6 thoughts on “E-FILING DEADLINE NOW 2/3/14”

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    Do not vote for Estrada Robinson, she’ll end up being the Gardiner/Diaz 2.0 beta version. There are lots of people that she has burned and she will continue to burn people if she becomes a judge. The answer to the question of how can she be a good judge is simply this: No. It would be completely hypocritical of her to take the bench in county court and sentence others for doing the same things she has done in her past. She may be being good now, but she wasn’t right up until she filed to run. She’ll use the bench to make people kiss her butt and those who don’t will be treated like trash. She only wants this because she needs the power trip and doesn’t like being just another two-bit defense attorney who has to struggle working for a living after losing her PBA job. Ask the PBA about her work ethic there. Late, Absent, Out to Lunch, Delays and Procrastination. She’ll not only be a Gardiner talking about her cases off the bench, she’ll also be a Diaz who is hardly on the bench.

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    What is going on in the clerk’s office? Let’s get someone who can bring Broward County into the 21st Century. I’m sorry Howard, but you are just past your prime. It is time for a change and some new blood. This is a disgrace to the taxpayers and the lawyers.

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