SCOTUS has determined they don’t want to litigate Laura Watson’s plea to remain a Broward circuit judge after all.  Watson v. JQC was formally put to bed today* up in Washington D.C., which means Cindy Imperato is the last woman standing.

Will she follow Watson, Rosenthal, and Pollack into judicial oblivion, ending the most recent run of judicial embarrassments in Broward County on the sternest possible note, or will she survive to face reelection in 2016?

Stay tuned …

* Thanks to Anonymous Tipster

Coming Soon – JUDICIAL DISROBING CEREMONY;  Be concerned if Peter Weinstein thinks someone you care about is “wonderful” …


37 thoughts on “LAST WOMAN STANDING …”

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    Twice shame on her! How many DUI’s does Imperato actually have is the question as another skank Broward Judge sucks as much as she can out of a straw for as long as she can hold out !

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    Nice pic. Is this the kind of judge Broward or anywhere else deserves ? I sincerely doubt it no matter what Weinstein says or does to the contrary. It’s time judges in Broward realize they have to abide by the law as well. She better say her goodbyes before she slips the ankle monitor off because she’s going to be following it. Remorseful? This is Broward judges we’re talking about when they don’t know what that means. Not that it matters anyway. She should have been removed months ago.

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    She’s nice but she has to go if the new courthouse is to stand for anything besides more of the same old double standards and corruption.

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    Last woman standing ? That’s presuming she can even stand up. The video I saw on the news looked like she could barely walk she was so drunk.
    The double standards applied to Broward judges make me doubt our whole system of justice.

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    Any judge arrested for a crime they actually committed should immediately do the honorable thing and resign their position. In the alternative the Supreme Court should establish a new procedure calling for a probable cause hearing within 20 days and then suspension without pay until there is a final resolution. Much like the procedure by which you lose your drivers license for refusal to take the test called for by the implied consent law.

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    seems like Imperato is headed for the judicial dumpster like gardiner , watson , pollack, rosenthal and the rest.

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    Hey Pete, she’s so wonderful she put countless other motorists at risk for their lives during her drunken binge. You are supposed to uphold the law as a judge, not circumvent it.

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    Watson is a thief plain and simple. She shafted co-counsel and clients so she could line her own pockets, let me guess, now she is a victim!

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    great picture, just in time for Halloween. And “she’s nice”? Really? She ran her foreclosure docket like Colonel Klink from the Gestapo.

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    To look at Imperato is to know she’s a woman with problems. For Pete’s sake, get her some help. She will never be complete looking at life from the bottom of a bottle and she has no business sitting as a judge.

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    What do u expect from someone who spends half her life sitting on a barstool with her name on it at that scuzzy McQuires with Chuck Morton ?

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    She used her badge. That’s remorse. She refused breath etc. That’s remorse. She went to trial and lost. That’s remorse. She appealed and held on to the appeal until the 11th hour. That’s remorse. She got a sweetheart deal from the Judge and from the JQC. That’s remorse. After the deal was rejected she allowed the arresting officers to kiss her ring during her trial while she apologized. That’s remorse. Her first DUI she also messed around with the police. That’s remorse. She’s a Circuit Judge. That’s crazy.

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    Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the most stubbornest one of them all who really ought to resign before the fall?

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    A defendant with a 3rd grade education knows what to say to get into drug court and stay out of prison and highly educated Judges can’t figure out how to diffuse the simplest Jqc bomb by owning the problem so they can keep the robe.
    They get what they deserve.

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    It’s arrogance. They think they’re special. They think they’re above the law. They aren’t.

    The Supremes will remind them and all of the judiciary in Florida (and across the country, since Weinstein’s Broward is a national joke) that judging is a privilege.

    If one can’t live an exemplary life, if one lies, if one dopes and drinks without a good faith effort to seek help, if one commits crimes, then the privilege is removed.

    It’s not like in the past when cover-ups were ok. Good Judges, the 99% that recognize their responsibilities and live up to them in quiet dignity, applaud the new perspective and enforcement by the Supremes, who are finally looking out for the good Judges by jettisoning the defilers of the robe. Zero tolerance is good for defendants, and better for Judges, since one bad apple, let alone a dozen, make everyone lose faith in the judicial system.

    Resign now Imperato. You have disgraced Broward with your antics, especially after the arrest. Go now and preserve the dignity of your colleagues who certainly bear responsibility in supporting a man who has left them leaderless, but deserve much better than what you’ve given them.

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    Imperato is about to have all the time she needs to hang out at drinking establishments. Remember reading in the newspaper she likes to hang out at Italian joints with unsavory former defendant types. apparently she knows where to find the boys and the booze. You’ve played it hard to the end. Now their going to hand it to you for the game you’ve made of it. Games up and she’s left without a chair.

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    Imperato doesn’t deserve to wear the robe. She’s made a mockery of her duties. Now she needs to hit the road. Weinstein just needs to hide and keep his pie hole closed if that’s possible.

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    at one time this was a decent cite. now, it seems every bitcher or recent ex con or underemployed whatever has alit and given their unadulterated opinions. if youy do not like the judges run or otherwise can it. it gets awful old , as to imperator ive both appeared in front of her and sat on a jury with her and, believe me she is very far from the worst. I wish her well and hope she can conquer her demons, I wish I can say the same for the rest of you a//////// keep up the constant bitching or get a decent job, whatever.

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    @ disgusted
    Who made you benevolent dictator of the world?
    Here it is in a nutshell: Imperato is a disgrace to all. If she had one ounce of decency she would resign immediately. She won’t but the Florida Supreme Court will and rightfully so. And when they boot her don’t let the door hit her in the butt.

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    What about Judge Siegel? He has three in-custodies in the morning and he’s maybe done one jury trial in the past two years? Someone else can do the heavy lifting, right?

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    The 4th reversed Imperato as a vindictive sentencer. This type of behavior is nothing new. She needs to listen to what people are saying and go already.

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    Everyone knows the problem. It’s serious. It’s major proportions . Cuts across all socio-economic strata. Dangerous as hell to decent people who only want to live a decent life. Causes problems and threatening to all normal society. Guessed the relentless scourge that ruins it for everyone, everytime? It’s the goddamn lightweights that can’t handle drink and drugs like a normal person. They should be sent to work camps away from normal society. Think about it how every screw up there’s a lightweight involved. Get them off the bench and out of all of the places normal people live and work so regular people’s lifestyles don’t get ruined any longer.

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