The following question was posed to both Bobby Diaz and Mike Heise earlier today, via email: “as candidates for County Court, Group 10, will you commit to serving a full six-year term if elected, assuming good health?

Deadline is noon tomorrow, August 14th.

Also, Tallahassee calculated the amounts of Diaz’s DROP and pension, for both this month and the DROP completion date of November 30th, 2019.

As follows:

… Diaz will earn $619,717.20 upon completion of 60 months in DROP. As of this month, his DROP payment has accrued to $453,534.49.

At the time his DROP participation is scheduled to end, November 2019, his monthly retirement benefit will be $10,692.34. The monthly benefit currently credited is $10,415.29.

So there you have it. With an investable $620,000 DROP pot and an annual pension of roughly $128,304, it seems to make economic sense for Diaz to retire in 2019, particularly if he wishes to supplement his income with mediations or other legal work. However, if money is a secondary consideration to service, the figures are irrelevant.

We’ll let you know what the parties have to say about doing a full six at deadline …

18 thoughts on “DROP TALK”

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    I would pay him 4 times that to just walk into the sunset and retire. He has lost all perspective of the position he holds. He USED TO BE a very good judge but then he fell in love with himself. Time to go fishing Bobby . Make room for someone who gives a crap. Mike Heise seems too. You make no attempt to

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      Good judge ? The guy’s been pimping the position of county clown for years spending more time wandering the courthouse looking for somebody, anybody who will listen to this idiot talk about himself than he ever has doing his job. I have absolutely no respect for this weirdo. Hope voters dump this pup for good this time. He’s one of the last of the morons scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as any talent or dedication to the administration of justice or anything else other than himself. He won’t be getting my vote.

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      Bob Diaz hasn’t ever been a good judge, unless you consider good to be:

      a) disrespectful of public servants;
      b) openly sexist in court;
      c) harsh on offenders who have been accused of mere misdemeanors;
      d) openly and publicly dishonest to the point where he was reprimanded by the Florida bar;
      e) largely unapologetic for a, b and d.

      It’s been time for Crooked Bobby to go. Voters have their chance August 28.

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    Like everyone didn’t hear that he was in his last term. Then boom! It’s the money I bet. He’s going to retire after the election I bet big. Hope Gwen wins then.

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      1) he is a dick
      2) if he wins and Ron DeSantis becomes Governor, Scott Strauss will be appointed to replace Diaz.

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    That’s a lot of money. I had no idea. Can somebody tell me who the unpopular people are running for re-election in 2020? If they’re in Drop then I can win. I will campaign on it. It doesn’t seem like voters will like it.

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      I got the whole family making kiddie art now with the county footing the bill. Diaz just makes tacos. You tell me who’s the biggest CLOWN.

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      Sorry Ms. Cigarette-Sokoloffagus

      Yeah it’s “the name we know!” – that’s because of your plan to run for judge 6x until by luck you win.

      If that happens, would suck for the lawyers appearing before you. You have a nasty attitude, and aren’t bright (but you think you are smart which is dangerous to mix with a cigarette addiction).

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