Thanks to Bob Norman, we learned today that Howard Finkelstein and Mike Satz are ok with moving the Napoleon Broward statue.  Jack Tuter’s views are still unknown, although the WPLG report notes Harold Pryor, president of the TJ Reddick Bar Association, is set to meet with the chief judge soon.  In the meantime, we’ll follow-up with Brenda Forman and Scott Israel, and wait to hear Tuter’s thoughts before bothering to make inquiries with the County Commission.

Bob’s WPLG report is found here …

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    And, as predicted, the expected call to the media has been made: “hey here is a story for you to run. Oh, and by the way, I put an article on my blog about this …”

    Norman: “don’t worry, I got you covered Bill. We have to help each other out.”

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    Mike hires for diversity. Finkelstein the same. The judiciary has only 7 Black Judges. It means Court Admin won’t move it.

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      Because these guys believe in diversity they both supported the great Hispanic vagina, Ana Gardiner who lied and cheated defendants out of their freedom by allowing satz’s prosecutors abuse the process with lies, deceit perjury, concealed evidence and extensive other misconduct while Howie’s kids went along, so AnaSlut got her fast-track to the 4th, until somebody finally blew the whistle and she got her knuckle tapped with a thin foam rubber pipe insulation tube, while they all stayed silent on all the other cases they colluded on with her were not allowed to be re-examined, all in the name of Diversity over truth and justice as a source of satz and Howie’s pride for all the wrongful convictions, illegal sentences and executions they proudly contributed to. Oct. 2, 2017 has been declared wrongful conviction day in some more honest places which ha not seemed to reach Broward or Florida. What does Team satz-fink have to say about it?

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        Yeah–I heard about that “wrongful conviction day” thing on the 2nd–How come we haven’t heard anything abut it on Jaablog? Does it ever happen in Broward and Florida as people have suggested? Or does it not need addressing here?

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    Sessions ding’d him. So much for jumping on the Trump train early. Trump thinks Scott is more valuable than Di Pietro? Har har.

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    He who drinks blood off the tray where the raw cow meat was kept before being placed on the barbecue is all man.

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    Since removing statutes, changing street names and what ever is so popular, why nit have a contest to re-name Broward Co to something more appropriate–how about “Legal Cesspool” Co.?

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