Recently, lawyers have been asking, where’s Laura Watson?  She hasn’t been handling a docket for a few days, but her well earned hiatus hasn’t been spent idling by the pool.  Watson’s been busy indeed, with her JQC trial set to start this Monday, February 10th at 10:00 AM, in Room 347.

But trial prep wasn’t the only order of the day.  The ever plucky Watson filed suit in Federal Court today, against the JQC as a body, its Director and individual members (except the laypeople), and her prosecutors.  That’s right, a whole bunch of judges just got sued.  Click the links for the /files/34726-32374/Exhibits_Fed_Complaint.pdf”>corresponding exhibits, and here.  It’s hard to say what will be happening to Monday’s trial date in light of today’s action, or the outcome of the entire affair, but it seems today’s developments are unprecedented, even for bonkers Broward County.

Stay tuned …

282 thoughts on “LAWSUIT!”

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    LOL Representing herself pro se because no reputable lawyer would put their name and reputation on that garbage of a complaint. It reeks of desperation. After this stunt I would think she’s definitely getting her ticket pulled.

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    Let’s show our support for Judge Laura Watson who has the courage to what very few would ever have the courage to do. The JQC has been prodding along unchecked since it’s inception. The JQC does not have checks and balances, and therefore Due Process rights are ignored and violated. Ask yourselves: Who governs the JQC to assure they are operating fairly and dispensing justice? Answer: Incredibly,No one!!!! Good Luck Judge Watson.

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    Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting?

    This complaint reads like a duplicate of my federal civil rights action against The Florida Bar for much the same thing. And look at the cast of characters/defendants. They’re many of the same thugs who denied me procedural and substantive due process in The Bar’s high-tech lynching of this uppity Christian. That includes the fascist pig Mayanne Downs, who gave a Bar award to my referee Dava Tunis to thank her, specifically, for nailing me. Downs was so drunk (with vino and power) at the award ceremony that she called Dava Tunis–ahem–Tuna Davis. Not touching that with an eleven foot poll.

    Anyway, good luck to Judge Watson on this. The JQC cannot discipline her for conduct engaged in as an attorney. Duh. If she prevails, the whole Florida Supreme Court/JQC/Bar Star Chamber falls, for reasons cited by the American Bar Association which in 1992 concluded that Florida’s Bar apparatus was “corrupt and fatally flawed.”

    When she prevails, I get reinstated as a Bar member, as it will resuscitate my federal cause of action. Xmas comes early to those who patiently wait. Jack Thompson, So Sue Me

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    Lawyer and Judges of South Florda, please show your support for Judge Watson by coming to the JQC hearing beginning on Monday, February 10, in Courtroom 347.

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    Excuse me, “Show your support,” but let me respond to your suggestion that folks show up for her hearing as a sign of support:

    Merely showing up to spectate doesn’t constitute support for her anymore than a Roman citizen’s showing up at the Colosseum to witness what was going on constituted support for the Christians being devoured.

    The way any judge with testicular fortitude shows his/her support is by publicly stating that what the JQC is doing is wrong. Now that’s support.

    These judges ought to be ashamed of themselves, as they hope that the JQC/Bar”crocodile will eat them last.”

    Why aren’t the defenders of “judicial independence” speaking up? Answer: They are cowards. Jack Thompson, so sue me

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    Told u Watson wasn’t going to take a fall with the JQC or anybody else.
    They don’t know who they are messing with.
    She’ll wind up walloping them with her broom just like she’s been known to do in the past to others.
    Look out, man. She’s on her broomstick and ready to use it!
    The JQC is almost as bad as the JNC and the crap they’ve pulled in the past. The spell of secrecy is about to be broken and the chips are gonna fall where they least expect them.
    It’s a throughly incestuous little bunch of wanna-be power brokers that all have intimate links to one another. Follow the cash and c where it leads. It’s usually the suspects you’d name that think they’re invulnerable until one of the piggys gets stuck!
    Then it’s everyone for themselves leaving the stuck pig out to be cooked.

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    I pray they do the right thing. There isn’t a judge in Broward county, including her staff that actually like her or have any respect for her. Family court is not the place for her. She should be disrobed and disbarred f the allegations are true. We do not need anymore corrupt people in power

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    How fucked up is it that Rothstien for the last 5 years has said he bought judgeships for judges of this circuit and the government and bar do nothing to bring it to light. Yet they waste time and money trying to railroad a judge who won her judgeship fair and square by the will of the people via an election.

