The North Wing of the central courthouse is on high alert.  The entire building stinks of gas, and not the kind that can blow up if someone carelessly lights a match.  Building staff is currently trying to figure out whether it’s a busted sewer line or just a superhumanly clogged toilet.  In the meantime, hold your breath if you have business in the circuit criminal divisions this morning.

17 thoughts on “GAS LEAK”

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    CJ Weinstein is the toilet expert
    what is his expert opinion/cause of the stench?

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    Sounds like some Judge had a wicked hangover and balled up an entire roll of tp cleaning up after the 2:30 am drive through triple bacon burger cleared the poop deck. Find the Judge drinking lots of water and popping Bayer on the bench and that’s where to send the plumber bill.

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    Find the Judge that lives in his Chambers. He may know what happened.

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    Check with Weinstein. He probably sat too long this morning. He’s got no cases, so he has nothing else to do.

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    P.U. Bad this afternoon. If the building staff are as good as the judges, we may have to put up with the stink for a long time. Think I’ll reschedule.

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