of behavior before.

    She’s been found by Judge Speiser to have been in bad faith in her attempt to garnish control of her former husband and former Clerk of Court’s financial assets. Its been widely reported in the mainstream media and has raised questions about her fitness to serve as Clerk of Courts.

    So quite naturally she’s feeling a little uneasy about how she’s presently being viewed by everyone within courthouse circles.

    Her fallback position therefore might be to say she feels somehow uneasy, nervous or threatened by having her picture taken perhaps fearing this might lead to her becoming the subject of further ridicule or even criticism in how the operations of her office are in disarray or being mismanaged as Clerk of Courts. It’s done in an attempt to make others feel sorry or protective of the subject’s view of her own plight.

    At any rate, this is a common tactic commonly associated with the weaker of the species as a protective mechanism when all else fails. This is not a bias view but one that is well documented in modern psychology.

    Background, experience and lack of education can also contribute to these types of insecurities and manifest themselves to varying degrees in associated behavioral abnormalities.

    more to follow …

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