1.) Kevin Kulik and Eddie Kay, a couple weeks back; 2.) Mark Polen, the latest recruit to Weinstein’s senior judge army, now handling foreclosures.  

Barry Cohen, Live! – be sure to tune in Tuesday at 9:00 AM to see Barry Cohen’s public spanking, live from Tallahassee.  His crime?  In large part telling the truth about the failed Drug War, as you can see from the JQC’s Notice of Formal Charges.  This tongue lashing might be interesting though, since many of the justices probably agree with some of what Cohen had to say regarding racial disparity in the system, although they’d never make the mistake of admitting it in a public courtroom.  Lesson learned …

The Un-replaceable – no one can replace Joe Murphy, but the JNC is going to try.  Here is the notice, with a May 12 deadline for applications.  Now the JNC has two chances to show what they’re made of, with the May 5 cutoff to apply for Ed Merrigan’s spot on the county court also just around the corner.

Speaking of the Colonel … his ears must be ringing.  Whether or not Merrigan would accept his party’s nomination for chief judge remains to be seen, but there most definitely is a Draft Ed movement brewing …

End of an error Eileen O’Connor’s last day is this Wednesday.  Well done!

Coming Soon Following-up on President Pettis’ letter; Pay your own filing fee, you cheap *%#$!

BBeat: Judges Nervous as Filing Opens For Bench

JQC response to Watson’s Stay request

SS: Laura Watson fights JQC for her job

Bob Norman at Scott Israel’s Bergeron bash


 Voice of Reason, West

Promoting Judicial Excellence – blogging fever is spreading, and Haydee Oropesa may have caught it after coming to JAABLOG’s defense last June.  The Clearwater based attorney recently started the Florida You Judge  blog, a great read, even after taking out the nice things she wrote about us.  Check it out, and don’t miss the post about Beth Harlan, who recently quit the Polk County circuit court to avoid criminal charges.  Of course Harlan’s judicial assistant wasn’t so lucky, suffering a first offense felony conviction, jail time, and probation for her role in the same hijinks that only cost Harlan her job.  Apparently Broward isn’t the exclusive home of egregious double standards of justice, and now that brave lawyers like Haydee are doing their best to spread the word, everyone in the State should eventually know it.  Thank you again, Haydee!

 51st Anniversary …

Mike Rothschild writes:

Fifty-one years ago, today, April 29th 1963, the United States Supreme Court entered its landmark ruling regarding desegregation in Johnson v. Virginia. I know you constitutional scholars are scratching your heads wondering why I am referencing this as a landmark case when Brown v. Board of Education was decided in 1954, sixty years ago, and which eliminated the notion of “separate but equal.” But, Johnson v. Virginia is important because it eliminated desegregation in a very important public venue: the courtroom!

That’s right, even nine years after Brown v. Board of Education the United States Supreme Court, in a 9-0 opinion, was forced by the State of Virginia to rule that desegregation applied in the courthouse. Even though in 1938 the Court ruled that desegregation was not permitted in admission to law schools (Missouri ex el Gaines v. Canada); the very place where due process is guaranteed, where equal protection most applies was among the last places where racial discrimination should have been permitted, or so the State of Virginia believed. 

Things certainly have come a long way in fifty-one years…or have they? With current controversies involving Donald Sterling and the NBA, or rancher Cliven Bundy’s  statements, or closer to home with the Florida Bar’s call for diversity on the bench and this very Blog’s constant statistical analysis o
f the incarceration rates of Blacks, has this issue ever really gone away?

Your thoughts?

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    Great to hear there is another Judge blog popping up in Florida, I know there are some really good lawyers out there, and you need to speak up, otherwise the system will grow like pond scum. I am also starting an impeachment process against Judge Charles Greene, you can go to craigs list south Florida to see the info. I have received two inquiries today one for Broward judges looking for case and another for Palm beach judges. We have already collected a lot of information on some palm beach judges showing a pattern in Family court of what is said and done to make sure custody is given to the abuser. We are doing the same in Broward as Jeff Weissman will be our star witness as a pro-pedophile GAL lawyer. So if any of your clients want to join in please have them check it out. I will also forward the new Judge Blog to our north Florida groups, I am sure they will be interested. many of us will be in DC May 9 -12 making a congressional presentation on how GALS and court appointed psychologist use a pattern to wrestle custody away from protective moms and give to abusers. We have a case by case file of how these two court whores go about building their case to place children in harm’s way. It is probably similar to what Judge Korda teaches. Yeah!!!!! Waiting for you Jeff.

