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The BSO Crime lab scandal is growing.  Lawyers are reminded not to plea any cases involving drugs tested by Kelli McDonald until further notice.  Close to 6000 cases could be called into question, so make sure to carefully peruse those lab reports before jumping on any sweet offers.  Brady Notices have gone out from the SAO, together back in May of 2013, and referenced it again in June , before Channel 6’s Ari Odzer made the story mainstream.  Finkelstein’s more specific June 13 letter, and a link to Ari’s story, are found here.

Expect more mainstream news coverage soon.  We’re told McDonald may have retained counsel, and is set to be deposed in Public Defender cases.  Barry Funck, a nationally recognized forensic crime lab expert, is rumored to be in talks with the powers that be to conduct an audit of McDonald’s work.  An internal audit by BSO Crime Lab personnel has turned up additional discrepancies in a small sampling of her cases, pointing to a much larger potential problem.

Developing …

NYT: Holder and Republicans Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws

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    This is Broward. Just hold on to a case long enough and someone connected to Satzie’s operation is bound to get arrested or otherwise compromised. Maybe the Staties ought to spent more time reading Finkelstein’s letters and less time grousing about him. The truth may be inconvenient but to vilify him for doing their job is truly disgraceful behavior.

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    Not only do they botch their work in the crime lab, BSO and the state attorney’s office do favors for each by colluding to hold individuals longer than they should or they swap files on individuals to warrant a greater charge or a lesser one. They do favors for each other so much, it is amazing that their entire operation hasn’t imploded yet from all of the cronyism and nepotism. The sad thing about it is those who work in and around said environment always say this at the end of each sentence-this is Broward County for you. I don’t blame anyone for not stepping up and setting things right. For who in their right mind volunteers to clean out a cesspool truck or clean up piles of excrement? Often times people expect someone else with the guts and the resources to do the dirty and unpopular work. And it is unfortunate that in the meantime, they’d rather live in filth than do something about it. The concept of ethics will continue to remain a foreign and elusive one in Broward County.

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    Why continue for ever ? ASA Jen Hillel told all her people to get drugs retested. So how does continue help it only helps state NOw. wow thats way to be honest

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    Retest what? A mountain of tainted drugs? And how much are left retest? Better revisit the police reports while they’re at it to make sure the numbers match. Tip, buy white out in bulk at Sam’s Club. Save budget money.

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    I am available to help retest any drugs in the lab, with the exception of that spice crap. Please understand I don’t get up until noon, but I am more than willing to make up the time by working until the wee hours.

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    Sun Sentinel alert.

    Major law enforcement snafu to ignore.

    Endorse Israel and Satz and move on.

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    The most important questions have not been answered.

    1. Is she hot?

    2. Where does she go for drinks?

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    Molehill? Whatever these guys say do the opposite and you will be allright in life.

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    On 11/22/13 at approximately 23: 10hours, I was driving southbound on the 5600 blk. DfN. Sr7 when I observed a
    dark colored Suv with the driver side door open and a Honda parked on the side of the “Farmers Market” after
    normal business hours. I made a u-turn to investigate the suspicious vehicles.

    Upon pulling to the front of the vehicles, the arrestee later identified as, Nathan Avrunin, and a Hispanic female walked from the rear of the Toyota Suv. The arrestee stated “we’re leaving now officer” and attempted to get in the driver seat of the Toyota. At that time I instructed the arrestee and the female later identified as, Mara Pena Vega, to stand to the rear of the Toyota. The arrestee stated again “no it’s ok we’re leaving” and attempted to get inside of the vehicle a second time. At that time I ordered the arrestee a second time to go to the rear of the Toyota. While speaking to the arrestee and the female at the rear of the Toyota, the arrestee attempted to walk to the driver’s side door a total of four times. The arrestee kept saying “everything’s ok’ I’m a
    lawyer.” I looked inside of the interior portion of the vehicle through the driver’s side door and I observed a plastic bag containing suspect cannabis, a metal pipe containing cannabis residue, a partially smoked marijuana cigarette, and a black container lying on the front passenger seat.

