The Usan Family has circulated the following message courthouse-wide and wanted to make sure the entire legal community understands how appreciative they are for the outpouring of support received over the last few days.

From the Family:

My friends, as some of you already know, my family has suffered a tragic loss. Wednesday morning, while traveling across west Texas, my parents were involved in a terrible car accident. My Mother did not survive.

Through the grace of God, my Father’s life was spared.  Under the circumstances,  he suffered relatively minor physical injuries.  He was released from the trauma center yesterday and has already been transported back to us.  The emotional injury from the loss of his lifetime love, companion, and soul mate are beyond comprehension, but the comfort of his children and grandchildren will help to begin a healing process that does not end.

On behalf of my Father and all of my immediate family, I want to thank you in advance for your thoughts, prayers and condolences.  In keeping with my Mothers wishes and beliefs, we are having a small, private memorial for immediate family members only.  We will not be receiving guests or answering messages during the next several days of mourning as we grieve together.

Rather than flowers or a memorial fund, we ask that all of you take a quiet moment to reflect on the blessings of life and to say a quiet prayer for her departed soul.

May he who ordains peace and harmony in the universe grant peace to us all.

Thank you.

The Usan family.

                            God Bless

140 thoughts on “FROM THE USAN FAMILY”

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    My condolences to the Usan family for the horrible tragedy that they’ve been through. Judge Usan is right, the healing process never reaches an end-point in times like this — it is just a journey.

    Very sorry for their loss.

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    Heartfelt sympathy to the Usan family at this time of loss. May the memories of her carry them through their time of grief. Prayers…..

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    are you really that friggin pathetic!!!! if you’re gonna post something so ignorant, don’t hide you jackass. Traffic accidents with death not always impairment related, asshole.

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    This type of tragedy reminds us to make sure each day to tell our loved ones how much we love them becauuse at any moment things can happen. Please be respectful. Enough pain has been endured. Our comments should reflect and express compassion and condolences…nothing more nothing less. One who knows firsthand.

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    If Weinstein did a moment of silence for the Judge’s mother at the robing yesterday. I guess he thought naming every two bit. politician in the crowd was more important. RIP Mrs. Usan.

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    Hey where are them folks who like to sign their real times while offering condolences, a la brownnose style?

    Hmm? Where they at?

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    Who are the Usans? I have no earthly idea. Why is there this bereavement post here with no explanation as to who they are?

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    Who is Usan and why is it necessary to place an obituary on this site?
    Can’t stand Texas. It take a whole hour just to fly over that dump.

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    I and we still have no earthly idea who the Usans are. Bill Gelin, do you ever check in on your own site?

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