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        Fred was an ok Judge but he probably could have put a stop to all the Anabannanisms like all the others who either should have known or knew and who did nothing.

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        He’s been talking about making his exit from this madhouse for a while. He’ll be missed, but a lot happier to be ditching the rest of the birds in black. I don’t blame him , lol

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      Unlike so many Broward judge mental rejects (which speak for almost all of them here) Fred always reflected what a judge should be. Too bad he’s retiring.
      Unlike the reprobate losers we’ve got remaining, patients and compassion are words that apply to Fred.
      Broward has so many really poor judges from the rank and file of political hacks looking for a raise in salary, Horowitz stands apart from the herd of witless baboons all seeking to suck at the public trough for all the wrong reasons.
      Best of luck, Fred. You probably won’t miss most of the aforementioned idiots you’re leaving.
      My granddad always said a man has to know when to make his departure with grace.
      The rest of the Broward judges could learn a thing or two about milking the old cow to death.

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    It’s funny how these people are lauded while they have power and then nobody gives an ounce of curdled goat’s milk about them once they quit or get voted out. I’d heard the rumors about him and now that it’s out here the talk immediately turns to who’s next. Maybe if they weren’t so over compensated for the little that’s expected of them the public may respect them more.

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        Diaz is possibly one of the biggest morons to ever sit as a county court judge. That’s really something considering Broward judges.

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      Diaz? You cant be serious? Not only is he a mental midget who cant understand simple caselaw but he’s as rude as Destry ever was. There are 1000 better options.

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    I remember Frank when he started in County. He never experienced black robe fever ever. Thank you for service, Judge Horowitz.

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    Weekes should put back in for the seat. Word is she ran a close second and had the blessing of the Broward king maker

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    Give me a break! I saw Turd at the German American restaurant with a Judge crying about not receiving any more PIP appointments for mediation. Big loser.

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      Fat Boy and the Judge were trying to get their stories straight but don’t realize they can run but cannot hide.

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      Devils don’t sleep. They just stuff their faces with lard and cry about why they’re getting cut out of the fat. Heard he’s subsisting on cat food these days. The tub of lard must be drying up.

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        I will give a special massage after you take one of my special allergy pills. Come see me. I’m staying at Roman’s place in Poland.

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    BSO Website all redesigned – check it out at http://www.sheriff.org/

    The inmate search function is not very well though out and clunky compared to the previous version.

    When you go to print out the inmate’s info with their bond amounts, it is now all unformatted & takes 4 pages for what previously only printed out on one single page.

    Please bring in a high school student to fix all these bad design issues, since it is obvious the high priced programmers that BSO paid to do this have no clue.

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    Why are we not talking about the judicial elections?

    This is a year of massive potential change with a lot of terrible candidates like Renee Gordon, Rosy Aponte and Jackie Woodward. Lawyers who should be working security.

    Forget KFR. Forket Scott. Let’s talk about these crap lawyers trying to get a pay raise.

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      None of them can possibly be worse than the oinkers we’ve got sitting on the bench in Broward right now.

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        Big changes coming soon. A lot of Broward’s freeloader judges are going to get opposition and hopefully get their asses kicked. We desperately need some new judges to oust the bloodsuckers!

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    Does that mean we’re going to have to see Claudette Vanni apply AGAIN for a judgeship?

    Does she have MardiLeveyCohenLetMeRunUmpteenTimesJingleheimerSchmidt syndrome?

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    If Fred is planning on mediating I hope his Judge buddies promising to send him cases aren’t the same ones who also promised to vote for him for CJ. It’s a crowded field out there already.

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