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” … A Breathalyzer test showed Judge Rosenthal had not been drinking, but she failed a field sobriety test and refused to take blood or urine tests. She told the police that she had taken the sedative Ambien the night before. When asked, she refused to discuss the issue with the Editorial Board.

Ms. Rosenthal, 56, was named to the bench in 2012. She is a former federal prosecutor. She should not be faulted for having exercised her rights. However, the plea does not dispel the cloud that still hangs over her. She first fought to keep her mug shot from public view, later relenting. Few suspects get that privilege. In addition, defendants who appear before her under similar circumstances — refusing to give blood and urine samples — don’t get much sympathy from the bench. Voters should exercise similar judgment.

Challenger Frantz J. McLawrence, 42, from Tamarac, is a well-thought-of former public defender in Broward County. Admitted to the bar in 2003, he is in private practice with his own law firm where, he told the Editorial Board, he has litigated more than 40 cases and prepared and reviewed more than 6,000 cases for trial.

Judge Rosenthal, he said, is unreasonable and treats defendants harshly. He decided to challenge her because, in his view, the court needs “new blood.” In this instance, we agree. For Broward Circuit Court, Group 8, the Herald recommends FRANTZ McLAWRENCE.


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    So who should objectively be a judge?

    Not Feld
    Neither Shapiro nor Schulman

    So what will happen….

    Lynn wins and once good with the JQC strikes fear in the hearts of all before her.

    Field wins and will continue to baffle everyone with her complete inability to judge.

    Gunderson and/or Sokoloff insisting that we all behave in a manner they dictate.

    Estrada wins….yippee!

    Shapiro…we all will be yelled at. Schulman. ..won’t matter what anyone argues.

    Have fun kids!

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    All I know is I am voting for Robinson. That name long been associated with the Judiciary in Broward County and as a woman I always support female candidate.

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