Adria Quintela is the Florida Bar’s new Director of Lawyer Regulation.  She starts the first week of January, after Ken Marvin’s retirement.  Quintela’s position as head of the Bar’s Broward office has not yet been filled, or listed with the general public.  She will remain in Broward, serving as a “remote” Director of Lawyer Regulation.

Surprised?  Don’t be.  The Bar is certainly perverse enough to put Quintela in charge of keeping all the lawyers in Florida in check.  During her time,* Broward rose to unparalleled levels of corruption. 
Judges ran amok, Scott Rothstein and company did as they pleased, Scheinberg was initially cleared, Bar agent Charles Morehead leaked like a sieve, Lorraine Hoffman went turbo, and the Bar attacked the few whistleblowers who actually stood up to injustice, like Chris Roberts , and this very blog.  If the past is any indication, all of Florida can expect more of the same, except on an even grander scale, if possible.

On the bright side, Quintela will now have to return her calls.  While it was next to impossible to get her to call us back on questions of public importance in the past, Ken Marvin made it a point to communicate with the outside world.  And since there’s a possibility Quintela may try to reignite the misguided, failed local attacks on free speech a la Bar v. Blog, at least now she’ll have to explain herself, instead of staying in the shadows.

From Bar Director John Berry’s October 8th email, announcing Quintela’s ascension:

It is my pleasure to let you know that Adria Quintela will replace Ken Marvin as Staff Counsel beginning the first week in January, 2014. Ms. Quintela will perform her duties from the Ft. Lauderdale Office and we will begin immediately to advertise to replace her as the Chief Disciplinary Counsel in that office.

The ability to have such an incredibly gifted and experienced bar counsel to replace Ken is directly related to the technology advances the Florida Bar has made through what is called our CAMFI system in which we have all our files and pleadings from all branches accessible on the computer. Likewise we have the ability and have been regularly using video conferencing to all the branches and will be using SCOPIA allowing me and others in headquarters to communicate visually on our computers.

As we began to study the feasibility of a remote Staff Counsel it became clear that a huge majority of Ken’s work is related to reviews of pleadings, agenda items and other documents found on our system. Likewise calls coming from you and others are in essence also “remote”. The duties of supervising the headquarters lawyer regulation functions of conditional admissions, probation monitoring and statistical data entry will now be given to Arne Vanstrum in Tallahassee who has been training for well over a year to both take on those duties but to help with the transition of a new staff counsel.

Years ago we utilized one of our leaders of a branch to help with some of these kinds of duties and it was found to be both useful and a boost to the branches to know someone from the trenches was the one involved in supervising their work and decisions. Adria has demonstrated excellent management skills in revitalizing the Ft. Lauderdale office and all the while remaining involved in the actual handling of very complex cases. She has excelled at both and those skills will be invaluable in her new job duties.

Most of you have direct contact with Ken and down the road may have that same contact with Adria though remote and Arne.  Any questions feel free to call. We will miss Ken very much and we are also very excited to have Adria come on board.

I have been most privileged and honored for many years to have worked with Tony Boggs and Ken Marvin. We have worked together as a team and it is with a great sense of relief to know we can continue  with the experience and dedication of Ms. Quintela.

Should you have any questions I am here for you.
John Berry

* Quintela started with the Bar in March, 1996, and became the local Director in October, 2005.

                        LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

 See You Thursday!

The B’nai B’rith Justice Unit and United States Holocaust Museum invite you to attend a special presentation by Dr. Will Meinecke:

Law, Justice and the Holocaust: How the Courts failed Germany 

(Approved for 2 General CLE hours; Approved for 1.5 hours of non-conference CJE, of which .50 is Ethics)

When: Thursday, November 14, 2013 5:30 pm-7 pm

Where: Jury Assembly Room (Room 380) of the Broward County Judicial Complex, 201 SE 6th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

A reception serving light hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer will immediately follow in the Ballroom of the 110 Tower (7th Floor), 110 SE 6th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Dietary Laws Observed)

(Please RSVP by calling Marty Johnson, 954/831-0601 or by e-mail to  Please indicate if you will be attending both the presentation and reception, or presentation only)

GOING TO THE HAGUE!Ginger Lerner-Wren r
eceived the following on November 12th: 

We are very happy to inform you that your successful innovation in the 2013 Innovating Justice Awards has been selected by our jury as one of the best entries in this year’s competition. You have therefore been chosen as one of the top three candidates and are hereby invited to the Innovating Justice Awards ceremony in The Hague, Netherlands, on 10-11 December, during which the overall winner will be announced.

