Lynn Feig Rosenthal’s case is set for a status hearing today, Wednesday, July 23rd, at 2:30 PM in Room 850.  Bill Altfield is the judge.  The case is still showing unfiled, although that means nothing.  Rumor has it her defense team has been negotiating for a charge of reckless driving, which means they may be trying to sneak a quick plea in this afternoon if Dave Aronberg has agreed.  A waiver of speedy trial has not been filed, and the mystery drugs from the property receipt and videos from the jail sally port/judicial parking lot/cell phone still haven’t been released.  If the hearing is not a plea, it could be in relation to a previously filed motion by Team Feig Rosenthal objecting to her cell phone being searched, and asking for the phone to be returned.  Wait and see …

As for Gisele Pollack, her case is also unfiled at this time.  A representative of the Miami SAO said last week negotiations are still underway, and that a waiver of speedy trial has been executed.  Mike Catalano has joined Eric Schwartzreich in defending Pollack.

Lastly, Cindy Imperato is set for case disposition on August 4th in Palm Beach.  Is she going to trial, or taking a plea?  We’re getting mixed signals on this one.  As for her son’s DUI allegation in Broward, it’s long gone …

Coming Soon – Should Rosenthal, Imperato, and Pollack be allowed to return to criminal?

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