15 thoughts on “LOUREIRO REVERSED”

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    I think Supreme Court was waiting for this ruling. Now they can finish Gardiner case. Now also Mr. Marcus will find a way to spin this decision to not make his friend Howard look bad. Unless he is too busy checking transponders.

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    All while Gardiner hides out in another state trying to remain under the radar and out of sight! The blip is on the screen however and she can’t escape the guillotine.

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    Oh and look, Destry AGAIN reversed. JAMES BETHEL,
    No. 4D12-2493
    [October 9, 2013]

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    Is the dishonorable Ana going to pay for the third trial? Certainly if she were treated in the same manner as she treated so many others, she would be forced to pay the cost of another trial because her dishonest, unethical conduct was the cause of all the unnecessary costs that have been incurred…I’m sorry you don’t have the restitution than off to prison you go.

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    Word is bogey had a mysterious illness this week that kept him from participating in th Boulis trial. Being 72 with a younger pink taco can be harmful to your health. Viva Viagra.

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    Gardiner is a vicious criminal felon who used her position to commit crimes against many–including innocent railroaded people and illegally sentenced people in collusion with Raft, Cuddihy, Howard, Satz and a slew of other judges to enjoin and conceal these crime. She belongs in prison on multiple life sentences along with all those who helped out, including useless lying lawyer Gerry Cunningham. If the law will not protect us from them, then the law cannot protect them from us.

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