Early Voting began Friday, but things are red-hot already.  The following email was sent by the normally unflappable Jahra McLawrence to Lynn Rosenthal earlier this evening, provided to JAABLOG by a witness to one of the confrontations described below. 

And the election is still nine days away …

From: “F.J. McLawrence” <>
Date: August 17, 2014 at 8:52:32 PM EDT
Subject: Inappropriate Contact

Lynn Rosenthal,

It has come to my attention that your husband (Mitch Rosenthal) has approached at least two of my volunteers in a threatening and intimidating manner.  He has angrily suggested that he would disclose my booking photo from 1996; presumably under your direction and control.  This photo has been known to the public and depicts me as a 22 year old college sophomore.  As I have made no attempt to conceal my past experiences, the content of his rant is not an issue.

My primary concern is that your husband obviously thought it was appropriate to approach my volunteer in Tamarac today, a young female approximately twenty years his junior, in a disturbed and aggressive manner.  He walked over to her, approximately 30 feet away, and launched a barrage of verbal threats.  The volunteer was intimated by his demeanor and afraid that she would be subjected to further assault if she continued to distribute my literature.

Additionally, another McLawrence Campaign volunteer told me of an argument that transpired when Mr. Rosenthal approached him in Coral Springs and continued his aggressive and un-professional behavior.

Even more, this inappropriate behavior is not limited to Mr. Rosenthal.  When I sent another member of my campaign to Tamarac to assess the situation, and to reassure the young female volunteer, she too was approached in a violent manner by a woman, apparently employed by your campaign, wearing your paraphernalia screaming insults as she grew near.  Fortunately, this more seasoned volunteer was able to defuse the situation as the security officer stood nearby.

Please note that I have not made any inappropriate comments about you or your campaign.  Instead, I have merely reprinted excerpts from articles previously published in local newspapers.  So, if your husband or any other member of your campaign has a problem with what has been printed in the newspapers, then I suggest they confront those media outlets directly.

This aggressive behavior toward my volunteers is completely inappropriate and simply will not be tolerated. If anyone from your campaign has a problem with me or my campaign, then you should contact me directly. My email address is readily available on the bar website and my phone number is on every piece of literature that has been publicly distributed.

There is no need for a mature man of his years to continually attempt to intimidate young female volunteers while they are actively engaged in the political process. As a result, I hereby demand that your husband, MITCH ROSENTHAL, control his behavior and refrain from any direct contact with any volunteers of the McLawrence Campaign.


Frantz J McLawrence

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    I like Frantz but this email is weak,weird, ineffective and violates 1st Amendment rights of others. Also, I believe Rosenthal is Lynn’s maiden name. He should have just ignored it rather than confirm his prior arrest (which until now was not sure it even existed). This is a example of his demeanor. Not that her demeanor is a good example. Oh well, just when I thought we had a great candidate. Frantz just could not help himself. Weird.

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    I am no fan of McLawrence, I think he thinks he is smarter than he really is and I question often whether he is anti white people. What I do know of him, is that he doesn’t lie and play political games. If he had he would be better off in this race. I believe the descriptions of Feig’s actions are probably spot on.

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    Yeah, theJahra started this whole ECO thing with that “kick her while she’s down” mailer about her arrest.

    Many voters I talk to feel it was low class to do that to a woman. And now this oddball email – must have a screw loose up top.

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      “Many voters I talk to feel it was low class to do that to a woman.”

      But it’s classy to send your goon squad to harass people?

      YOU have no class, let alone low class…………..

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      Perhaps she should have conducted herself in a professional manor so a mailer could not be sent out about her stupid behavior. There is only one person to blame here and its not the person that sent out a mailer.

