Matt’s Back! Back! – Destry wrote a response over on LinkedIn, and since no one will ever see it there, it’s been printed in its entirety in the comments section, despite substantial inaccuracies.

Destry does get one thing right, in that he certainly touched a nerve. We’re happy to take criticism and debate almost anyone, but it’s galling to be lectured about ethics by someone who stands mute instead of angrily refuting allegations that he bartered a human being’s freedom in exchange for help with his losing judicial campaign. Pretty disturbing stuff even by Broward standards, and in his quest to rehabilitate his shattered reputation, or by blind conceit, he goes so far as to reference the Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar. His belief that he’s the kind of person that should be upholding in others the integrity of the legal profession unfortunately says a lot about what has transpired in Broward County legal circles over the years, and ignores JAABLOG’s considerable efforts and demonstrable results in making things a little better. It shouldn’t escape anyone’s attention reading here that he’s one of the individuals now deservedly out of a job.

Underneath the sour grapes, Destry makes an argument for blog moderation. Agree or disagree, but until laws change, or the Bar changes the rules of professional conduct under which JAABLOG operates, things will remain the same. Why? Because for better or worse, the blog has always been a reflection of the community it serves, and it’s now more important than ever to let the racists, misogynists, homophobes, and alt-righters have their say, lest we forget where we’ve been as a nation, or where we may be headed if we turn a blind eye.  And for honest citizens or parodists with legitimate gripes who may fear retribution, the forum must remain intact.  Those that seek to destroy will not dictate the terms.  It’s just that simple.

The Oath of Admission Destry cites starts with the words “I will support the Constitution of the United States”. That’s what it’s all about. And if someone doesn’t like it, including a disgraced former judge, they have the right to work to change the rules, or simply quit reading …

Sexist or Solicitous? – attorneys from both the Public Defender’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office have now filed Motions To Disqualify Bobby Diaz for claims of bias against female attorneys.  At issue is Diaz’s habit of calling women lawyers “Miss“, and the Esquires’ belief that Diaz’s alleged disdain for women barristers will taint the outcome of their cases.

Both motions are found here.  Take a moment to read, and You Make the Call!

Mike Gottlieb running for Florida House

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    J.A.A.B. Blog: Keyboard Cowards and Bullies
    Published on March 19, 2018
    Matthew Isaac Destry

    Gauging by the response to my last article on LinkedIn, I have touched a nerve. See Mr. Gelin’s post “Matt’s Back!” on his blog:

    Well, good – because bullies and their facilitators need to be called out.

    It is a coward who responds to criticism with a personal attack. Mr. Gelin’s time would be better spent addressing the problems with his blog than deflecting with a personal attack that only doubles as a dog whistle for some of his followers. It is not what we should expect or accept from a member of the Florida Bar.

    J.A.A.B. Blog, in its present form, allows anonymous users to spew hate. There has been no attempt to justify the now infamous “Bench Beavers” posts. The reality is that they are indefensible.

    I seriously doubt that Judges Kim Mollica, Kathleen McCarthy, Jennifer Hilal, Deborah Carpenter-Toye, Florence Taylor Barner, Jill Levy, Kathleen McHugh, Stacey Schulman, Andrea Gundersen, Fabienne Fahnestock, Nina DiPietro, Yael Gamm and Tarlika Navarro – all targets of these posts – are willing to accept the status quo. I do not believe this sits well with the Broward County Bar Association or the Broward County Women Lawyers Association, either.

    The argument that the Florida Bar declined to take action years ago is flawed. Social media has progressed and recent events have made clear that we, as a society, are no longer willing to accept or ignore this type of behavior. The law adapts and the Rules of Professional Responsibility should too.

    Seriously, if the trend continues, we should just rename J.A.A.B. Blog the “Just Anonymous Attacks and Bullies” blog. Misogyny, anti-Semitism, racism – hatred of all kinds are now welcome there. Don’t like the way a judge has ruled? Feel free to photoshop him or her and create whatever lurid image and commentary you think will be most hurtful and damaging – anonymously. We’ll be happy to publish it for you.

    I do not argue here against free speech, criticism of public officials or anonymous posts, but if you provide the platform, you should ensure that posts that cross the line do not see the light of day. Every responsible social media outlet does this – it’s called moderating. Why not J.A.A.B. Blog? I urge Mr. Gelin to do the responsible thing and rehabilitate his blog so that it lives up to the principles of the oath he took upon admission to the Bar. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but how about we ditch the sludge?