    At that time I ordered the arrestee to tum around and I attempted to place him in handcuffs. I was able to put one
    handcuff on his left wrist and then the arrestee pulled his right arm towards his chest and said “wait, wait, waitl” I
    ordered the arrestee to stop resisting and to place his hands behind his back and he continued to defeat my efforts by
    pulling his right hand away from me. The Hispanic female that was with him kept advising him to stop fighting with
    me and to relax. After a brief struggle I was finally able to get the arrestee in handcuffs. While walking him to my
    vehicle he asked me if he could just get an NTA for the cannabis (Notice to appear) so that I wouldn’t ruin his life. I explained to the arrestee that after I completed my investigation I will make that decision. I opened the back door to my patrol vehicle and ordered the arrestee to have a seat. The arrestee kept asking if we can settle this another way and that he can’t get in trouble for this. The arrestee had to be told repeatedly to put his legs inside of the vehicle.

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    Post Miranda, The female stated that they were going to “Trapeez” and she was picking out sex toys and condoms
    from the arrestee’s back seat to bring to the club. A search of the back seat revealed a box containing a box of adult
    toys and condoms. I then walked over to my vehicle opened the door and read the arrestee his Miranda rights. After
    questioning the arrestee he stuck his leg outside of my vehicle and attempted to get out. After several orders to get
    back inside of the vehicle he did not comply. I had to push the arrestee by his chest in order to secure him in the
    back seat. At that time I walked away from my car and I began to hear banging. I looked at my vehicle and observed
    the arrestee kicking the passenger side rear door window. At that time myself and other deputies walked over to my
    vehicle and pulled the arrestee out in order to secure him in a vehicle that had bars in the windows to prevent
    damage to my vehicle. While walking the arrestee to the other patrol vehicle the defendant began screaming, “I’m
    not going to jail!” He then dropped his legs from underneath him and began twisting his body violently. I lifted the
    arrestee up by his arms to place him in the back seat and he kept pushing off the frame of the vehicle. During the
    struggle myself and the arrestee fell to the ground. During the second attempt to get the arrestee in the rear of the
    vehicle he began pushing away from the vehicle again. At that time I punched the arrestee in the stomach area one
    time with a closed fist to gain compliance. After punching the arrestee he immediately went inside of the vehicle.
    The arrestee was transported to the District office and subsequently transported to booking without incident.

    A total of approximately 8.1g of cannabis was recovered for evidence and field tested positive

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    At this point your continued kicking of Nathan is just pure bullying. You seem to be taking great pleasure in enjoying his misfortune.
    Your conduct says a lot about what turns you on and does nothing to advance any cause or improve any aspect of courthouse life.

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    Particularly embarrassing narrative but strangely common alleged hypocrisy when talking about someone Mr. Satz trusted with the power of the State.

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    going to jail with a box of sex toys and condoms sounds like a great way to spend the weekend 🙂

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    You know as well as I do that his box of dildos is his key to getting his job back at the SA. Especially if Chucky Cheese were still around.

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    So Avrunin’s box of trix finally comes to light. Always knew the guy was twisted. Lol. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Want to know more about this Mara Pena Vega. Bet you it’s a guy.

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    He has kind of Charles Laughton look in the muggie.

    He could play a Roman emperor type on Star Trek with the right wreath.

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    Damn, I always thought Nathan was a square. I guess I was wrong.
    Weed .. Sex Toys .. Swinger clubs. That dude knows how to get down. Definitely need to start hanging out with him.
    Rock on, Nathan.

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    When I told you to go have a good time I distinctly remember telling you to leave the blow up doll at home, not in the back seat of your car. The rest of the toys are your call.

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    So when is Mickey Mousey Mikey Shitz going to open up all the other fraudulently obtained convictions and illegal sentences his “teams” have also colluded and conspired in obtaining and then lying about it on their appeals? When will Shaft Raft’s fraudulent lying answer and reply briefs be re-examined by Shitz; When is Shits going to admit to all the Brady violations that get court protected in the 4th? when is Howard going to really step-up and admit the role his office and officers like Diane Cuddihy only do a half-assed and actual subversive job for many of their legally innocent clients by re-opening those cases, too? etc., etc, etc?

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