SONY DSC  Life is hard for judges too …

The JQC is in town for a couple of days, starting Thursday, November 13th.  David Bogenschutz will be presenting one of his patented mitigation-fests, this time on behalf of Gisele Pollack.  The fun begins at 9:00 AM, in Room 850.  Check out the panel members, witnesses, affidavits and more here.

Things aren’t looking good for Pollack.  The Supreme Court has shown no quarter when it comes to badly behaving judges recently.  Apparently, even they’ve had enough.  For instance, Bogenschutz’s mitigation-magic on behalf of Gardiner paid dividends at the trial level, only to play to an empty house in Tallahassee.  Similarly, Judy Hawkins recently got the boot from the Supremes, with the JQC only asking for a short suspension.  The difference here, of course, is the disease aspect, so things could work out differently.  Wait and see.

Make sure to stop by, but don’t expect to see Peter Weinstein supporting one of his beleaguered judges.  We’re told he’s on vacation, although it’s not known whether or not the hearing date was already set when the trip was booked …

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23 thoughts on “JQC ROADSHOW”

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    Put a breath testing machine on the bench and let her keep her job locking up dirty filthy potheads. This is America after all!

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    Bogenschutz’ excuses and arguments on behalf of the worst judges in Broward (past and present), while he’s still trying to play the judges’ inside man to go too, are not only getting really old, but so is his ability to pull off any sort of positive result. Getting more than a little long in the tooth for this type of game which has been seen so many times exhibited on his behalf is not only enough to give u bad indigestion for starters, but gastric problems for the rest of your life!
    Time to call it quits and devote his life to his biggest failure before the JQC; His new wife who defined Badly Behaving Broward Judges and set the standard for all the rest!

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      The real crime of the entire Borward, 4th DCA and Flubba Suckpreme Ct was NOT to re-open and investigate ALL of Gardiner’s cases for all the other similar fraudulent, collusive, dishonest and criminal conduct she habitchually committed that fraudulently and falsely deprived others of their civil and constitutional rights, liberty and lawful freedom and the supportive protection she got from the 4th DCA judges who were “doing and being done by her” during the process, so, as “Bob” Butterworth testified–the bench could be stocked with a more reprehensitive minority community population.

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    Why are all you Browierd people such jerks?

    She’s an alcoholic. George W. Bush was one too. So, we deal with it.

    Yes, she made us all look stupid but, insulting her for a sickness is like the fucking idiot who insulted doctors and nurses who treated Ebola patients.

    All of you who wrote those hateful statements need to look in the mirror. Are you all that perfect?

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    All Broward judges should be drug tested before taking the bench. The JQC has never done it’s job when it comes to Broward Judicial Misfits. protecting the public is not in their best interest.

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    Being a Judge isn’t like driving the Exxon Valdez. A couple of drinks and the lies from the litigants go down a lot easier. Let them drink.

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    Why all the hate folks. Giselle was nice to everyone. Rosenthal, not nice.
    I hope Gisele gets her robe back.

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    I feel bad for her but I don’t think she deserves her job back. One time- maybe. But twice! No way. She certainly shouldn’t be able to sit in judgement of others.

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    Wake up mother……. and smell the slime. Apparently there is a not so new romance between an assistant state attorney and a BSO officer she’s married and so is he I wonder how many cases she has with him ??? Word on the street is there is gardineresque evidence ie thousands of texts between the lovebirds.
    Seems that the head of the career criminal has come up with a new way to make up for the SAO’s office piss poor conviction rate. The SAO’s office is using a very hot informant to target habitual offenders Once the target is found she lets them know their is a residence with valuables etc in a safe If they take the bait the poor sucker finds out the safe had nothing in it but a firearm oops Armed Burglary oops Life. A person can be habitual with a felony dwls and a possession of coke
    And last but certainly not least a shout out to the once proud Broward County Public Defenders office. How many murder ones do you have in the office and how many first chair qualified lawyers do you have. Just guessing but I bet that office doesn’t conform with ABA standards. Guess you needed more support staff for your vaunted early representation unit.


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