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    Who gives a crap about what’s next for the PDs office?

    As a current APD, I can confirm much of what people say: it sucks working for Howard. He made this office into an unenjoyable place to work. Many of us are just waiting for him to step aside and let a couple of people run for the office – people who DON’T stab those who save them in their backs (like Howard did to the Bossman).

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      Stop bitching and moaning. If you were so miserable then you would leave and get another job. But it sounds like you suck as a lawyer so you probably can’t get one. Can’t stop whiners!

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    What should be next for the PD’a office is raises. What happens to the salary money from the employees that quit and/or were fired? 6 employees gone in 1 month. 2 leads, 2-3 handling homicides. Well over $325,000 in salary money just became available. Give raises to those APD’s that absorb the cases from the employees that left. It’ll make a difference.

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    Raises after dropping positions? Whatever you are smoking pass it on. If your office is not in the administrative suite raises are not coming.

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    Heard Dave Bogenschutz is ticked enough to run for PD. This should be fabulously entertaining.

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    I would support David. He will make a fine PD. Hopefully an ECO will pick up this race to give him a boost. Lots of material to use against Finkelstein.

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    Help me Howard has Become Not Going to Help You Howard

    Broward’s pony tailed crusader backs Rick Scott this Labor Day. Sad. But true. Hats off to Howard this Labor Day. The man that stared into the cameras at his made for TV office meeting and called each and every one of you “family” has once again shown his true loyalty. Don’t feel too bad PDs; you’re not alone with your gripe. The pony tailed wonder took money from the private bar’s pockets with the implementation of his embarrassing ERU unit. It appears your boss has reached a new low. Follow me if you can.

    Show Me The Money

    Broward’s pony tailed cape crusader has long cursed Rick Scott, the man he largely holds responsible for his workers low pay. Now all he has to do is look in the mirror. Sitting on a pile of freshly minted government funds designated to increase PD salaries, Howard finds himself a new kind of hypocrite. Who knew Howard’s pony tail was longer than his memory and his spine? We always knew he was full of it, now we know he is full of shit. Rest assured PDs, a new PD candidate will be emerging from the woodwork soon. One who will not send office emails about meaningless trivial and agenda driven junk but stuff regarding real news that benefits you and your clients.
    Just a hunch here, but I bet Howard never sent an office wide email letting you know about the wonderful work compiled by the Tax Watch group regarding just how underpaid you are and why it was imperative that your budget got increased? I’ll go out on a limb and guess NO! See it here. Oh so you caught that, yes I said your budget got INCREASED. In fact NOT GONNA HELP YOU HOWARD received over a $500,000 increase in his budget in 2014. What increase in funding you ask? Get your head out of your ass and google it. Or just look here or here. You guys were one of only a very select few public employees in the MONEY in 2014!!! Yep, you might not realize it but you’re a winner. Congrats. Apparently the always frugal Mike Satz already got the memo and spread some cheddar. But with Finkelstein, especially when the cameras roll, you get a lot of whine but apparently no cheese.

    So on a day where we celebrate the American laborer, ask yourself why does Howard lay the blame on Rick Scott when he refuses to pay you with the huge surplus of funds that he has?
    Ask further why has Howard failed to act with all this money for so long? What did he do with all that money saved when his TOP NOTCH employees left? Many former employees that left went on to become Judges. Others retired after 30 plus years of service. All of them left with hefty salaries that his current workforce cannot even begin to dream of. None of these employees were replaced with outside hires.
    Howard has saved over a million dollars in reoccurring salary expenses on names such as: Soloman, Michaelson, Dallas, Williams, Sheres, Levine, Bober, Pearlman, Brawley, Reres, Cohen and Raticoffe. That’s a cool million annually. Not ONE of those employees has been replaced.

    So how can this be? How can a peace loving hippie like Howard fuck over his own brethren so badly?
    Just how bad is he fucking over his employees? You will be shocked at how little his trial attorneys make: http://www.floridahasarighttoknow.com.

    Here is plausible explanation number 1: Howard’s job does not entail running the office or managing the budget or handling a case load. He is way too important to do that. It would not surprise me one bit if Howard didn’t even know about the budget increase. Howard’s side Kick Catherine K, handles the books. And sadly, Catherine pulls the same salary as Howard Finkelstein and handles the same amount of cases. In case you’re wondering, that number is zero. And in fairness to the clients, the fact Cathy does not handle a case load is a good thing. The fact that she runs the Broward PD office is bad for the employees. That will change soon.

    Here is plausible explanation number 2: Howard does not think you deserve raises. Why? Because you are shitty lawyers NOT retired cops turned investigators. Rumor is Mr. Finkelstein is too worried about his personal fame and glory to cut dead weight and compensate those who actually deserve it. Rumor is he also thinks his attorneys are dog shit. Hollywood Howard is coming out of the closet. No, not that closet, but the one where he pretends to be a public servant and elected official. Howard has pledged himself and his office to make a TV show. No, not a show about the hard working lawyers who fight hard for their clients despite little pay and support. But a show dedicated to former police officers. The pony tailed caped crusader has never had a problem calling out the police. Now It appears Broward’s pony tailed crusader thinks former police officers dubbed “investigators” can now replace his lawyers. See the Mother Jones article where Howard states,”They know more than 50 percent of my lawyers.”
    So there you have it PDs: your boss thinks his investigators can do better work than you. And it only makes sense since he pays his most experienced trial attorneys less than rookie cops.

    Oh the Irony

    Pretty funny when you think about Howard Fraudstein and Catherine K. Stealing a page from Rick Scott’s “how to crucify the government employee” play book?….oh wait, even Scott authorized some form of bonus this year. And the money delegated to the Public Defenders? Well that can be given out at Howard’s discretion; Rick Scott has no say in it. So kudos to Howard for his generosity. He really knows how to burn an office to the ground.

    Rallying the Troops

    So what does Howard Finkelstein do to replace the lawyers he ran off? Does he dust off his briefcase and join the fight? Does he handle a case much less a case load? No. You won’t see the pony tailed cape crusader in a courtroom near you. Because apparently elected public defenders are too good to be bogged down by what really matters….the clients. While Howard dabbles in the Hollywood limelight hoping to become the next Flava Flav meets Dog the Bounty Hunter, his clients and his employees suffer. The private bar hates you. Your own employees hate you. Michael Brannon hates you. And the voters of Broward County will soon hate you.

    It appears that Broward has soured on Howard.

    Sincerely Yours,


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