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    You must read her complaint and motion. They lay out exactly the silent atrocities that are befallen Judge Watson, and could be applied to any judge for any conduct before they became a judge going back to 1966. The JQC is an independent body with no real oversight, and they believe and act as if they don’t have to abide by the Fla. R. Civ. P., Fla. Evidence Code, Fla. R. Jud. Admin.. They have no oversight, and if you read Judge Watson’s complaint an motion, you will see their use of rules that are not officially adopted by the FL Sup Ct and/or not published. Judge Watson is seeking to promote and endorse the public interest and purpose by her federal action. Judges and Justices in Florida be aware and grateful to her. It is way past time to support this courageous judge and just cause. The time is now to read her well pled filings, which lay out these problems in our system so they do not continue. Do your part. These documents are a must read!

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    I read the complaint. Kudos to Judge Watson for fighting to protect the good judges and our citizens. If the JQC can met out justice in an arbitrary manner as they do- then everyone loses. I hope the Feds do the right thing here.

    I can’t believe the emails sent between the JQC and a private citizen who made the original complaint. Wow- if that doesn’t prove wrongdoing then what does? Read it.

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    The JQC is out of control. It begins with an amorphous set of rules that don’t define what is a violation is. It is a set of “catch all” provisions that any conduct by a judge could be considered a violation. A simple reversal in an Appellate Court could be a violation because the judge “failed to follow the law”. Then take a group of power hungry losers who then act like a lynch mob. They are the ones that files charges against the judge. They hire the jury. Their jury tries the judge. How can a person charged possibly get a fair trial. Let’s be real. It is a complete circus. They make up the rules as they go along. What they are doing to Judge Watson is a complete joke. Some authority with chutzpah needs to step in a shut down this masquerade. How can a judge be first charged with something that happened several years before taking office. The only way to stop this complete nonsense is for the Federal Court to step in and personally fine each member of the JQC in their personal capacity. Perhaps a 30 day suspension, a $15,000 fine and a reprimand before the Governor for each member of the JQC would prevent this kind of abuse in the future.

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    The emails between Larry Stewart and the Florida Bar and/or JQC start on page 80 of the exhibits to the Complaint and go through page 105. They are a must read.

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    The emails between Larry Stewart and the Florida Bar and/or JQC start on page 80 of the exhibits to the Complaint and go through page 105. They are a must read.

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    I strongly disagree. Many judges and lawyers have the greatest respect and/or admiration for Judge Watson. Just yesterday, I met a family lawyer who could not say enough good things about Judge Watson. He said that the family lawyers love her. He said she is extremely intelligent, and is one of the hardest working judges on the bench.

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    Watson will tear them a new one. It’s easy when you know the players to predict the arrogance that will be their downfall. Good luck, Judge Watson. They have to be made that political solutions are not the way these things are decided.

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    Judge Davey argues that the 1974 amendment was enacted to negate Turner ‘s holding that a judge cannot be removed for misconduct that took place during a prior term in a different judicial office. Thus, Davey reasons, the misconduct referred to in amended section 12 contemplates only those acts occurring during a prior term of judicial office-not acts occurring outside judicial office. We disagree.

    The language of section 12 is unambiguous on its face and we conclude that it means just what it says: The Commission may investigate and recommend the removal or reprimand of any judge whose conduct in or outside of office warrants such action. This Court has consistently ruled that pre-judicial conduct may be used as a basis for removal or reprimand of a judge.

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    Hi. I’m a Broward Voter. I didn’t want to pay for a new courthouse. They built one anyway. I voted for Judge Watson. They don’t like her and want her out. Why do they consult me in the first place?

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    Davey was before the 1995 Code of Judicial Conduct, which limits Canons 1-3 to sitting judges, and Canon 7 to judges and judicial candidates.

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    The Hearing Officer in Judge Watson’s case denied her Motion to Dismiss citing the Judge Davey case. This case clearly does not apply to Judge Watson. Judge Davey was a judicial candidate when his unlawful conduct was under question. No one disputes that the Code of Judicial Conduct applies to Judges and candidates. Judge Watson was not a candidate at the time of her questioned conduct. The JQC clearly has no authority over her. They love to “railroad” people. That train must be stopped. These people should be personally fined to stop their conduct.

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    I wouldn’t vote and never will for Judge Watson or anyone else who does not adhere to their ethical obligations.
    Doesn’t Broward County have enough of these self serving idiots that think the ends justify the means and then howl when they get caught with their pants down? Go figure.
    Why there are so many small time politicians looking to get on the public dole around this place is indicative of just how corrupt this place is when it comes to those seeking public office. Just look around and you know it’s the truth.