We congratulate you on this achievement in a very competitive and high quality competition this year. In the course of the next few days, we will further inform you of travel and accommodation options in the Hague.

The HiiL Team

Fun With Statutes – did anyone commit perjury in conjunction with the first Loureiro trial?  People are still asking the question, since 775.15 (6) (“Time limitations”) says:
A prosecution for perjury in an official proceeding that relates to the prosecution of a capital felony may be commenced at any time.” 

An “official proceeding” is defined in 
837.011  as:
a proceeding heard, or which may be or is required to be heard, before any legislative, judicial, administrative, or other governmental agency or official authorized to take evidence under oath, including any referee, general or special magistrate, administrative law judge, hearing officer, hearing examiner, commissioner, notary, or other person taking testimony or a deposition in connection with any such proceeding.” (Emphasis Added)

FROM 837.02 , Perjury in official proceedings:

(2) Whoever makes a false statement, which he or she does not believe to be true, under oath in an official proceeding that relates to the prosecution of a capital felony, commits a felony of the second degree (Emphasis Added)

Perjury is certainly confusing stuff, worthy of explanation by a Nova Law School professor like Bruce Rogow, who just happened to be in on Gardiner’s deposition following Loureiro I.  That deposition
is found here on page 30/180 of the PDF, and it’s definitely worth a read, just in case Bob Norman was right.  In any event, let’s hope The Supreme Court answers everyone’s questions soon, and also unveils the top secret stuff that happened with both the JQC and the Bar concerning Gardiner.  The sanctity of the system is on the line, and the public deserves not only answers, but justice as well …


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    This is horrible news. Quintela will be as bad as or worse than Marvin. All of Florida’s lawyers will now get from this dangerous tool more cover-ups of ethical misconduct by Bar insiders and more targeting of Bar whistle-blowers. Quintela is about as bad as it can get. You think ObamaCare is bad. Wait until you all get a load of QuintelaCare. Jack Thompson

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    Sorry about the above typo. “Ethical” should be “unethical.” But case in point as to Quintela: I have the court filings that prove that Quintela was part of the effort to mislead the Florida Supreme Court in the Bar v. Lobasz lawyer discipline case that Lorraine Hoffmann got caught doing and to which Bill Gelin above refers. Having Quintela in charge of all lawyer discipline for the state is like having Noriega head up Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No to Drugs campaign. Jack Thompson

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    Is this Berry guy for real? Headquarters?
    Is there an underground command bunker buried in the middle of the state in case of attack?

    Over and out.

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    The bar allowed lawyers with political power to play by their own rules. The pick on the little guy and we deserve better.

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    The Bar has never done anything but to provide cover for Broward Judges who have lost their way. I don’t anticipate that this newest lackey will do anything but the same. It’s a pretty incestuous group of the same type of people who think their positions are there to provide them with a means towards an end. Justice doesn’t seem to be one of the goals sought.

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    I intend to do something about this Quintela appointment. This is outrageous. Looks like a verbal ambush of Gene Pettis at his next self-serving public appearance is in order.

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    John B. Thompson, J.D.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    April 21, 2012

    The Florida Bar
    651 East Jefferson Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399

    Re: Formal Sworn Bar Complaints against Bar Employees Adria Quintela and Ken
    Marvin and Bar Outside Counsel Barry Richard

    Dear Florida Bar:

    This is my formal sworn bar complaint against the above three attorneys. This complaint arises out of the lawyer disciplinary case of The Florida Bar v. Lobasz. Florida Bar attorney Lorraine Hoffmann argued this case before the Florida Supreme Court, and at that oral argument, Ms. Hoffmann repeatedly was asked, four times, by various Justices, if she had objected to the admissibility of live testimony before the referee by the respondent, Mr. Lobasz. I have watched every second of the oral argument available both on-line and on a DVD provided me by The Bar. Ms. Hoffmann, without hesitation, strongly and repeatedly assured the court that she had so objected, even though her respected opposing counsel told the court that Ms. Hoffmann was not telling the truth in that important regard.

    Many months after this oral argument, Justice Pariente, in a concurrence joined in by two other Justices, excoriated Ms. Hoffmann for having not told the truth about whether she had objected to Lobasz’ live testimony, coupled with Ms. Hoffmann’s abject failure to correct the record in that regard by informing the Supreme Court that she had erred in her comments to the Court. Justice Pariente and the other Justices had checked the transcript of the proceedings before the referee below and had found that Hoffmann had not objected.

