*UPDATE* – SAO response received at 1:50 PM, Thursday, confirms terminated and under investigation Ginger Downs did indeed gave a statement:

“The statement you have requested is exempt from disclosure under Chapter 119.071 (2) (c) 1, as active criminal intelligence information and/or active criminal investigative information.”


The SAO DTU scandal has everyone talking, but with no clear information being divulged by Mike Satz, it’s all scuttlebutt.

Is it Brady?  Did Ginger Downs give a statement that could clear everything up?  And if she did give a statement, does it somehow fall under the protections afforded by Garrity v. New Jersey, as generally described by some individuals with close ties to the SAO?

We’ve emailed SAO minister of information Ron Ishoy regarding the Brady and statement questions.  Here’s what the SAO wrote back:

As to Brady:

“The matter remains under review; we have no Brady information.”

(4:42 PM, Monday)

As to the existence of a statement:

“Please be advised that we are in receipt of your request.  We will look into this and will respond accordingly.”

(9:58 AM, Thursday)

Also today, at 10:20 AM, Mike Satz was asked whether Downs gave a statement, and whether she will be charged.  He politely declined both questions by turning his back and walking silently through the corridor from the North Wing towards his office …

Ssssh …

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    Hey did anyone see the bailiff that was sound asleep while he was supposed to be guarding the door where the inmates are brought into the courthouse. This door is next to courtroom 336 an is supposed to be a very secure and well protected area and this useless bailiff is sound asleep. These clowns are putting the rest of us here at work in danger and bso does nothing about it. The bailiff that works in 336 took several photos of him sleeping and reported him to the bailiff supervisors and guess what those idiots did…..NOTHING !!! Another fine job by these clowns that are called bailiffs. We are not safe working in this courthouse.

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    Thanks Bill for going up to Satz and at least asking them the tough questions – nobody else seems to be

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    The State will come clean on this stuff the day pigs fly over the Courthouse instead of walking around inside of it.

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    It’s easier and a whole lot less embarrassing if you pretend nothing is the matter ! As we’ve come to know, the truth is the last thing they want to disclose in grimy courthouse circles ! And it’s the last thing the newspapers want to investigate!

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    Maybe he’ll release info but bet the farm it won’t be until after qualifying is over on May 6 LOL

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    If she hasn’t been charged why is she represented by counsel ? Why is Schwartzreich making statements on her behalf ?

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    The bailiff in courtroom 336 took photos of the sleeping bailiff at the door used to bring in the inmates into the courthouse. This area is a very high risk and secured area and this idiot bailiff is photographed while sound asleep while he’s supposed to be monitoring the door. Great, just great. Jeopardize the safety of everyone else in the courthouse because this bailiff is sleeping on the job. When the bailiff from 336 took the photo’s to her supervisor and reported the incident guess what happened. ? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Once again BSO does nothing to ensure our safety . And the bailiffs continue to go and go without having to go thru security while the rest of us MUST go thru security? Totally wrong.

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    The longer the lack of transparency goes on the worst it gets for the Satz campaign. Is our state attorney starting to look vulnerable? Are some sycophant ASAs concerned? You betcha!!!

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      Pedraza + Downs = New SA

      Police hate him now.

      Too bad no one is running.

      Legal establishment is complicit in making Broward the biggest, baddest joke in Florida.

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    Does anyone know the bailiffs name that took the photos of the bailiff that was sleeping. Does anyone know the sleeping bailiff name or what judge they work for. What a joke these loser bailiffs are.

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    Her statement will come out if and when they file charges. Keep asking for as much info as they’ll provide Bill. This case needs to be put under a microscope. There are a lot of possibilities and you know Satz and company like to play hide the ball.

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    Listen up everyone. I know this will come as a shock to everyone but Ginger Downs was a secretary. A SECRETARY in the Drug Trafficking Unit. She didn’t file case, do legal work, or handle drugs. The worst she could have probably done is tip off someone who was under investigation or rat out someone who was working as a Confidential Informant. Neither of these things affect other cases other than that particular investigation. This is not a Drug Trafficking Unit issue, this is a secretarial issue that could have happened anywhere where someone blabs too much. Get a grip people.

