The JNC added four names to the list for consideration by Rick Scott to replace Ed Merrigan and Joe Murphy: Kal Le Var Evans, Dan Kanner, Stefanie Moon, and Vicki Plant.

The previously submitted names, also still under consideration: Keathan Frink, Thomas Oates, Abbe Rifkin, Richard Sachs, Maxine Streeter, Steve Zaccor.

Today’s JNC letter after the first six names went up regarding a forthcoming request for more JNC nominees from Tallahassee.  Rumor had it they wanted Dan Kanner’s application too.  In fact, we even mentioned the rumor to the ever modest Dan early last week, before news broke that Scott indeed was seeking more names to choose from.  Kanner was gracious in his response, which was made off the cuff and not on the record, so it won’t be printed here.

And now it’s up to Rick Scott whether or not Broward gets more diversity on the bench.  Peter Weinstein may also play a role, given he was copied on the JNC letter, and the fact chief judges are often used as sounding boards before the final picks are announced.

Wait and see …

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23 thoughts on “JNC ADD 4”

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    Did Kasen and Robinson put in? All that money bought union support and you will still lose. Richards will crush y’all

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    When does privilege become an affront to Democracy? When Broward judges use it to get the edge on their opponents!
    Everything seems to be fair game in Broward, including the sleazy way they try to influence jurors to voting for an incumbent. This practice should be reported to the proper authorities.

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    Remember with I said before in 2008 about having all that money and still losing. Those words ring true today. This will be a good old fashion blood bath.

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    Well if Richards loses at least he will have the prestige of being a former Broward Judge. Microsoft, GM, Dow Chemical will be lining up for him to sit on their Boards. Think of the stock options and prestige. Some fellows have all the luck.

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    Can someone please explain to me why Kanner is such a highly desired applicant?

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    This is the tupe of stupid crap some of you so-called professionals spew; get your facts straight! DANIEL KANNER IS NOT BLACK!!! You idiot! Its just easier to play the race card then to checknyour facts! Geesh!

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    Losing either Robinson wouldn’t be any great loss. Both are dumb as they get.

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    I support Robinson over that dweeb Kasen anytime. We can agree to disagree but the Robinsons have given back so much to the African American community

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    My vote is still for Abbe Rifkin. 32 year veteran. Tried hundreds and hundreds of cases. Teaches law school students. Hard working, not afraid to roll her sleeves up and get cases tried if given the chance.

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    you are in a dream land. the only reason Robinson is anywhere near black people is because she is trying to get Richard’s votes. believe me when i say that Robinson does not like black people in general and makes racist remarks in jest about her black criminal clients.

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    yes you are correct. We the People of Broward County don’t need is another Fake flaw ass Judge if you don’t like a Certain Race. you have you’re the one with the problem. Really Robinson you have be real with yourself before you can be true to someone else

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    I see Grand Wizard Mike Dutko couldn’t get the FOP endorsement for Kasen and it went to Judge Richards. Seems more and more people are catching on the Kasen is the tool of the old guard to get rid of Ian Richards because he is…(fill in blank).

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    Clermont thinks merit has something to do with it.

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    It is more honorable to be raised to a [bench] than to be born to one. Fortune bestows the one, merit obtains the other.

    – Petrarch (1304-1374 CE)

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