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    Look. The man is heated up. Legitimately. None of this should have happened. First his wife makes a bad decision and comes to Criminal before Qualifying. She was warned by other Judges not to do it. She did it anyway. But then no big deal. The opponent is a slouch. A minority. The election was supposed to be a walk in the park. Shake hands and smile. Eat bagels and listen to people’s stories. The election could have been a good thing in the end since no one would challenge her again after she won an election the hard way. But then she gets bombed on Ambien pills and someone stupidly doesn’t catch it before she leaves the house. Then after the arrest she makes dumb decisions about her mug shot. Then she blows it with the papers interviews. Then her lawyer craps up. Then the video makes a monkey of her. I get it. The man is heated up. He’s scared. He didn’t create the problems and now if he has to spend $100,000 to win he’s out $130,000 pre-tax hard earned dollars that should be earning interest for his family’s future. I get it. But don’t take it out on the poll workers. That’s low class. Buckle down, work harder. That’s the way to to do it. Mistakes have been made but this is compounding the problems. Don’t make more.

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    Interesting letter, Frantz, but it didn’t happen that way. I was at the poll in Tamarac supporting another candidate. Your workers were approaching voters who were alone, telling them that Rosenthal is a drunk judge. The next morning, Rosenthal’s husband, in front of other witnesses, told your worker to call you to have your workers stop. He did say that he would disclose your criminal record in a mailing. Since there were multiple witnesses to this, you should do your research. But when you run a dirty campaign, truth doesn’t matter, does it?

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      Hmmmmm……..could it have been to hamper a possible investigation of contents possibly found?

      Only Sherlock Holmes will know for sure.

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    I read the first paragraph above and stopped. I don’t need to read the rest of it.
    The author, taking time to draft a long-winded letter about school-ground minute non-sense is revealing.
    I wonder whether the captain of the Titanic took the time (post ice berg collision) to draft a letter to the ship builder, complaining of poor workmanship when people were diving for life boats and the lights were going out.
    One could wonder how many early voting locations, churches, and community centers he could have be visited in the time it took to research, compose, and forward (why send a copy to JAAB?) the above letter.
    It seems that McLawrence, as a former Navy man would be more congnizant of mission focus.
    One day, Mclawrence could be proud to have nice big office in the new courthouse with his diplomas on the wall or have an office across from the new courthouse where he could take pride that hanging on his wall were framed letters attesting to the fact that he gave his opponent a piece of his mind during a losing campaign.
    I am not sure if he knows which is more important right now.

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    Neither one is Judge material if you ask me. She was merely a prosecutor with no pesky discovery to deal with and he’s only been at it 10 years. Hopefully the JQC removes her if she wins and someone with a good resume and temperament can get in.

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    The post first appeared on BrowardBeat, then disappeared and reappeared here. the only change,
    ” provided to “JAABLOG” by a witness to one of the confrontations described below. ”
    provided to “BROWARD BEAT” by a witness to one of the confrontations described below.

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    McLawrence’s campaign workers should be handing out a palm card and Herald or Sentinel endorsement. Forget the silly playground stuff. Remember 50% of the votes will be absentee and early voting, not good for Rosenthal in light of all her bad publicity.

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    How great was Sly and the Family Stone? My fave was ‘I Want To Take You Higher’ – good song for Broward Judges.

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    I can’t believe the amount of time and effort some people will invest just for a turn to put the hurt on the mentally ill and black people. Instead they could put same into opening a business or teaching school. Something that actually benefits society. Dream a dream.

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    Jeff Marcus gave her $100 on August 6th. Remember that the next time they say the Ambien Defense is nonsense.

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    If she loses all those who donated to her campaign can tell Judge McLawrence they were sleep contributing and don’t remember writing checks.

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    Umm, selling weed is a felony, Reckless Driving and DUI are misdemeanors. I’m suprised the bar would even admit someone that was selling weed IN law school right before they would have to be admitted to the bar. I know people who have been held up from being admitted for charges far less serious.

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    Nice letter, Frantz! Was it edited by a third grader, or did you do it yourself? Can’t imagine someone with your writing skills, actually writing coherent orders. This is just more proof of your reputation for arrogance and mediocrity. Now add abject stupidity.

    Have you visited Tamarac yet to speak with witnesses? When will you do that, and when will you post a full retraction and apology to Judge Rosenthal?

    As of yesterday, your people were still using the “drunk judge” line. You were told exactly what would happen. I hope they follow through. Watch your mailboxes. This should be interesting.

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