Lynn Feig-Rosenthal is back in campaign mode.  As Buddy Nevins reported today, she made an appearance last night, and another source has confirmed she’s been calling around seeking support since making bond.  No word yet on whether she’ll be on a bench Monday.

Multiple sources have also confirmed Feig-Rosenthal’s husband was indeed turned away during the time of his wife’s detention/arrest, after attempting to access her office in the Broward County Courthouse.  No further information is available as to why he needed to get in there, or whether it was BSO or a judge telling him to pound sand.

Additionally, we’ve made a public records request to BSO to get Feig-Rosenthal’s property receipt from when she was booked, and to see if anything else was removed from her car besides the box of campaign literature seen in the press.  BSO said they’d get back to us on Monday.

Lastly, one of the lawyers handling Feig-Rosenthal’s case, Carlos Canet, gave a statement this morning concerning the likelihood of JQC problems because of the refusal, following a conversation highlighting his optimism that all criminal charges will be dropped. 

As follows:

My prediction, if she appears before the JQC, they won’t take any action“. (Emphasis requested)

Regarding questions as to why she didn’t provide a urine sample, Canet stated “no comment at this time“.

Developing …

Courthouse security issue – something happened up by Randi Boven’s hearing room Thursday, involving a litigant possessing a gun.  The incident is being downplayed.  A BSO rep said it involved an off-duty officer in plain clothes who was a party to litigation, who forgot to check his gun in with security.  Apparently the gun was spotted, but stories vary wildly as to exactly what happened.  On one extreme it was drawn, and on the other it was simply seen holstered.  In any event, armed deputies had to get involved.  By the time we got there, everyone clammed up, and an un-cuffed man being escorted to the elevator was quickly ushered back inside behind locked doors due to our presence.  Today Boven said she didn’t witness the incident, and referred all other questions to Peter Weinstein.  We left a message with the chief judge, and are awaiting an explanation …

Jury Room – after speaking to Howard Forman, it seems the jury room swear-in rotation of judges is strictly a judicial issue.  But more on that later …

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    She probably needs to be on ambien when dealing with those condo commandos! She’s so full of it. What she really needs is a laxative. Typical broward judge stuff.

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    Are all the male judges like cm so repulsive you have to be stoned to go to wirk.

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    How can Rosenthal avoid JQC investigation? Regardless of her flimsy excuse about why she was impaired, it was her intention to preside over cases in the same state she was in when she had these multiple accidents? Not buying her attorney’s prediction. She has some explaining to do. Shows how little he knows. Hope he plans on devoting allot of free time to her defense. What a dummy. Being the third Broward County judges to be charged in 7 months, the JQC is going to have to draw the line somewhere.

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    Rosenthal has major problems that aren’t easily explainable which could mean a short career on the bench.

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    The media will do a real hatchet job on her the month before election. She doesn’t have a chance to walk away from this one. Jara is just another weak campaigner that isn’t going very far, certainly not to the bench.
    He just doesn’t have what it takes. He’s not a ruthless politico like the rest of these jokers, so he’s on the road to nowhere.
    Rosenthal has no shame so she’ll keep up the act until she gets axed by the press.
    She’s one of the biggest idiots on the bench that just used up her juice to get appointed and now can’t take the pressure.
    She’ll trip up again, just watch. I wouldn’t vote for this weirdo if she was the only one running in that race. She needs to be removed from office immediately. She is the type of judge that’s symbolic of the really bad judges that abound in Broward.

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    ate to wastes judge campaign i think all judges should be high when on the bench cj is an idiot this bimbo has the stones to run again. Broward gets what it Deserves. I have decided to go back to work just to tell these ah off in public and on the record. And why are they not tested randomly as the ones so wrongly sentenced by them are

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    Rosenthal’s racket started with running into a cop car before she thought she’d go into work with what she explained as a ambien hangover to hear cases! What a riot.
    Get this stupid whacked out chick off the bench permanently and into rehab at the earliest possible time.
    Her story is about as full of crap as she is.
    Broward’s judiciary is inconceivably full of the most inept, incompetent corrupt, lying sacks of self serving jokers as a bunch of circus performers on crack.
    Great link. Is that A-Turd in the Santa costume laying in his slop? Or is it Seiler Smiler’s slop? He’s always attaching himself to some political hack who can feed him some slop.
    U left out a whole bunch of judicial fleecers in your video although you pictured some of the biggest! LOL

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