All indications point to Ed Merrigan being appointed to circuit court this morning, although this is still not confirmed.

Merrigan’s victory was predicted, and now conventional wisdom has Dan Kanner taking over Merrigan’s county spot.  Wait and see …


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    Anonymous wrote:
    Ask A-Turd how he gets his feed. From Ross, that’s how. He’s been gobbling up crumbs from Daddy Hog since he worked for Daddy’s little girl spreading his foul odor. Follow your nose. That’s how you’ll find him. Daddy Hog’s been gettin him family cases. That’s how he survives, on pig feed. You seel your soul, you pay the price.
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    3/3/2014 1:20 AM Surely divided wrote:
    Well since we are surely divided on here or at least 80-20% for the piggy so when do the other 20% wake up and smell the little piggy? Seems if a wipe out is in order—then wipe the piggy out! Why is the State being so stubborn and they are juris doctorates? Are they that hell bent on getting the defendant?

    A-TURD’S BACK wrote:
    Every time politics raises it’s ugly head, particularly when it involves crappy judges in Old Broward, A-Turd’s got his big mouthful to add. Too bad nobody cares what he has to say. Always trying to run any campaign as long as he gets a few donuts out of it. I guess everybody has to eat, right, Turd?

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    Who’s side is he on? says:
    February 19th, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Democrat Mayor Seiler has put himself in a pickle. His best buddy is doing the political work for Democrat Ken Keechl and from all accounts Seiler is backing his fellow Democrat.
    The problem for Seiler and for the east-side Republicans who give him money and votes is that he is trying to toss the ONLY Republican off of the County Commission.
    I wonder what Seiler’s pitch will be next time around when Republican money people ask why he tried to rid the Commission of their only representative?
    If I am incorrect, Mayor Seiler can issue a press release tomorrow endorsing LaMarca stating at least in part that our County needs at least one representative from the Republican Party.
    Is Mayor Seiler about “party” or “principle”.
    And, therein lies the pickle.

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    Lucky for Mr. Kanner – he is just too much of an asskisser to make it on his own as an attorney.

    But, then again, it was said asskissing that appears to have saved him from obscurity and poverty & made him judge.

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    Wow. We get a Merrigan for an O’Connor. Whatever team took Eileen and gave up Ed must have also got a cash payment of like 20 mil. Great trade for Broward.

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    I heard Judge Scherer is leaving Dependency as soon as possible. Perhaps Merrigan will be taking her place?

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