    Further, I can tell you what I saw and heard and what apparently the Justices saw and heard: that there is absolutely no possibility that Ms. Hoffmann was confused about what the Justices had asked her. None.

    The mainstream mass media reported that Ms. Hoffmann had been harpooned by the High Court and that as a result she faced an “inquiry” by The Bar.

    I now have the grievance file pertaining to all this. The grievance proceedings against Ms. Hoffmann ended many months ago, which fact made the file a public record. I asked for it months and months ago, and The Bar, only because I insisted again recently upon knowing what had happened, disgorged it. I have also just been informed by The Bar’s Mary Ellen Bateman that certain documents were culled from the file without, as the law requires, indentifying with specificity what they were. We shall have that issue decided elsewhere. Trust me.

    Be that as it may, the contents of the now public file pertaining to the grievance against Ms. Hoffmann, initiated in effect by the Supreme Court’s disgust, reveals the following:

    1. Ms. Quintela, Ms. Hoffmann’s immediate supervisor in the Ft. Lauderdale office, actually personally attended the aforementioned oral argument before the High Court.

  8. 0


    She then saw, up close, how adamant Ms. Hoffmann was in insisting she had done something that she did not do, which the Supreme Court knew because it had checked the trial transcript. In fact, Ms. Hoffmann admits in her response to the “investigation,” through her counsel, Jack Weiss, that she could tell that one of the Justices had the trial transcript and that that Justice was very concerned about what she was saying had transpired. Talk about a clue.

    2. Ms. Hoffmann asserts that she was troubled in the many months between the oral argument and the Court’s ruling in Lobasz that she should correct the record and the impression she says she unintentionally left with the Court.

    3. Ms. Quintela, in addition to observing at the moment it occurred, the oral argument, also went back and reviewed the trial transcript and told Ms. Hoffmann that she had done nothing wrong and to let it go. I am paraphrasing, but that is the gist of it. I note that Ms. Quintela could not have possibly reviewed the trial transcript and in good faith come to the conclusion that Ms. Hoffmann had done anything other than create a false impression with the Supreme Court. This is very clear from what the Supreme Court saw and what I know. Hoffmann said she objected to Lobasz’ live testimony, and, categorically, it can be stated that she did not. So Ms. Quintela was wrong, dead wrong.

    4. But what is “more disturbing,” to use the phrase of Justice Pariente, is that Ms. Hoffmann, through her attorney Mr. Weiss, states that Ms. Quintela and Quintela’s boss, Ken Marvin, who just happens to be The Bar’s Director of Lawyer Regulation, in effect prevented Ms. Hoffmann from correcting the record. Also, Barry Richard of Greenberg Traurig was retained to help prepare a Motion for Reconsideration that was ultimately filed with the Supreme Court the purpose of which was to insist that the Court’s harpooning of Hoffmann was unfair and incorrect.

    But here are the conclusory comments of Mr. Weiss in that regard:

    “Given that The Florida Bar (through Adria Quintela, Ken Marvin, and the Bar’s
    legal counsel Barry Richard) expressly authorized, supervised, co-authored and
    ultimately approved the Bar’s motion to reconsider — and caused it to be filed in
    the Supreme Court of Florida — The Florida Bar cannot allege, in good faith, that
    Ms. Hoffmann’s denial of intentional misrepresentation made in the Bar’s motion
    to reconsider is false. Yet, in bringing this Bar complaint against Ms. Hoffmann,
    the Bar has done exactly that.”

    Please read Mr. Weiss’ entire stunning letter which serves to indict the three above-referenced lawyers.

    5. Mr. Weiss thus makes it clear that whereas The Bar, through the efforts of Quintela, Marvin, and Richard, told the Supreme Court in the Motion to Reconsider, that Hoffmann had done nothing wrong, The Bar then turned around and was formally “investigating” and proceeding against Hoffmann. Weiss points out The Bar can’t have it

  9. 0


    both ways. If these three people told the Supreme Court Hoffmann did nothing wrong, they can’t turn around and say that she did. But it is worse than that: these three helped her, it turns out, try to hoodwink the Supreme Court the second time.

