Laura Watson is fighting for her life.  Since the JQC came down with its recommendation to remove her from the bench, she’s sued them.  The documents are found here.

Meanwhile, this MOTION OF THE FLORIDA BAR TO INTERVENE was filed on April 23rd, wherein the Bar essentially wants permission from the Supreme Court to start roughing up Watson on their end.  Contained in the motion is footnote 6, which states in the event Watson is disrobed, “The Florida Bar intends to seek disbarment in this matter“.  Lastly, on the same day, Team Watson filed this motion to stay, seeking to slow everything down while all pending issues are fully addressed by the appropriate authorities.

Is Watson deciding court cases while the storm is raging?  Drop a comment if you’ve got the answer.  As for the other judges potentially facing JQC scrutiny, Cynthia Imperato is handling foreclosures, with her second DUI accusation still pending and set for case disposition on June 2nd in Palm Beach.  Gisele Pollack is nowhere to be seen, with senior judge John Frusciante handling her drug court division, while a few county judges are rumored to be angling behind the scenes for the assignment full time. 

Topping everything off, there’s lots of chatter about some judges being caught up in the RRA scandal, while everyone waits for the Supreme Court to finally decide the fate of disgraced former chief criminal judge Gardiner’s law license.  All of the documents have been in since January 27th, so all eyes are now on Jorge Labarga and company for a decision.

Just another day in the life of the Broward judiciary, where leadership is so desperately needed …

Coming SoonAdministrative Order Assigning Judges.

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    Broward rocks!!! Judges can do anything they want with no repercussions!! I wonder what else has happened no one knows about???!!!!! Fuck everyone, we’re Judges!!!!!!

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    The last place I’d want my case heard is in Broward by any number of rotten judges sitting in judgment of others while having worse problems than the defendants charged before them. Hypocrites in black with their hands in everyone’s pockets.

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    How many drunk and drugged up broward judges does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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    Maybe Tallahassee will send a strong message to everyone in Broward via Ana Opinion.

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    Judge Watson is still hearing cases. The way she took the JQC on it is no surprise that she isn’t hiding out on sick leave. She was in her chambers today. It seems patently unfair for the body whose job it is to regulate judges to be punishing a lawyer for something done before she became a judge. While not everyone will agree with me, on this I believe that she is a nice and sincere person who could have stayed in private practice and made a lot more money. She chose to take a pay cut and become a judge. I don’t believe her motivation was to say F.U to the bar. If they take her down who is next? It seems to me that she is being punished for bucking the “establishment” and standing her ground.

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    Judge Gardiner, lets see if we can now make Judge Charlie Greene, judge Ronald Rothschild, judge Richard Eade be brought down on conspiracy charges. remember Charlie and your Special deals. Remember Eade not protecting a child from a pedophile, remember Rothschild from ignoring the order from the 4th appellate court to keep a dangerous man away from a child, the order you ignored. Lets hope this is the beginning of exposing this massive corruption. Judges that condone pedophile behavior should lose their robes and their pensions..Talking about all of you above. Thank God for the web, because if it takes me every day I will be

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    Broward Judges that can’t do their jobs correctly or are drunk or drugged up should be removed form the bench to return confidence to our system of Justice. Likewise, a chief judge that can’t or won’t do his job to keep these poorly performing judges in line should be removed for the same reason. Browrd County has had a whole list of judges exhibiting deplorable behavior for as long as I can remember. All of them should go.

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    Watson knew what she was doing. Now she wants to appear as though she’s the one being put upon by the Bar and the JQC. I can’t feel sorry for yet another judge that never gets enough and then wants to cry about being caught. It’s like an epidemic among judges in broward all of them looking to suck at the public coffers forever. She needs to lose her license and call it quits for good. Her only regret is that she’s been found out. Are these the kinds of judges we want? I think not. They need to whack her but good.

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    What’s taking the Supremes so long to recognize the gig is up for Ana Gardiner. She’s been hiding out for long enough. This time the messenger won’t be bring the tidings she’s use to. This time babs ain’t gonna get passed over and backman ain’t there to cover her grimes. He’s got problems of his own I’ve heard. The Big Banana got it coming and it’s right around the corner coming down the pike with her name on it and it ain’t no pass.

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    Funny how Criminal Judges knew nothing of Gardiner games when they were blatantly in view. Canons schmanons.

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    He had a bad case of the shingles and his arthritis was acting up, Gardiner case delayed again, lol.

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    At least he was well enough to get married a couple weeks after the Judge Holmes mistrial. Life is about the important things.

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    Men typically do have larger bowel movements though. That’s a fact.

    Like David Carradine as Woody Guthrie said in Bound for Glory, “The more you eat, the more you shit.”

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    Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of every successful man is usually another woman.

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