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    Judge Watson is a judge to be honored, respected, and loved. She is extremely intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and open minded. She is willing to look at both sides of an issue, and will make a decision, not based on her opinion or who presents the arguments, but based on reason and the greater weight of the evidence and law presented. That to me is the making of a GREAT and RARE judge. Being a strong woman makes enemies and it is difficult in any profession. Ours is even more of a shark tank. In my opinion, the bad, jealous, and/or greedy fish are trying to take down a righteous, courageous, and rightfully elected judge who was put on the bench by the will of the people. Finally, she is doing something no on else will fight for: the rights of Due Process, and against the unconstitutionality of the JQC’s use of Davey, Art V Section 12, and its Rules. These challenges she is facing could face any one of you judges and/or justices for any of your conduct going back to 1966 by any of the fish in the tank, and you should take a long and hard look at the issues and understand your vulnerability if Judge Watson is not successful. But she justly deserves to prevail and I pray she will for the greater good of Judge Watson, the law, and the rest of Florida’s judges and justices.

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    Funny how JQC goes so far against a Judge accused of beating a few shekels out of a whiny lawyer from an old case.

    Think of all the other Judges that did far worse who got away with it because JQC privately reprimanded them.

    This political payback stinks to high hell.

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    With Michael G Ahearn & Jay Spechler involved with Laura Watson getting elected…why lend support if you opposed Dale Ross and the rest of his crew

    Sorry FUK wrote:
    As I see it Ahern for being such a loser had a pretty good election year

    Seiler reelected Mayor
    Ross reelected 70+ percent
    candidate won School Board race
    won with Spechler & Lewis on Watson, win
    won with Levine
    Shut down FUK on the net

    Yep, sounds like a loser to me.

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    Oooooooo–all the wiggling and squirming by a knowledgeable judge who probably dismisses the same squirmies a pro se litigant brought to her court. this is gonna be real fun. Every side seems in the fundamental catch-22 dichotomy–you can’t do unto me as I have done unto you. For every rankle raised, there is an equal and opposite rankle exposed. maybe this double standard will set a lot of other justice in motion. And case law declares that when conspiracy is exposed, statutes of limitations get waived. 2600 drug cases no being reviewed?–what about 10,000 Broward criminal and 4th D appellate cases like Carney, Gardiner, Robinson & Robinson, Ross, Backman, etc in collusions with Stone and more. OOOOOwheeeeeee!! then they all get to testify against each other and case law becomes sworn testimony…

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    Although Judge Watson has been singled out for now, all judges, justices, candidates for judicial office,and/or potential candidates for judicial office should be deeply troubled, concerned, and supportive of Judge Watson. I have not seen an outpouring of public support from you, and I understand for good reason. I understand all of you are in the cross hairs too, but this is the time to join the good fight. If not, think back to your high school days, college days, and or any other time in your life that your conduct might lead to an appearance of impropriety and/or a JQC complaint. Potential candidates for judicial office you also have reason to be concerned and support Judge Watson. Maybe there are judges who have been retired for more than a year, who are willing to step forward and express their support for Judge Watson and/or their different treatment by the JQC. There are serious constitutional issues at stake, and everyone should read the pleadings attached to this blog, contemplate the issues, and lend your support. I personally feel that we are living in a Florida inquisition, and we should each do our part to help.

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    When you consider what The Turd has to do in order to get some crumbs to feed his gut, the duffis sells his soul to the Grimers and gets very little except an occasional donut. Seiler takes him to the Oakland Park Diner once in a while, but the menu is as limited as his IQ.

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    I agree with Jack and Laura–the JQC is out of control and routinely lies and fraudulently dismisses verifiable cases without due process and attacks anyone who objects. Kennerly dismissed mine v. gardiner et al. for specifically refusing and failing to Canon 2 “respect and COMPLY with the law [statute]” 775.087(1) 1993 prohibiting (“excepting”)an illegal min-man sentence by refusing to correct it, and refusal and failure to Canon 3B(2)”be faithful to the law (775.087(1) while being professionally competent in it” and correct this illegal 3 yr min-man sentence under the facts of the case, extensive 4th DCA, other DCA, FL S.Ct, 11th Cir and SCOTUS controlling case law because sao reps asked them to. the dismissal declared it was an appellate issue and therefore such failure to follow the law as written and decided did not violate the Canons requiring them to do so as a matter of statutory law. The proper procedures to complain about the JCQ were subsequently initiated and constitutional complaints filed to the Speaker–Rubio and Gov — Chas. Christ in their respective constitutional capacity and subsequently ignored. And now Marco is a Senator and Christ is seeking the nearest mount for a new sermon. I’d be all too happy to testify to this “routine” fraud of the JQC Laura alleged in her federal complaint

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    Hey Jack–give her your successful briefs for DQing any and all current and past members of the Fla Bar and Judiciary for their fundamental conflict of interest. This also needs to be ripped out of the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. Let’s get MORE case law from the 11th to build a case against the State and its dichotomy of legal v. illegal.

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    Will Watson produce some kind of list of wits like Kathy Willits did that will send ripples across the cesspool? Now THAT would be fun, fun fun ’til the base-turds take her booty away.

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    So, what happens if the Supreme Court decides she should be fired? Is that immediate? What happens to her cases? Does her seat go to the next bidder?

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