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    Woah Mike, taking on those tough subjects such as: “racism is bad” …

    What’s the point in trying to look scholarly by merely writing “hey everyone, there was an important case made long ago”?! Oh, I see, it wasn’t some bowtie-wearing ploy at looking smart, it was as if to say “now, aren’t I just an enlightened guy I am anti-racism”

    So transparent it is pathetic.

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    You are so right! Why discuss racism especially with whats going on in the NBA etc. when we can talk about important things like who is on grinder or what happy hour everyone goes to? Some legal mind…

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    And now Polen –proves again the s**t floats in Broward. Stone and Polen both need to be in prison, instead–they are allowed to continue being criminal terrorists on the bench both in and back from the 4th DCA–but the JQC protected and covered up their felonies on the bench with the help of another Broward flying fecal pig–Backman.

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    If more Judges had the courage to discuss real issues like Mike did there would at least be a possibility of solutions. But after Barry’s treatment I understand why most keep zipped up.

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    Mariam Silver is really Caren McDonald a/k/a Caren MacDonald who was charged and convicted for kidnapping her son after violating numerous family court orders. She abducted her son for five years taking him to Costa Rica. The child’s father did know if his son was dead or alive. Despite David Bogenschutz representing her at trial, she was found guilty in approximately one hour by the jury. Here is the article as proof –

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    “Fast” Eddie Kay and I go back to when I was a very young reporter and he was the Broward Democratic Chair. Good to see my old pal back in the courthouse.

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    Why shouldn’t I have my filing fee paid by the lawyers appearing before me? I only doubled my salary by becoming a Judge and I still have nightmares after sucking off the Governor. Elections are stupid and should be eliminated anyway. The system isn’t fair.

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    No I think it’s 20k he had 40 in assets and 20 in debt looks like 20k.

    30 year lawyer, pusinhg 60 and that’s all he has. At least we know he is running because he is broke.

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    2 days left to qualify and it looks like the only incumbents that will get opposition are Ian Richards, Ellen Feld. So much for all the huffing and puffing going on here.

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    And we know why rich guys like Gold and Green are running.

    Because they’re bored.

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    Which one is Eddie Kay? Kulik the judge maker fell flat on his face. And after all that bravado about running comic clowns against sitting judges too ! LOL So much hot air.

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    Whatever happened to Bailey and Loe ? Didn’t Loe come back looking for his job back at the SA? Now Broke Bailey’s looking to be a judge for all the right reasons: A big raise in pay.

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    Dennis may be broke, but he has tried more cases than 90% of the Broward judges, including his brother Tim.

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    Ask Cohen why Richards is getting opposition. The answer is what you’d expect.

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    Oh wow, buddy nevins – you are just SO cool!

    You refer to him as “fast” eddie kay & my old pal back in the day … What’s the point?

    You could’ve accomplished the same thing anonymously but, by adding your name, it’s as if you want to make it seem like ‘hey everyone – I’m someone important, I matter’

    Don’t know you mr. nevins, and don’t wish to – but go hump yourself.

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    All I can say is there should be some nervous judges. We’ve got judges that do nothing for the money they are paid, take the bench drunk or drugged, drive drunk, and are otherwise pretty worthless as they carry next to no caseload. And, oh, a chief judge that tries to cover and make excuses for them while not doing anything himself. What exactly are these buffoons doing anyway in Broward? They should all be run against.

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    Good riddance to bad trash O’Connor/ She didn’t tell the truth from the beginning, has sleazed her way to stay on the bench, has got her pension like the rest of the timed out suckers and is now off to the nearest landfill. Talk about the biggest mess on the Broward Bench. She’s fit that ticket from the beginning.

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    If Mike Rothschild is anything like his father, he is a big fake.

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    Bob Nichols, Mickey Rocque, Julio Gonzalez once laughed at Ahern too, lol.

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    Looks like only incumbents to draw opposition are Ellen Feld, Lynn Rosenthal and Ian Richards.

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    Who is Mike Rothchild trying to kid. He and his father have locked up their fair share of African Americans.
    Diversity, Mike? Really? You are going to pontificate about diversity? Why don’t you tell us what efforts you have made towards diversity on the bench?

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