Gisele Pollack has been arrested and accused of DUI.  She already bonded out, so no picture is available at this time.  The clerk’s entry is here

Very, very sad …

UPDATE – The Sun Sentinel has picked up the story.  Their article is here, with mugshot. 

Quote from the Sentinel, concerning Peter Weinstein:

“Everyone is concerned for Pollack’s well-being and welfare,” said attorney Bill Gelin, whose courthouse blog was first to report on the DUI arrest. “Some of us are also questioning the leadership of the chief judge in putting her back on the stressful and high pressure criminal bench in January when everyone knew there was a real problem brewing.”

Eric Schwartzreich reports he’ll be representing Gisele on the DUI charges.  In other news, Kevin Kulik has signed onto Jahra McLawrence’s campaign as co-treasurer …

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    Thanks Chief Judge Weinstein again for all your help. You practically guaranteed her success in fighting her addiction problems by putting her back on the bench the first time you covered for yet another one of your precious wayward broward judges who had lost her way. Sad indeed. It’s even more sad the way you handled it as chief judge. You are not helping things.

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    Addiction within giselle is very strong.

    When she was a PD, her love for cigarettes was so strong that she smoked them right there inside the office – she wasn’t even able to wait to go outside

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    Ask Woozy Soozy about it when she’s come down from whatever she’s on …

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    Everyone move along. Judge Pollack will be doing weekend magistrates, she is fine.

    P. Weinstein

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    Weinstein will give her a big hug and everything will be ok, if he can find a minute since he’s pretty tied up covering for Re Elect Rosenthal in the morning docket.

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    Let me get this straight (apologies to Norm Kent):

    The JQC goes after Judge Laura Watson for something she allegedly did eight years ago as a lawyer, but it couldn’t find within its Nazi heart to suspend from the bench an out of control drunk, impaired, addicted judge just because she is a political favorite. Get a load of the letter I sent last December to these JQC morons:

    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    December 20, 2013

    Michael Schneider
    General Counsel
    Judicial Qualifications Committee
    1110 Thomasville Road
    Tallahassee, Florida 32303 Via Fax to 850.9226781 and email to

    Re: Sworn Complaint Re Broward Judge Giselle Pollack

    Dear Mr. Schneider:

    South Florida media are awash in news stories, each of which is corroborating the others, that the above judge is chemically impaired.

    See, for example, http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2013/12/broward_judge_reportedly_came.php

    Why has the JQC not, on an emergency basis, suspended her from the bench, as required by law?

    I solemnly swear, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing facts are true, correct, and complete, to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.

    John B. Thompson

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    I am a sober alcoholic for 30+ years I am also a successful attorney.

    Gisselle rode to judgeship on AA. Now she falls down and enforces the stereotype that you can’t trust Alcoholics. It gives us all a bid name like we have weak constitutions and cannot be trusted.

    The truth is I had listened to her statements in the past and she never got the message. My parents were divorced so I became a diabetic. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? So Gisselle you did not drink because you had a mother die or job pressure. You drank to get drunk because you are an alcoholic. Apparently, you never got that memo. As a result you blame situations for your problems instead of accepting your inability to process mode and mind altering substances. You should have known better after all your alleged time in the program. Which brings me to a final point Alcoholics Anonymous is anonymous. There are traditions that are written. It’s okay to say you are an alkie in public but not okay to say you are a member of AA in public. That way the organization does not get involved in outside controversies.

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    Judge Pollack will be doing a duet with Judge Rosenthal of the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday for the jurors.

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    Listen up, kids. I called Michael Schneider this morning, the unfortunate General Counsel for the JQC. He is in charge of covering up canon violations of favored judges and disciplining whistle-blowing judges.

    I called this dear man because in December I sent him the above letter calling upon the JQC/Supreme Court to suspend Gisele Pollack on an emergency basis from the bench and ordering her into a REAL rehab program, not one of her convenience and choosing.

    I pointed that out to Mr. Schneider, who took my call, and I said, “I wonder if the JQC could finally get of their butts and do something about this public safety situation, since she could have killed somebody last night.”

    Mr. Schneider, as is his custom, indignantly said, “Polite people don’t use the word ‘butts.'”

    To which I responded, “Then I bet you’ll love this: F–K you.”

    I have been noting in this forum for a number of years now that The Bar/JQC/Supreme Court have corrupted the government of this state by punishing whistle-blowing lawyers and judges and protecting corrupt lawyers and judges.

    This is just the latest installment of that, and a useful tool in bringing the entire house of cards down, which I and others are laboring toward.

