Fred Berman and protégé Kal Evans, Thursday.  Kal is taking over Joe Murphy’s division, and Dan Kanner is off to civil.


Brian Silber and Michael Smith, after Lynn Feig Rosenthal’s plea in July.  Smith is the Palm Beach ASA who candidly answered JAABLOG’s question concerning the Xanax found on the judge after her arrest, and who may have helped to unintentionally turn the tide of the election …


Gallery of Retired Judges hanging in the Jury Room.  Don’t strain your eyes looking for Gardiner, because she’s not there.  Apparently disbarment is the final straw, even for the notorious judicial apologists of the 17th Circuit …

“Get away from me, Bill!”  Here’s Peggy Gehl, and an overprotective court deputy, caught on camera after the mandatory “Trust Us” judges meeting back in June.  Gehl is camera-shy, despite being a public figure.  For an excruciating example, check out this transcript from last May, when she decided to boot us from Mel Grossman’s hearing room, where she was overseeing a very public trial.  We went back the next day, of course, with the resulting brouhaha captured in this transcript

SS/Court Deputy hungry for gator meat

SDFL/Bidwill, Haimes, Towbin-Singer,Garcia-Wood, Tuter want out

Call for Key West Ambien hallucinating judge to resign

Key West Ambien hallucinating judge zonks out in court again

New Times/BSO Crime Lab Kelli McDonald scandal

BSO appoints an insider to head troubled crime lab

CBS 4/Bruce Raticoff enjoying his 15 minutes of notoriety

SCT/Senior judges can’t judge in same county they mediate

Huff Post/Lerner-Wren/The Hidden Power of Courts That Heal

NYT/California Revises Policy on Mentally Ill Inmates

LA Times/Meet LA Public Defender’s “Pardon Guy”

LA Times/1978 murder a test for CA’s new juvenile early parole law

NYT/A Dylan Insider’s Back Pages

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    I don’t know if its been mentioned before, but pleading the reckless out so far in advance of the election seems an error in strategy. Better to keep it open past election so its still an allegation? Is that better?

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    How many days has Mel Grossman worked this year??? If the answer is none or not many, is Weinstein covering for him? Why is a retired judge running his docket? Would Judge Speiser know???

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    He needs a female with a African American sounding name to putting in as well. Robinson are you going to run like we did before or not? Do worry they won’t find out. I ‘ll meet you at the spot with money like before.
    Hey I will bring black Kasen for black areas.

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    Rat is back in the news much to the ponytail’s chagrin. However, those folks at the PDs office have much bigger problems than the Rat; check out Augustine v. State 4th DCA case published May 14, 2014. The lead trial counsel in this case was one of Howard and Kuethan’s new superstar homicide lawyers. Furthermore, one of the Assistant Chief Public Defenders was in the courtroom for closing and s/he did realize anything was wrong. They know H Don and the Rat never would of made those mistakes. …. But after all its in the best interest of the Public Defender’s Office or is it the client. Oh wear is the Bossman when you need him.

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    Berman is a good place to learn. He knows how to run a docket quickly and can read a case without moving his lips. He tries cases. Evans should watch some of the newer Judges too. There are good ones. Beware some of the old timer Judges who do everything they can to slow things down, work half days, and make setting hearings impossible. Don’t instill bad habits at the outset.

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    Thank goodness Evans got Criminal. Another Jewish Judge locking people up is not what this County’s image needs.

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    Whiney had nothing to do with Kal’s appointment. Gov Dick Scott was just currying favor with anyone stupid enough not to understand it’s an election year appointment and the Dick wants your vote. Whiney and Dick Scott are against diversity.

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    Judge Weinstein makes the decision where to put new Judges. Both new Judges are Criminal lawyers. Kanner is more experienced and older. Weinstein usually goes with seniority. To go with Evans he is breaking the seniority tradition, but displaying wisdom because the County needs diversity in the Criminal Courts.

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    Governor Scott’s first appointment was a minority too. He has appointed nine judges in Broward and with ONE exception, his appointees have been excellent. Of the nine, four women, and three former criminal defense attorneys.

    To “Vote for Charlie Crist,” maybe you have your reasons, but if they’re based on comparing judicial appointments you might want to appear in court. He made some very good ones, but some awful ones too. And don’t forget Crist’s “judge maker.”


