Email from Peter Weinstein to judges:

I will be making some assignments in the next year and wanted to keep you informed.  As a result of the upcoming vacancy in civil division 28 which is a hybrid foreclosure/civil division, Judge Barbara McCarthy has graciously agreed to take over once the new judges come on board.

Judge McCarthy has years of civil experience and due to the large number of foreclosure cases we still have, she will provide some much needed assistance.

That will leave a vacancy in her criminal division.  In addition, I plan to add one new position to dependency based upon the large number of TPR’s pending.  Also, as we are implementing the one family, one judge program we expect the dependency division to be quite busy.

If you have any interest in moving into either of these divisions, or are seeking another change, please see me at your earliest convenience.

Again, thank you Judge McCarthy for stepping up to help us in a very busy division.




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    And this reassignment has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she has to run soon to keep her seat, right Whiney? Your antics are as usual as transparent as they are predictable! Keep those jelly donuts coming ! This is the Broward judiciary we’re talking about where the clowns come out to play as predictably as flu season !

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    How long will it take to start moving that docket? Can we get statuses on now? The jester has gone to other pastures. And 2 female BSO deputies arrested for sex in the jail. It’s another day in Broweirdville.

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    Interesting that McCarthy hires Ahearn and his civil lawyer friends like Seiler, Panza, Glen Waldman and others put the heat on Whiney to move McCarthy to civil and it gets done. Talk about winning the war before the first shot was fired. Now she will have more money from the civil lawyers coming in and criminal lawyers will give more hoping to get a continuance until February.

    One thing for sure Bill, many people are thankful for David Salomon,

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