    6. How do we know that? The Supreme Court itself summarily denied the aforementioned Motion for Reconsideration. It was without merit. The Court had obviously concluded that Hoffmann had tried to mislead them once, and then with her posse tried to mislead it again. Relatedly and to be reiterative: Quintela and anyone else who reviewed the trial transcript, or had talked to anyone who had reviewed the trial transcript in good faith, knew full well that failing to correct the record before the Supreme Court ruled and then going back and arguing that the Supreme Court was wrong and that Ms. Hoffmann either unintentionally or intentionally did nothing wrong was worse than foolish–it was unethical.

    7. Indeed, what Quintela, Marvin, and Richard did was far worse than what Hoffmann did. They had the luxury of months of time in which to review the trial transcript in the face of what we know to be the Court’s valid concerns and in that time refused to deal with the crystal clear reality that Hoffmann had not told the Court the truth, for whatever reason. It is a stretch, in my opinion, to say that Hoffmann made a mistake. But assuming that hypothetical is correct, that she at first committed an act of omission (although she had a duty to go back and read the trial transcript carefully before filing a disingenuous Motion for Reconsideration) it is nevertheless certain that Quintela, Marvin, and Richard committed an act of commission: Together the three of them conspired to mislead, knowingly, the Supreme Court. Or does anyone thing that Barry Richard, the famous lawyer for George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore, puts his name to pleadings without knowing the facts?

    8. How do we further know that preparing and filing the Motion for Reconsideration was not a fool’s errand but rather a knave’s kamikaze run by Quintela, Marvin, and Richard? Not only because the Supreme Court not once but twice concluded Hoffmann did not tell them the truth but also because the “investigation” did in fact result in a “letter of advice” which found that Hoffmann needed to review a file carefully before appellate argument and also to ask for leave to further review after argument before giving a final answer. In other words, even this non-investigation (more on that below) resulted in the conclusion that Hoffmann had messed up and should not do it again.

    As I say and as anyone would say (save the three people fingered by Weiss), the truly disingenuous ones here are Quintela, Marvin, and Richard.

    9. The “letter of advice” is the result of a desperate attempt by The Bar to get out of a cataclysmic situation in which the Supreme Court, which is supposed to supervise The Bar, publicly stated that a Bar prosecutor,

  10. 0


    who is held to a higher standard of conduct, as a prosecutor than any other class of lawyer in this state, was not truthful before it.

    The situation was made even more desperate because Mr. Jack Weiss fully and fairly discharged his ultimate duty in this situation to the one person to whom he owed the highest duty–his client. Mr. Weiss then fairly told The Bar that Ms. Hoffmann was not going to be a patsy, was not going to take the fall for what had happened and for what three other lawyers actively sought to tell the Supreme Court did not happen.

    Mr. Weiss then, it is fair to say, was conveying this message as he should, as the famous apocryphal story conveys in which the patient sits down in the dentist’s chair, about to have a root canal, and reaches out and grabs the testicles of the dentist and says, “We’re not going to hurt each other, are we?” Mr. Weiss was telling The Bar that Ms. Hoffmann, if The Bar found probable cause, was not going to go quietly. The message was obviously received, was it not? Although Ms. Hoffmann no longer works for The Bar.

    This slap on the wrist result was made all the easier because Ken Marvin, knowing he would be in harm’s way if the grievance careened in a certain direction, given his direct involvement in what is fairly called a cover-up of what Hoffmann did and did not do, put in place a “special prosecutor” whom he himself handpicked and who would be loyal to Marvin. Mr. John Beranek is the ultimate Bar insider, and his wife was and is as well. Thus, Marvin picked a Mr. Fix-It to make sure Marvin would not get hurt, as he should have been by a truthful telling to the Supreme Court as to what really happened, for surely the Supreme Court was not given anything like Mr. Weiss’ letter explaining to the Court that the cavalry was summoned up to make this mess go away. The Court was not told what went on behind the scenes, but thanks to Mr. Weiss, now we know, at least most of what went on behind the scenes, as best we can in light of the aforementioned purloining of the grievance file by Ms. Bateman at The Bar.

    Put more simply, it “hit the fan” when the Supreme Court caught Ms. Hoffmann, for whatever reason, not telling the truth, unless, of course, three Justices on the court are delusional. So when it hit the fan, The Bar had to at least appear to be doing something, and so it opened an “investigation” headed by a man who could be trusted not to go too far. A non-adjudicative Letter of Advice was issued which in effect finds that Hoffmann did what the court said she did, but there was to be no disciplinary consequence from it, which meant Marvin, Quintela, and Richard could slip the noose as well. But the noose, for real, is now back, and big enough for three necks, or more.