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      Tip off someone under investigation? Jeopardize police action? Jeopardize police officer safety? Seriously?

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    @ 5:14

    Dude, you are so obviously part of the state attorney’s office that wants this to go away. I got news for you it is not. Even if the case is closed and no charges are filed all that information will become a public record. This will be pursued until we get transparency and right now all we are getting in Satz-talk from Satz-ites saying it’s nothing. The more they say it’s nothing, the more you know somethings there.

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    She may not have filed cases, or done legal work or handled drugs, but she may have been able to see a lot of the paperwork concerning those matters and been within earshot of discussions concerning them. After 20 years there, she probably knew a lot about the place.

    There’s serious implications. Keep digging. It could affect a lot of cases.

    By the way, Prince didnt die from the flu and SA and BSO are covering up the earbuds tampering.

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    Everything about DTU is a cesspool. Snitches, flips, substantials, undercovers. Inside info would be valuable commodities if anything was getting out. It would be easy to set up rival dealers or payback snitches too if there was inside info getting out. But if Ron says it isn’t Brady then we have to accept it.

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    DTU is a cesspool. An incestuous cesspool. And the person sayings she was just a secretary has clearly been given the talking points. Come on. Anyone who has even been to the DTU knows it’s a small little office. Ginger answered (screened) the phones. Buzzed everyone in. Watched them in the tiny 3 chairs while they chatted with the cops that set them up and waited to be debriefed or sign their life away. She saw and heared EVERYTHING.
    Everyone sees and hears everything because you can see and hear everything from just about any point in the office.
    So the “secretary” who worked in the office for 20 plus years knows plenty and if she wanted to provide information or use it to the benefit of her boyfriend she could do major damage to defendants and rivals. After 20 years she probably knew as much as some of the attorneys.

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    If only somebody was running against Satz this term they could try to make this into an issue….sadly even if Satz had an opponent that person would fumble by not focusing on this

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      This is McLawrence v Rosenthal all over again. The opportunity of a lifetime. Williams needs to kick it into gear.

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        Mc Lawrence was an amateur and didn’t know what he was doing. And that airhead Williams ain’t got no more sense and even less traction ! Try somebody who knows what they’re about and has some brains to take on these suckers. Not these twerps !

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    For those that don’t know is headed by John Gallagher. Ginger was his secretary.

    But here’s an irregularity I recall to answer when did the “issues” begin. Last year when an ASA (who will remain nameless) went on leave the ASA got a new secretary. I was told to contact the secretary to coordinate the deposition of the informant on a case for when the ASA returned. I contacted the secretary to try but was unable to coordinate the depo. When I called to see why she hadn’t got back to me I believe Ginger helped me. Later the secretary was gone. That secretary was only around about 2 months.
    Did the secretary notice some irregularities in the trafficking unit or with Ginger? Was she let go because of it?
    Or did Ginger set her up to fail because she couldn’t have anyone nearby looking over her shoulder?
    That was around May, June of last year.

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    A couple of points:

    1. Sun-Sentinel gives Bill Gelin the credit he deserves.
    2. If this is all she did, she shouldn’t be prosecuted.
    3. If I was her lawyer I would not have said anything to the press and let the case go away quietly.


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    From the SS:

    “The State Attorney’s Office went public with Downs’ firing after defense lawyer Bill Gelin, who runs the JAABlog courthouse news and gossip site, posted a brief item on April 12 characterizing the situation as a potential scandal.”

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      Pretty outrageous that it takes a courthouse blog to break out the truth while the scum sentinel sits with their thumbsup their rectums … Typical Broward stuff…

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    So this is what goes on in the SA’s office! And she accompanied this major DB on a drug buy the night before she gave her statement ??? What the hell is going on in Broward’s SA’s office that this chick could work there for so long and have access to such highly sensitive material dealing with drug cases ? Inquiring minds really want to know !

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    Get ready to have them trot out the regular state attorney boobies for the kind of parade you’d expect …

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