    This is a disgrace. It will not stand. Jack Thompson

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    This didn’t have to happen. Weinstein let it happened and now she will probably get booted from the bench.
    UPDATE — With an hour to go it looks like no opponent for Feren and Rhoda Sokoloff has not qualifed.

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    An interlock device should be placed at the entrance and exit of the judicial parking lot.

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    Once the Broward SAO conflicts off the case, the Palm Beach SAO will probably have to establish a special “Drunk Broward Judges Unit.”

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    MM Drug Court is such a farce.

    A raging alcoholic sitting in judgment of a bunch of pot smoking kids.

    This whole thing is such a perfect illustration of the absurdity of the war on drugs.

    And the beat goes on…

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    I wonder how long before the 17th’s never ending Sr. Judge Lazarus or his followin in footsteps Berman are assigned to Pillack’s courtroom?

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    She’s a very nice woman but obviously should have been looked after in a different way. Putting her back on the bench after the first episode was a cruel joke. And she sat as a judge in drug court of all things.

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    Not until he’s squeezed the last shekel out of the last penny jar in sight.

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    A-Turd can’t take a bathroom break without first asking Seiler Smiler for permission. Both of them belong in the toilet.

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    I am a sober alcoholic of 20+ years who is also an attorney. While I can understand ones concern for how this may reinforce stereotypes, I cannot understand the lack of compassion and empathy. From what I saw, Gisele was a nice lady who didn’t hurt people and genuinely wanted to help others.
    Obviously when problems arose, she should have taken more time away from the bench but reveling in her demise is pretty disgusting.

    Likewise, but not under this post, attacking Michael R. for a post celebrating an end to segregation in courthouses is similarly repugnant. Shouldn’t we all cheer when a Judge publicly opposes racism wherever, whenever and for whatever reason they may do so.

    I am starting to wonder whether this business causes people to lose their humanity or if those attracted to it lacked theirs to begin with.

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    I bet I know who got Big Al’s frozen daiquiri machine after he retired.

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    So….she is on suspension/leave so she can obtain treatment. Obviously she used the paid leave for other activities. Time for a Marchman Act!

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    Hey, to the self-important AA person who cannot understand why people are making fun of Mike Rothschild …… I guess you don’t see the pathetic display of self-flagellation of a person trying to appear all noble by taking what is known as a ‘softball’ issue (i.e., racism is bad, Mkay) and writing something that isn’t even current news… Why? Because people who do that think it makes them look all virtuous.

    It is also referred to as ‘pandering’, in case you want something to Google

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    Mike’s reasons for saying it are irrelevant. Judges should publicly oppose racism. Based on your logic one could never publicly opine on the evils of racism without being guilty of pandering.

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    How easy is it to blame Peter Weinstein for Pollack’s problems? He is not an addiction specialist. I am sure that she told him that she relapsed on that occasion, that she was in treatment addressing her problem, and indicated that she could do her job again. He gave her another chance. Just like Howard Finkelstein got… oh, I forgot, he got two chances if you count the Sunrise chiropractor pill dispenser… and he gave her another chance. Wow. I can’t believe that defense attorneys are so critical of someone getting a second chance. Remarkable. It didn’t work out. He did his best for her. Grow up and stop blaming authority for everything that goes wrong just because it is the Broward way.

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    Question: Why have you, Bill Gelin, as a member of the media, not called the JQC and asked why Pollack has not been suspended, NOW, from the bench and ordered into a REAL detox and rehab facility by the Florida Supreme Court?

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    Judge Pollack didn’t wake up that December morning and decide to go to work drunk. That runaway train had been on the tracks for weeks/months. My question is, didn’t her drug court team see the train wreck coming? Why not? They are supposed to be trained professionals. Where was the “treatment Coordinator”? They all meet regularly to review drug court participants cases.
    That entire team should be fired and replaced. I’m curious what, if any, statement the National Association of Drug Court Professionals(NADCP) will make at their national conference later this month? What will they say to congress the next time they go with their palms up for federal funding? Maybe Matthew Perry or Steven Tyler will be Pollacks new treatment counselor?

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    If was hammered and sent a man to hospital she should get maximum jail time.

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    If it’s her first DUI she will get off easy. That is if her lawyer doesn’t get her charges dropped. It happens. Google Amanda Davis FOX 5 Atlanta news anchor.
    She was charged with DUI involving a crash and her attorney, William Bubba Head got her off with just a few hours community service work!

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    I remember the good days when Judges only smoked pot in public parks. At least nobody got hurt.

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    I remember when the police would follow you home if they pulled you over for DUI. Now it’s such big usiness,municipalities, lawyers, dui schools, dui courts, have all become addicted to the revenue.

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