Carlos Rebollo, John Contini, John Murphy, Tom Lynch, and Al Milian, at Advanced Judicial College in Orlando, earlier this week.


A freshly sworn Nina Di Pietro.  That’s Charlie Greene’s hand, having some good-natured fun with the local paparazzi.


Adam Sandler’s father-in-law Joe Titone, who has a colorful history all his own


Before Mike Satz and Al Schreiber, there was Phil Shailer.  Public Defender from 1968-69, and State Attorney from 1969 until 1976, Phil decided not to run again after the Bicentennial, and returned to private practice.  The gentleman from Yale and Duke Law counted Satz, Schreiber, Bob Butterworth, Ken Jenne, Glenn Roderman, David Bogenschutz, Warner Olds, Ralph Ray, Chris Roberts, Jimmy Cohn, and many others amongst his employees.  If only he’d stayed …


Wayne Carini, from Chasing Classic Cars, at this year’s Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance.


U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch with Ari Porth.


Peter Weinstein delights admirers with his spot-on impression of Marlon Brando in The Godfather


Perry Thurston, Howard Forman, and Lori Parrish.


More surprises heading your way in 2016?

Coming SoonBrannon v. Finkelstein heads to court …

June 10, 2015 Fourth DCA Order To Show Cause on Contini cases

NYT: The High Cost Of Bail

Herald: Miami Police initiative to decriminalize pot clears hurdle

43 thoughts on “JAABCAM”

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    If only all Broward was populated by Judges as calm and respectful of those appearing before them as the group above.

    I dare suggest are men better suited to the Bench than women?

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      Because Congressman Douche has nothing better to do besides kill time until the next junket where he stuffs his snout with caviar and lobsters and gets his marching orders concerning the next vote which lines some rich cock’s pockets who will then employ Douche when he decides to get a real job.

    1. 0


      I wish Porth would come to Criminal he’s great and a lot of cruddy vops etc would get dumped and they wouldn’t say anything because he’s one of theirs.

  2. 0


    Problem is Ari don’t want to go to criminal. Too much work and too many difficult decisions to make. Ari didn’t sign up for that.

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    Wow! Al Milian harbors major ill feelings towards defense attorneys, I can’t believe the insults he hurled at them when he was a prosecutor…

    What a dick Milian is – makes it even worse for those of us “former prosecutors” who hope to be able to exploit our former prosecutor status …

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    Can anyone please explain why APD Bob Wills makes $140,000/year?!!

    He doesn’t help in the workload when attorneys leave the office, and he basically just sits around ….(and hangs out at Twist nightclub till 3am)

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    Milan beats up a defense attorney in a courthouse elevator, then beats his rap after running his car off the road loaded to the gills, looses his bid for judge in Broward, moves to Miami and becomes another infamous political hack, then judge ? Glad to see its not just Broward with all the twisted judges ! LOL. Why don’t u post the old newspaper article about his problems behind the wheel, Mr. Blogger ?

  6. 0


    Ari got away with doing nothing for most of his professional career as a sa. C things haven’t changed much. He’s still asleep.

  7. 0


    Winky already moving in to corrupt the newly appointed bimbo ! LOL. These creeps never change! Broward Judicial Politics in play!

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    Realize things for what they are: a bunch of freeloaders! Broward is infamous for this. Public official ineptitude reins where common sense has failed. The only way to stop it is by exercising your right to vote these freeloaders out of office !!!

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    Guess Di Pietro showed The Fink a thing or two. Worse than getting the finger with a few surprises on the way …

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    I’m surprised that Brenda Forman didn’t weasel her way into that picture with Lori and Perry since she’s always at the courthouse, walking around the Clerk’s offices campaigning……I mean volunteering!!

  11. 0


    Just another pig looking for a free ride. It’s not bad enough Howie’s done nothing to improve the clerks office since he’s had his nose at the trough.

  12. 0


    I see reruns of Police Women of Broward County are airing. A waste of resources busting johns & poor black pot smokers. “Consenting Adults”. Can’t stand that somebody, somewhere, may be having a good time.

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    Parkland, Plantation, Weston, Nova U, etc can have a good time, godamn u know what’s can go to jail

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    KRAUSS is no worse than many other Broward Judges, either on or off the bench, at fundraisers or no! With the trash that sits on the bench in Broward County, and the political pimps that put them there, this is really no big deal ! Not for Broward !
    I see the great big political fudge pushers are on the list like — do I really see Mike Dutko’s name ??? Then this has got to be another judge that Broward needs badly, right
    When is everyone going to wake up ? Justice is for sale in Broward to the highest bidder with the same old pushers playing the same old games !

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    Dutko? I though he only supported judicial candidates that ran against black judges?

  16. 0


    BDK/Kasen got whipped by a no namer, maybe if they stop backing arrogant nobodys with the charisma of escargot cooked in Country Crock and mayonnaise BDK may win one.

  17. 0


    Good job today’s Wills; spilling the beans on the Fink in trial. How much longer will you have a job?

    Howie the cowboy midget didn’t seem to happy with your honesty in front of the federal judge

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    Peter Weinstein does a much better impression of Jabba the Hut than he’s ever done of Marlon Brando … Just making an observation.

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