Sorry for the slow pace of blogging.  In addition to the summer doldrums, the updated format has presented a new challenge, namely the instantaneous delivery of courthouse news stories to the mainstream media via email.  The old blog could be subscribed to, and the new one will have that feature soon too.  But for the time being, it’s been easier to simply try and place a breaking story in the paper or on TV by directly alerting a reporter or two, instead of putting it on the blog and hoping it’s found quickly.

Such is the case with the video of Lynn Feig-Rosenthal at BSO’s Breath Alcohol Testing facility, shot hours after the judge’s morning reckless drive to work.  After we acquired it yesterday, it was handed over to Bob Norman, who has a full story running tonight at 6:00 PM on Channel 10.  A shorter version from the noon broadcast is found here.

Check it out.  Feig Rosenthal hardly seems as cooperative as previously portrayed by her attorney Brian Silber, who issued this press release following his client’s plea last week.  In fact, when we spoke to Brian yesterday, he reiterated that BSO would only accept a bundled blood and urine sample, that it was “all or nothing“, and that Feig Rosenthal had agreed to do a urine test.  But that’s not what appears to be caught on the BAT video.

As to why the judge didn’t want to give a blood sample, Silber called his client, and called us back moments later.  He reported that Feig Rosenthal had said the jail “appeared to be unsanitary“, and she was uncomfortable with them sticking a needle in her arm in that environment.  But from the discussion on the BAT video, it seems the blood draw was to be performed by paramedics who had responded to the scene.

We’ll post the whole video to YouTube, once we can figure out how to edit out some of the personal information provided at the beginning.  Feig Rosenthal appears argumentative, and as stated before, hardly cooperative, but in command of her thoughts and actions.  At one point she asks for an attorney, and also asks to speak to the deputy off camera.  The Xanax found in her possession is not mentioned on tape.

Mainstream media is aware of the video now, so it shouldn’t be hard to find while we figure out the basics of YouTube …

From Channel 10:

Will you also submit to urine and blood tests?” asked Wiley.

“The answer is no to each of those,” answered Rosenthal.

After refusing the urine test individually, Wiley offers her water.

“I couldn’t do a urine test. I’ve been asking for water,” said Rosenthal.

“OK, we could get you some water that way I could get you some water and when you have to go you could go ahead and do it that way,” said Wiley. “The blood test is no problem. We can bring the ambulance.”

“They were already here, so no,” said Rosenthal. “I’ll do a Breathalyzer test, no problem.”

Coming SoonCynthia Imperato, defendant, has court Monday …

*UPDATE*Brian Silber had this to say shortly after the preceding article published:

The video did not record their entire conversation about sobriety testing.  In fact, there was an extensive discussion held off camera, which is the substance of this issue.  Judge Rosenthal references this discussion on the video, wherein she said based on her  previous discussion with the deputy, she accordingly refuses.  I would also add that this video was taken many hours after the arrest and that the alcohol influence report describes her as “very cooperative and polite”, and the State Attorney substantiated her refusal claims … “

(emphasis added)



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    Judge Rosenthal had her constitutional rights protected as they must be and protected absolutely. Those are Judge Rosenthal and everyones inalienable right. HOWEVER, Judge Rosenthal does not have a right to be a judge. That is a privilege THAT MUST BE EARNED. It is up to the electorate. This entire incident has clearly, strike that, has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Judge Rosenthal is unfit fo the office of Judge. Good people of Broward County, you know who youare, condo folks, DO THE RIGHT THING VOTE FOR MCLAWRENCE.

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    She still seems otl. Every Judge knows there’s no lawyer on a dui. Man how gassed up she must have been in the morning when she was driving on pills.

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    Ok. She is not fit to be a Judge. The sad thing is, in the end, she will still win this election. No more Federales in the Courthouse!!!!

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    Ok, let’s go through of Federal Prosecutors appointed to the bench: O’Connor, Holmes, Levenson, Rosenthal, ect… Do know notice any common theme?

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    Xanax and Ambien. What else may have been in her system. She is too pilled up to be judging anyone I’m afraid. I don’t care if its legal prescriptions after this incident her fitness should be reevaluated in an abundance of caution. Broward can’t afford another bag of judicial shit hitting the fan.

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    This may make her a better Judge. Maybe she will think twice before locking poor blacks up in some dirty unsanitary jail in cases she didn’t blink an eye before. This whole experience of being accused and suffering humiliation may put her in touch with her inner minority.
    Or maybe not.

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    Poor little rich girl doesn’t like the “unsanitary” jail, now a lot of hard working Deps don’t like her.

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    ‘The video did not record their entire conversation about sobriety testing. In fact, there was an extensive discussion held off camera, which is the substance of this issue. Judge Rosenthal references this discussion on the video, wherein she said based on her previous discussion with the deputy, she accordingly refuses.” I don’t think that a motion to exclude the refusal would have been granted based on an alleged discussion off camera in light of the clear conversation. Anybody?

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    Why should the Jahra feel like he might finally win judge this time around?

    Just because of another’s bad luck? It only makes him the ‘other option’, and NOT that he’s the better option.

    People (voters) heed this call: Rosenthal is tough on defendants, which is what we need! The Jahra and this blog are all defense lawyers …

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    They both suck. Maybe for once we could have some candidates and/or judges who weren’t playing to one narrow constituency or another, who weren’t either “pro-State” or “pro-defense,” who were just fair, thoughtful, reasonable and professional.

    Oh wait: that would only happen in Bizarro-World Broward.

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      Maybe for once we could have a JNC and Governor looking out for Broward instead of paying off political debts and rewarding cronies.

