Challenged incumbent Steve Feren swore in the jury pool Wednesday morning.  Lynn Rosenthal was there Tuesday, and Ian Richards made an appearance last week.  On Monday, no one showed up, so a Clerk’s employee did it, just like in court.

Judicial Administration doesn’t seem concerned as to what’s going on in the jury room.  It’s as in your face as can be, begging the question, have the judges with opponents already secured a green light from the JEAC?  Only time will tell, since we’re hearing rumblings the JEAC may be queried by someone with standing soon on the issues presented.  In the meantime, is it possible candidates could be offered equal time, just to make things fair?  It is a Clerk’s function, after all …

Coming Soon – Where’s Mel Grossman, and would you like your case to be heard by Peggy Gehl?

Five years for Adria Quintela impersonator



Coming SoonPeggy Gehl goes too far …

19 thoughts on “JURY ROOM UPDATE”

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    All the push he gets around town from certain sitting judges I am surprised he is not giving the pledge. Then again rumor has it that the one judge in a bow tie that doesn’t do first appearances is too busy making sure kasen gets the royal treatment in the condos.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with judges talking to the entire pool. They do it every day in Miami.

    I have had jury duty and I appreciated a judge coming in early, greeting us and thanking us for attending.

    Go find something legit to bitch about, Bill.

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    That’s what kitterman(pussy galore) get for sucking me in the office.

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    The JEAC help? Bwahahahaha. They are Judges, protecting SITTING Judges. Unfair advantages is what politics is all about!!!!!!!!!

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    I will send my only begotten son “john Cuntini” to bless the jury pool. Hey wait maybe he can baptiste the Heathen Feren in the pool. He looks like he needs a bath anyways. Sought of killing three birds with one stone.

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    These politicians want to be called HONORABLE

    Scratch And Claw Win By Any Means Necessary


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