    This is what happens when people in a position of authority try to game the system and refuse to fess up or to allow others to fess up.

  11. 0


    Jack Thompson concludes re Quintela:

    Who in this country missed the fact that Nixon’s cover-up was worse than the Watergate burglary? Apparently Quintela, Marvin, and Richard did. And these three are Democrats, apparently. How sad.

    Wherefore, The Bar, in light of what we now know, MUST have a real, not a faux, investigation, of Quintela, Marvin, and Richard. A special prosecutor must do it, and it must be a special prosecutor chosen by the Florida Supreme Court, not by Mr. Marvin and not by the highly politicized Board of Governors, which has a very long history of protecting The Bar and not the public. Or maybe we should have Mr. Lobasz pick the special prosecutor. What do you think?

    As to what was done wrong, these three lawyers did at least what Hoffmann was being investigated for as to lack of candor toward a tribunal, etc. Look at Hoffmann’s letter informing her as to the “investigation” of her and add whatever you like to the potential charges against these three obfuscators and trimmers.

    In addition, please note the Bar Rules that place upon “supervising attorneys” duties to make sure their subordinates do not engage in unethical conduct. I suggest strongly, as do others who have reviewed these facts that not only did Hoffmann’s two supervisors know and/or should have known how wrong she was to have told the Supreme Court in he first place that she had objected to Lobasz’ live testimony, but all three lawyers–Quintela, Marvin, and Richard–knew, to an ontological certitude, that their formal assertion to the contrary was a knowing, calculatedly lie.

    I don’t know Ms. Quintela. I don’t know if she felt squeezed on this by Mr. Marvin, but I do know both Mr. Marvin and Mr. Richard from having to deal with the two of them over the years. Both of them can be counted upon, when push comes to shove, to not tell the truth and, as Senator Bob Kerrey said about Bill Clinton, “to be uncommonly good liars.”

    In conclusion, The Bar has itself provided the rope with which to figuratively hang Quintela, Marvin, and Richard. It had better do so, or the entire Bar will be swinging from a gallows of its own fashioning.

    To do otherwise is for The Bar is for it to tell the Supreme Court that it got all this wrong, not once but twice. And let me tell you, folks: Three times will most assuredly be the charm.

    I solemnly swear, under penalty of perjury, as if under oath, that the foregoing facts are true, correct, and complete, to the best of my knowledge and ability, so help me God.

    Signed April 21, 2012, by John B. Thompson

    Enclosure: Letter of Advice

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    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    November 14, 2013

    Chief Justice Polston
    Justices Pariente, Quince, Lewis, Labarga, Canady, and Perry
    Florida Supreme Court
    500 South Duval Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399 C/o Clerk Tom Hall via email

    Re: Bar’s New Director of Lawyer Regulation, Adria Quintela

    Dear Chief Justice and Associate Justices:

    Word comes that the former head of the Broward County Bar Office has been elevated to the post of Director of Lawyer Regulation for the entire statewide Bar.

    This promotion of Quintela to oversee the ethics of Florida lawyers is akin to naming Manuel Noriega head of the Just Say No to Drugs effort.

    The attached Bar complaint pertains to Quintela’s personal involvement in a demonstrable cover-up of the lies told to your Court in the Bar v. Lobasz case, which lies led to the resignation of Lorraine Hoffmann. You will recall that Justices Canady and Pariente caught Hoffmann in these lies repeatedly uttered at oral argument in Lobasz.

    What the formal record proves, provided me by Lobasz’ attorney, Jack Weiss, is that Quintela actively participated in a protracted effort to hide from your court the fraud perpetrated upon this Court in Lobasz.

    If this Court is to exhibit any semblance of any oversight of The Bar, then Quintela must be ordered to be removed from her new post immediately.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

    Attached SWORN Bar Complaint against Quintela

  13. 0


    jack is right as usual–when a bar complaint was files v. a state atty for his fraud with proven facts, the Spanish bar guy dismissed it without any investigation whatsoever–a total violation of the bar rules; when a bar complaint was then filed against him for this breach and violation to queeftela, she dismissed it against and when and appeal was then taken, IT too was summarily dismissed and when the appellate attorney was called–he stated he was under no obligation to give any reasons for his fraud and ENJOINDER of the bar’s fraud which marv also refused to investigate. the more things change, the more they stay the same. But crimes will have a way of coming back–waiver of criminality by the powers that be invite a return on investment.

