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It looks like Rick Scott is still the Governor.  That’s good news for judge-maker Bill Scherer and his fellow Republicans, and bad news for Peter Weinstein, whose relationship with Charlie Crist is now worth a whole lot of nothing to the Broward judiciary.

Claudia Robinson has defeated incumbent Ian Richards, another blow to the 17th Circuit’s embattled chief judge.  Dennis Bailey has prevailed over Rhoda Sokoloff by a slim margin as well.  Recounts seem likely in both races.

And now on to February …


Coming SoonCould the entire media outcry over lawyers for the homeless have been avoided?

Channel 10: Homeless not provided attorneys at first appearance

SS Editorial: Broward Courts Let Us Down


Judge Claudia Robinson at the Supervisor of Elections Tuesday night, awaiting the recount.  (Photo taken by her campaign manager, Mike Ahearn)

BBeat: How to beat an incumbent with $11,609

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      Funny vagina justice. So the Acalde vagina in the Sao is going to win the award for most hated Asa And not her judical seat from Charlie. The felony trial lawyers gave countryman a party today with a plaque naming him their prosecutor of the year. Never heard so much shit talk about an asa from other Asa’s. Acalde for Vagina of the year!

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    Over $600,000 on mailing of 500,000 palm cards as well as emailing 750,000 palm cards was spent on this race.
    By Claudia Robinson backers Michael
    Ahrean, Dan Lewis, Lori Parish, and Swap Shop owner. The white sheets can be removed now. The union fire fighters, browards teacher’s big shots, Hispanic vote were out in full force at the polls and lets just say the
    Unions didn’t work for free. So the big money spent was not spent on defeating school bonds but Richards and Bailey. Take a look on Buddy’s Broward Beat page of the three palm cards blue, white and red cards that endorsed Rhoda and Claudia Robinson. We all doubt that Dan Lewis
    had that type of bread laying around.

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    No way that Richards would be protected. What goes around comes around. Back to being a failing lawyer, Richards.

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    All of this crap about big money behind Claudia is BS. Claudia raised about 12 Grand. When the final tally comes in, Richards will have spent about 180-190k and Kasen about 125k.

    This was not about money. This was about getting out and meeting voters. Grassroots campaigning.

    This election was supposed to go to Kasen. All of the downtown crowd backed him. That’s the flaw in the logic. Downtown has no idea what the soccer moms of Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Deerfield, ETC is about. Claudia reached them the only way she could, by meeting them in their neighborhoods and asking for their vote.

    Good, old fashioned, campaigning. The best part is she is not beholden to anyone. Nobody can say that this election was bought by the big firms or lobbyists. They tried to buy it but they had the wrong candidate.

    Claudia will do a great job on the bench and will be fair. She will call balls and strikes and be a real professional.

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    More likely it was about name recognition (Robinson) and that women have an edge over men, not about any supposed grassroots campaigning. That’s never what wins an election in Broward. You cant possibly knock on enough doors to make a difference in a countywide general election.

    How about updating the Scherer photo to this decade, Bill.

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      You’re just wrong. Sokoloff isn’t a woman has name recognition among the voters and had truckloads of cash and was number 2 on the ballot. Why isn’t she a judge now?

      Grassroots campaigning. The proof is in the pudding.

      Richards had a 5 point lead in early voting. Claudia won election day.

      She did that by connecting to voters in a smart way.

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    Maybe Horowitz will allow Peter to keep his bag lunch in the new CJ chambers’s custom installed Sub Zero refrigerator. A quick bite on the leather couch with the breathtaking views from the waiting room in between foreclosure hearings for the guy who tried to take credit for all of Tobin’s achievements although the design of the new CJ chambers surely bears Peter’s imprimatur. It’s not as nice as a Congressional Office in DC but still impressive to lowly mortals.

    People make plans Peter, but G-d laughs.

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    I heard McLawrence is changing his name to Jewra “Sally Ann” McLawrencestein after seeing the female factor trounce Richards.

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    McLawrence will probably go back to FJ. And that will be more ammo for the ECO attack mailings that will likely follow him to the next election.

    Whether it will come from Voters Response, Rosenthal’s husband, somewhere else, or some combination isn’t clear, but he did make it clear that he was not finished with McLawrence. This will be a very interesting race.

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    To 12:47. I see that you were too afraid to use the lord’s name in vain- and typed “G-d” in your comment instead of “God”. Ok, so for those who don’t know- some people of the Jewish faith do not write the word God, they hyphenate it instead. The idea is that writing God on paper is sacrilegious as paper can be destroyed and thrown in the garbage, and God’s name should not end up there.

    Ok, so my question to the blogger at 12:47, why go through the trouble of not “using the lord’s name in vain” when your willing to gossip, slander, disrespect and hurt people . I’m sure God would be less forgiving of that action then your typing his name on a blog. Then again…. it is Jaablog.

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