18 thoughts on “Influence & Injustice”

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    Vote Richard Brian Kaplan for Public Defender!

    Return honor and integrity to the public defender.
    Ensure liberty and non-responsive, baseless, rambling objections for all.

    Don’t vote for Ruby Green, Gordo Weekling or Jim Lewis.
    Kappy will win this time. Remember, he’s the hungry dog and the hungry dog comes in second. But next time, first.

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      Richard, your “vote Kaplan for everything” posts should always include your creepy campaign picture. It adds so much when we can actually see the insanity in your eyes.

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        Because lawyers are gigantic cowards and Gelin would have been crushed too if he hadn’t had Howard Finkelstein protecting him and Howard Finkelstein would himself have been destroyed if he hadn’t had the power of Channel 7. Broward = perfect storm.

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    Listen, this article is a crock. I know Litty she is a vigorous defender of the rights of her clients. She teaches at PD college and has no inappropriate relationship with the State. I am of the firm belief that if you want to get good deals for your clients that it serves no purpose being an a**hole to your prosecutor. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try cases but it means that you can work together until you can’t.

    The bottom line is Martin County is a hell of a lot different than Palm Beach, Broward, or even neighboring St. Lucie County. How do I know? Because I try cases in all four counties. Martin County and their constituents want their judges (and prosecutors) to be tough on crime. When you commit a crime in Martin – white or black – you are going get a much stiffer sentence than if you had committed that crime 20 miles south in Palm Beach County. Prosecutors know that and judges know that. And as a PD (or a private lawyer) in Martin you have not much sympathy from the other side.

    Moral is – don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the time.

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