  14. 0


    Rothstein should dump the goods on all the broward judges that knew about his scam, not to mention the former broward judges that worked there. That would be a real revelation as to what goes on here in broward.

  15. 0


    Sorry, Jack, but I have to disagree–you couldn’t;t make Marvin pay what he owes so the structure will not allow you to do anything to this legal slut, quintela, either. it seems obvious that the power structure is still in full force against the people of this state. There is a lock on justice, pure and simple. Not until something very radical and bas happens with the structure start to crumble. but if ANY body CAN get something sone–I trust you to be able to discover it–I just have no faith it will happen regardless oaf any professions codes, Canons, statewide or federal investigators–I have too much specific information to not believe that including getting Senators Nelson and Martinez involved only to have hem lied to and follow the lies to ditch the hot potato once they found out it WAS a hot potato–just like how far you got after the 11th Cir. affirmed your right to not have any prejudicial Fla. bar members allowed to sit on your case– So what good did the law and the ground breaking case law you got, do?

  16. 0


    I’m presently putting together an effort to get Adria Quintela removed from her new post of Director of Lawyer Regulation for The Florida Bar.

    If anyone has any additional information that would be helpful in that regard, please provide it to me at, 305-666-4366. Jack Thompson

    PS: If you haven’t yet seen Dallas Buyers Club, do so. Tremendous.

  17. 0


    November 18, 2013

    The Honorable Don Gaetz, President of the Florida Senate
    Via email to
    The Honorable Will Weatherford, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
    Via email to
    Tallahassee, Florida

    Re: Appointment of Ms. Adria Quintela to Post of Director of Lawyer Regulation of
    The Florida Bar

    Dear President Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford:

    The Florida Bar has just announced that Ms. Adria Quintela, who is presently the chief Bar prosecutor in its Ft. Lauderdale Office, will ascend to the post of Director of Lawyer Regulation for the entire Bar in January 2014. This is horrible news for the public.

    This is akin to putting Manuel Noriega in charge of Just Say No to Drugs. It necessitates full and long overdue hearings in either or both houses of the Florida legislature by committees with judicial branch oversight duties.

    I and others have documents that prove Ms. Quintela participated in a conspiracy to mislead the Florida Supreme Court in Bar v. Lobasz. A subordinate to Ms. Quintela had to resign her post, but Ms. Quintela, who orchestrated the conspiracy, has gotten a promotion. The Lobasz case is just the tip of the iceberg as to the heightened danger Ms. Quintela now poses to the public in her powerful new post.

    Legislative hearings need to focus on the fact that The Florida Bar has a lawyer discipline structure that the American Bar Association, in its McKay Commission Report, has found to be fatally flawed and prone to corruption. This structural defect, formally identified by the ABA, helps explain why Ms. Quintela has been able to cover up the corruption of which she has been an integral part. This defect must be removed for the public to be delivered from a Bar that not protects corrupt lawyers and targets Bar whistle-blowers.

    I urgently plead with you to schedule House and/or Senate hearings. The Bar fox is guarding the hens, and Ms. Quintela about to become the corrupt head fox. She cannot be allowed to harm the public further in that more powerful post.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

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    * エルメス (それのための水銀ローマ) 義務だけでなく、任意のメッセンジャー神の現在のリソースようふたの翼し、翼のスリッパ彼アイロンを設定します。* ペルセウス、息子とまた死を免れないゼウス後ダナエの人々 (と販売経験、半神半人所有している)、ゴルゴーン ・ メドゥーサの大胆なギリシャ十字架も上空を飛行する翼の靴のカップルを持っていた。このシーズンだった彼女は音楽の 8 つで彼女のパフォーマンスで、スターリング ・ シルバー グローブ賞にノミネートをかなり。リリー Tenue2。型層間接モルガンヌ型層間接続モルガンヌ続 (この夏 1、フランス、コートダジュール、ニースに 1984 年生まれ)、一般的には、フランスのプロセスです。これが比較的ローテクなワックスを塗ったばかりで、何が単純図形は純粋な人々 のすべての感覚的に状態があるので (、hang glider パラシュートでプロトタイプ) 下鴨ので自分で私はこの組成このより深い考慮貧しいからビジネスを閉じます。

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