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    I wandered over here because I heard of this Mr. Gelin attorney was “jumping up & taking pictures” in the middle of a civil trial. The judge said it was, obviously, distracting – asked him to stop.

    If anyone cares to read a short, but funny, transcript with stuff like: “Bill nobody considers you a member of the media” & “hey, Bill, because of your disruptive ‘jumping up & smirking’, you PERSONALLY have to leave your phone OUTSIDE!”

    If this Gelin wasn’t such a pussy, if he felt he had some 1st amendment right being threatened (as he tries writing above under ‘anonymous’), then he would have put his phone in pocket and sat down – to see if the judge would treat him differently than the other people there.

    What would Mr. Gelin’s clients think to know this is what the guy does during the day instead of working on their cases?

    Even worse, Mr. Gelin, is that other judges & attorneys who click on that short 5-page (HILARIOUS!) transcript can see your behavior.

    P.S. In hindsight, maybe you should have not ordered & published that transcript. You look REAL bad on this. One, for how silly you looked in it, but Second, is that you pussied out and left rather than just sitting there with phone in pocket, like the other spectators in attendance.

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      I got a good chuckle out of the transcript. I can see the smoke coming out of Gehl’s ears while reading it.

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    Dang Owl-Man you are that naive and ignorant. Rick Scott is the worse Governor the State of Florida has ever had.
    As for his appointments, Raag good pick. Rosenthal, bwahahaha
    Miranda, married to Fred Horowitz were they doing the dirty while she was in front of him in court? Hummmmmm
    Merrigan was a Crist appt all Scott did was elevate him. Liz Scherer, Bill JNC Scherer’s daughter bwahahahaha. Dan Kanner, Republican political hack. Hey Owl go invoke your 5th amendment rights 75 times like Rick Scott. Hey owl go spend 72 million dollars of your own money to become governor of florida. Hey owl hows that blind trust run by rick scott financial advisor working out for Scott. Which is Owl naive, ignorant or part of Rick Scotts campaign. Ill go with the latter.

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    Owl = Obvious Rick Scott operative. That Crist Rothstein story has no legs. Thats news people talk for its bullshit. What judge did Charlie Crist appoint for Rothstein? The answer is no one.
    By the by, tthere’s a picture of Scott Rothstein and every politician in the state.
    Rick Scott wants to be Governor of Florida to multiply his already impressive portfolio. Rick Scott could give a rats ass about the good people of the state of florida. Only scotts sycophants and idiots will vote for scott. Unfortunately there are plenty of idiots out there.

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    Remarkable. I have no problem with your views, but if that’s truly what you believe, shouldn’t you be supporting Nan Rich?

    If Crist wins, you’ll still have a Republican Governor. He’ll watch current Obama Democrats like Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie get absolutely hammered in their elections. And then he’ll start saying that he’s really not Democrat, because we all know his goal is to get to DC. So, he’ll go back to NPA which is what he switched to after R but before D.

    We had four years of Crist already, and unemployment skyrocketed to over 11%. He cut environmental spending more than anyone in the history of the State of Florida (from 2.9M to 1.3M per year). The list goes on and on. You can blame Governor Scott for everything that’s gone wrong in your life, but for you to abandon Nan Rich makes your whole party, win or lose, a joke.


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    1. Who’s Nan Rich???
    3. Charlie Crist may be the anti-Christ but at least he truly cares about the people. Is he a politician? Yeah sure! They all are BUT

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    Recruited or not, not a chance she’ll be reappointed. Losing is the only thing that will keep the JQC and the Florida Supreme Court from embarrassing her. Just take a look at their recent opinions.

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      The JQC still has jurisdiction for a year after a loss at the polls. Isn’t this correct? Why would they leave her alone if she loses? The damage to the State Judiciary reputation was done by her when a Judge. She should have to answer JQC questions win or lose IMHO. If they find she did bad things she should be fined and punished even if she’s not a Judge anymore. Until Judges know there are penalties for bad actions nothing will change. She must be dealt with harshly if Canons were violated whether win or lose.

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    McLawrence v. Rosenthal is going to be a close race, it can go either way. I will say this, if Rosenthal loses she better retire. The JNC is not sending her out of committee. She’s done. Reckless driving, ambien, xanax, the dirty tricks by Alan Jean, her ties to Rick Scott. etc etc

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