Gold Watch Time: Judge Murphy Retires


Joe Murphy’s retirement is here, and all are urged to stop by Room 418 at noon on Friday, June 27th, to say goodbye. Cake and coffee will be served. For all those courthouse types who can handle their liquor, another party starts later in the day at 5:30 PM, over at Maguires Hill 16.

It’s always sad when a respected jurist ages out. As with Stan Kaplan’s retirement, this one feels like the end of an era.

Lawyers and litigants could count on a warm welcome in Room 418, no matter the judge’s particular stress level that day. Joe always accommodated before having the final say. Donning a robe didn’t wipe out his memories of working as an ASA or harried defense lawyer, nor could it eclipse the lessons learned as a combat wounded veteran. Certain problems in life are important, and others are speed bumps that need to be quickly remedied so everyone can move on. And nobody could spot the difference better than Joe.

So don’t forget to stop by. You’ll be greeted with the same big smile that welcomed lawyers with thirty years experience, and those with thirty days since passing the Bar exam. Wisdom never took a backseat in Room 418, and there was always a lesson to be learned for those perceptive enough to find it. The “People’s Court” will never be the same …

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    Thank goodness these judges won’t be able to hit the party and return to the bench all liquored up… With the spate of drunk and drugged out judges in Broward lately, they better plan on sticking to beer.

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    An end of an era when talking about Broward judges might just be what the doctor ordered in view of recent events!

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