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    @ Lynn still wins
    Rosenthal is unfit to be a judge. In her reckless driving she could have killed someone. She was going to take the bench under the influence of ambien and xanax. Yes she is a tough sentencing judge, but we want fair and impartial judges. She is not.
    Do the right thing. VOTE MCLAWRENCE

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    I agree. They both suck. But Broward is a racist place and if at least there is another black face on the high chair people can feel a little better than with another wealthy white person giving the perception of “keeping the blacks in line.” If she had been nice to staff and lawyers then maybe I would say she should get the votes but given her snotty holier than thou attitude and her drug issues I will vote for diversity this time.

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    I’m voting against her for one simple reason: I don’t like lightweights.

    Lightweights and their stupid arrests and accidents ruin everything for normal people who can handle their liquor and drugs.

    This one couldn’t even keep it between the lines off a sleeping pill hangover.

    She needs to go.

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    Based on her reckless driving where she could have killed someone, i think the Supreme Court will reprimand or suspend her. The good people should vote her out.

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    Rick Scott has appointed great judges with ONE glaring exception. Past Governors from both parties have appointed some people with real problems. Lawton Chiles appointed a judge who is now disbarred. If you want to vote her out, look at her record, not who appointed her.

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    Top Five Reason to vote for MCLAWRENCE
    5. Rosenthal unfit
    4. Rosenthal is Rick Scott Republican
    3. Rosenthal’s Reckless Driving
    2. Rosenthal was going to take bench high on ambien, xanax and who knows what else.
    1. MCLAWRENCE will make a good judge, fair and impartial

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    Judge Rosenthal back to Criminal when that happens she should have to check in with Judge Bidwill to make.sure she is ok before starting court like Judge Pollack had to go to Judge Zeller. Judge Imperato wasn’t impaired at courthouse so she can do as she please.

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    I have a big problem with the guy named Silber who represented Judge Rosenthal in Broward on her DUI. He sent out a press release to try to spin the situation and out right lied. He said she never refused a urine test and she refused the blood test only because the room was not sanitary. The video has been released and all of that was a lie, Mr. Silber. Did you not see the fucking video before you lied to everyone?

    The TV and print media are all over him and her.

    Thanks… Mr. Silber, you made us all look like a bunch of dishonest sports agents that would say anything to make their client look good.

    The Bar has rules that are clear. We cannot make up shit to make our client look good.

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    To the 1 or 2 condo voters who might read this no longer relevant blog:

    Vote Rosenthal. The Jahra will push his racist attitude on the bench.

    We dont need people there who think it’s their God given right to be judge

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    Keep thinking you should be judge for the pay raise.

    You lack the experience & should not benefit simply because of another’s bad luck (YES, bad luck – just like what happened when you, The Jahra, got
    arrested in Leon County)

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    @Lynn still wins
    Forget the one or two condo folks that read this blog. The ones that don’t read it arent voting for Rosenthal. Why?????
    Because they know she almost killed someone with her reckless driving while on Xanax and ambien AND BECAUSE SHE IS A RIGHT WING RICK SCOTT REPUBLICAN EXTREMIST.

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    You heard her on the news–she has a legal right to refuse to let them take her blood and she was refusing because she knows the law. If any of us gets arresed, now we can quote a judge. Whooooopie!!!! I’m sure BOSO will leave it that. and we now have a material witness about the law.

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    Judge Lynn (Rick Scott) Rosenthal’s reckless driving is not going away. it’s going to take her down. The condos know she’s not one of them. She’s an ultra-conservative not a liberal progressive. She’s panicking and so is her team. Alain Jean is scrambling around like a chicken with its head lopped off. Even the Repubs are not crazy about her. Not to mention the August surprise.

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    Many took Xanax to get through school. It was no big deal.

    However, I wasn’t a judge and they wasn’t either.

    No, she won’t learn. A Lepar don’t be chaning their spotz. She’ll always be a nasty, mean spirited “B”, and I don’t be meaning blode.

    Jahara should take the gold ring, however, like most governmental things, $$ speaks loud and he might not be able to outdo her in the finances.

    Good luck Jahara. Let the bleached blond pay for her actions. We can only hope…………..

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    i have been out of the country for the past few weeks and have watched with interest the events involving Judge Rosenthal. I never knew that outside the courtroom, we have so many “judges”. I’m shocked at some of the comments here. I have never appeared before Judge Rosenthal as a sitting Judge. However, as young lawyers we socialized and we formed a close connection. Over the next 20 years she prosecuted numerous clients of mine while she was an AUSA. Personally and professionally my experience of her was hardly what i see in this blog. She was never the ideologue prosecutor and i found her compassion to be refreshing. I’ve always been quite fond of her. She is a very nice person.

    Putting on robes does create additional opportunities and responsibilities. It does not however, remove someone from the human experience. Why do lawyers in Broward so viciously attack each other as well as the judiciary with whom they work. There is nothing wrong with holding someone accountable for their behavior and at times even heightened accountability because working as a lawyer and or judge is a privilege. But when we lose sight of the human aspect of someones life and behavior..well then maybe we are no better than the “judges” i see attacked here so frequently.

    Humans are complicated. Behavior is not black or white. I have compassion for Judge Rosenthal or anyone who is facing the personal challenges…we all “get to” have the same compassion…

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    @ david tucker

    You’re very naive, my man. There ain’t a lawyer in town who has appeared before Judge Rosenthal who will tell you she showed compassion, quite to the contrary. Rosenthal deserves and has gotten no compassion. Her reckless driving under xanax/ambien has shown she’s unfit for the bench. Enough said. Vote her out.

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