Thanks to Bob Norman, we learned today that Howard Finkelstein and Mike Satz are ok with moving the Napoleon Broward statue.  Jack Tuter’s views are still unknown, although the WPLG report notes Harold Pryor, president of the TJ Reddick Bar Association, is set to meet with the chief judge soon.  In the meantime, we’ll follow-up with Brenda Forman and Scott Israel, and wait to hear Tuter’s thoughts before bothering to make inquiries with the County Commission.

Bob’s WPLG report is found here …

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    And, as predicted, the expected call to the media has been made: “hey here is a story for you to run. Oh, and by the way, I put an article on my blog about this …”

    Norman: “don’t worry, I got you covered Bill. We have to help each other out.”

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    Mike hires for diversity. Finkelstein the same. The judiciary has only 7 Black Judges. It means Court Admin won’t move it.

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      Because these guys believe in diversity they both supported the great Hispanic vagina, Ana Gardiner who lied and cheated defendants out of their freedom by allowing satz’s prosecutors abuse the process with lies, deceit perjury, concealed evidence and extensive other misconduct while Howie’s kids went along, so AnaSlut got her fast-track to the 4th, until somebody finally blew the whistle and she got her knuckle tapped with a thin foam rubber pipe insulation tube, while they all stayed silent on all the other cases they colluded on with her were not allowed to be re-examined, all in the name of Diversity over truth and justice as a source of satz and Howie’s pride for all the wrongful convictions, illegal sentences and executions they proudly contributed to. Oct. 2, 2017 has been declared wrongful conviction day in some more honest places which ha not seemed to reach Broward or Florida. What does Team satz-fink have to say about it?

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        Yeah–I heard about that “wrongful conviction day” thing on the 2nd–How come we haven’t heard anything abut it on Jaablog? Does it ever happen in Broward and Florida as people have suggested? Or does it not need addressing here?

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    Wall Street Journal

    Whistleblower Lawsuit Accuses 21st Century Oncology in Kickback Scheme

    Complaint alleges cancer treatment company landed Broward Health business illegally

    By Peg Brickley

    Sept. 26, 2017 6:20 p.m. ET

    A one-time Florida state prosecutor, David Di Pietro, alleges in a whistleblower lawsuit that bankrupt 21st Century Oncology Inc. raked in well over $100 million through a sweetheart deal with one of the largest public health-care systems in the U.S., North Broward Hospital District, or Broward Health.

    Filed last year, the complaint surfaced Monday on the bankruptcy docket of Fort Myers, Fla.-based 21st Century Oncology, an operator of an array of cancer treatment centers that is trying to rework its debt load under chapter 11 protection.

    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined on Sept. 21 to pursue the lawsuit, which focuses on alleged influence peddling by an associate of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican.

    The federal government’s refusal to handle the prosecution means it is up to Mr. Di Pietro to continue the litigation, which seeks to claw back federal tax dollars. A lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Mr. Di Pietro was for some time a member of Broward Health’s board of commissioners, a body that oversees the massive health system.

    According to the complaint, Broward shuttled thousands of cancer victims, their treatment paid for by Medicare and other government programs, into 21st Century’s radiation treatment system, paying lopsided rates for services available on better terms elsewhere. Through kickbacks and political manipulation, 21st Century essentially turned the public health system into a source of unwarranted profits, court papers say.

    Filed in federal court in Florida in the name of the taxpaying public, Mr. Di Pietro’s lawsuit was recently unsealed, unveiling detailed allegations of meetings and illegal inducements.

    “The 21st Century defendants have orchestrated a windfall of revenues as the exclusive provider of radiation therapy services at Broward Health with an estimated profit margin of 18-20 percent,” the complaint says.

    Both Broward Health and 21st Century Oncology, through representatives, noted that the federal government had declined to take up the case. “This is a claim brought by a private plaintiff which 21st Century Oncology believes has no merit,” the company said.

    Broward Health, in a statement, said it had cooperated with federal investigators.

    According to the complaint, 21st Century Oncology lobbyist Bill Rubin helped orchestrate the process that steered the lucrative radiation oncology contract to 21st Century, thanks in part to what court papers describe as Mr. Rubin’s longtime association with Gov. Scott.

    Mr. Rubin, who isn’t named as a defendant, said: “The accusations are baseless. Apparently, the government came to the same conclusion, after its lengthy investigation.”

    Gov. Scott, who is also not named as a party to the suit, noted in a statement that the complaint was filed against a private company shortly after Mr. Di Pietro resigned from the Broward Health board in 2016. “Governor Scott has acted to make sure that the North Broward Hospital District is accountable to the taxpayers they serve and will continue to do just that,” said the statement, released through spokeswoman Kerri Wyland.

    In Mr. Di Pietro’s telling, Mr. Rubin played on the fears of former Broward Health Chief Executive Frank Nask —who was concerned about losing his job—to get all of the health system’s radiation oncology business for 21st Century. Mr. Nask couldn’t be reached for comment.

    Broward Health’s dealings with physicians were the focus of a federal investigation at the time that Mr. Nask was pressured by 21st Century. Mr. Nask was allegedly persuaded that he would hold on to his job and get a hefty severance package if he cooperated with 21st Century’s effort to land a lucrative long-term contract, court papers say.

    Mr. Di Pietro says he and other members of Broward Health’s board of commissioners were kept in the dark about the alleged illegal activity for some time.

    The alleged wrongs date back to 2011, when 21st Century displaced another provider in a process that involved no public request for bids, gaining control of Broward Health’s referral stream of cancer patients, as well as the health system’s entire radiation oncology infrastructure of general space, vault space and radiation equipment at Broward Health’s hospitals, court papers say.

    What the whistleblower lawsuit will do to 21st Century’s restructuring strategy remains to be seen. Most litigation is halted by a bankruptcy filing. However, whistleblower cases that implicate important public interests often manage to continue.

    On Monday, Mr. Di Pietro’s lawyers asked a bankruptcy judge in New York to declare that any damages 21st Century Oncology may have to pay as a result of the suit not be treated as debts that can be wiped out in bankruptcy.

    Write to Peg Brickley at

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      Do you ever wonder if your failures over the last few years coincide with bringing Jay “Eddie Mush” Spechler into your fold? Before Jay , you and Nina were the it couple, you made her a Judge, you were respected with a bright future.

      You should have paid attention to how Jay and his pettiness brought down Ross and caused Lynch not to be elected Chief Judge. If I had to guess, even Scherer told you to stay clear of Jay.

      What has Jay brought to your table? Convinced you fight the Governor, only to drop the suit and look like a chickenshit. Fighting the Governor cost you access to the President. Then there is YAA, Jay dragged you into Mindy’s problems with the County by getting you to be Chairman of YAA. How many headaches has that brought you. Jay cost you having Lynch in your firm. Plus all the problems Jay brought on to Nina. Do you think Nina would have barely won her election and cost you 100k if Jay hadn’t been screwing with everyone during the race?

      Most of the courthouse are polite to you but want nothing to do with you because of what everyone assumes Spechler has said about Michael and Tom Lynch on here. You are toxic by your association with Jay.

      Dave, do you ever think if Jay can go after to his 40 year best friend and his son, he could easily turn on you? Beller was his best friend as well. Look at the pattern, Jay typically ends up fucking those close to him.

      In reality, you know all of the above, but you fear ending up like Lynch and Beller so you placate Jay. If true, that’s a pretty horrible way for you and your wife to live.

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          The term Eddie Mush was popularized by Robert De Niro’s “A Bronx Tale,” which included a famous quote: “Eddie Mush was a degenerate gambler. He was also the biggest loser in the whole world. They called him mush because everything he touched turned to mush.”

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        Looks like Di Pietro is following the usual Spechler pattern, litigate and lose, litigate and lose. This was also the strategy of Laura Watson. Look where she ended up.

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    Sessions ding’d him. So much for jumping on the Trump train early. Trump thinks Scott is more valuable than Di Pietro? Har har.

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    Since removing statutes, changing street names and what ever is so popular, why nit have a contest to re-name Broward Co to something more appropriate–how about “Legal Cesspool” Co.?

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