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      You gotta luv this imbecile. Matt just can’t get with the program even after he’s been unceremoniously expelled from it.
      He was called out by Duffy and defeated. He is as dumb as a stump and still smarting like a jilted woman.
      He packed up his car and left in a huff but hasn’t cut the in umbilical cord.
      Snatched off the gravey train, he hasn’t found anything to replace the adrenaline rush of treating everybody like they were a lower form of life. This after it was given to him without even having to be elected his first term.
      Reminds me of that arrogant puffball DiJols who suffers from the same problem and whined like a stuck pig when he got handed his walking papers by voters.
      Neither of them realize that courtesy is the mark of true nobility, not a sense of unfounded entitlement.

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        When a skilled legal researcher such as Former Chief Judge Victor Tobin endorses someone as a skilled legal researcher on LinkedIn, it means a lot. Congrats Destry.

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    Another Fallen Broward Judge with a speen to vent because of a Potent JQC Investigation and a humiliating defeat at the polls by voters makes for a wholly perturbed individual who should perhaps seek counseling, if nothing else but to give him some pointers to improve his writing skills.
    The way this dude tucked tail and ran probably says more about the lack of courage this guy possesses to face the music as a result of his actions, than it does of his skills at being an arbiter.
    I suggest he re-read the JQC Complaint.

  3. 1


    I guess Duffis Destry maybe forgot it was a State Attorney and a woman that wiped the mat with him ! And for very good reason. She’s thrice the judge he’ll never be again …
    Quit your crying you wimp and go back to your comic books.

    1. 10


      Men judges have been called out too.
      Destry’s just trying to get laid.
      Further, he claims anti-Semitic content and racism , but has not shown evidence to that effect.
      No State Law can be made to abridge Federally protected rights.

      The Florida Bar, (a private org), has no jurisdiction over this matter. If they do infringe upon my Bill of Rights by prohibiting free speech, we’re taking names of those who attempt to stifle free speech.

      As far as anti-Semitism claims, its just a myth to support victim status.

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    Funny, but he never cared about racism when he was in criminal court with the box and pews crammed with people of color. Filled quite a few prison cells with blacks too.

  5. 6


    Matt D’s perfect world no one can look a jurist in the eye, let alone critique them. He’d still be in the chair.

  6. 6


    Destry was a mediocre judge who tried to bully anyone who stood up to him so he should be the last person to lecture anyone about ethics and congeniality.

  7. 5


    Bobby having problems with the girls again ? Slacker with a tude gets you nailed. Where’s the respect?
    Somebody please run against this greaser.

    1. 20


      What’s the issue with calling females Miss?

      Ya’ll can be some immature, petty creatures..or is it creatons?

        1. 11


          I applaud Alcalde for putting Diaz in his place. One of the worst judges in Broward. She could trample this goofball if she ran against him. He’d be easy to beat.

          1. 6


            For calling females Miss? Would Madame Counsel be better and make them sound like hookers?

            Tell us, Ms. Alcalde, what’s your issue and what do you want to be called?

    1. 1


      Nice image because that is what Democrats want. Dems wants criminals to stay in this country. You, Sir, are a small minded putz spreading nonsense. You remind me of the right wing nut jobs that would discuss the welfare queens just to piss people off. Great job. You are officially a divisive jerk. Keep it up and you may get your own office in Russia.

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    Police respond immediately at St. Mary High School in Maryland and shoot dead gunman.
    Quite unlike the shooting of 17 at MSD High School in Parkland with BSO.
    What’s wrong with this picture ?

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    I like how Mr. Destry categorized his original writing as criticism and not a personal attack. Intellectually dishonest. Then when he’s called out he cowardly dodges the questions about the Jqc and categorizes the questions back as attacks. He’s a piece of work. He shouldn’t be hanging his hat on #metoo either. He was icky around the young lawyers.

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    Mr. Destry’s attempt to remove himself from the allegations of the Judicial Qualifications Committee speak for itself. It’s this hubris that shows what this man is really made of.
    His problems surfaced early on when he was first appointed, as expressed by many lawyers appearing before him, and continued throughout his short career as a Judge culminating in his defeat at the hands of an eminently more qualified contender.
    I can understand his disappointment, but the manner in which he now conducts himself is the most telling characteristic of those personality traits that undoubtedly led to his defeat and absence from the bench.
    Mr. Destry was a composite of every loathsome characteristic one should not be exposed to sitting in the position of judge.
    His obvious inability to learn from his experience should disqualify him from ever seeking the position of high responsibility in the future if that has not already been decided for him by the JQC.
    Mr. Destry, I believe you can now add a certain degree of dishonesty to your list of shortcomings in that you fail to recognize this.

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    What has Destry been doing since he lost his judgeship? Since he was not disbarred, does he actually have any cases or clients out there?

  12. 0


    I heard he went to Canada when he first got the boot. Loaded up his car and just left. Then I heard he was on the west coast before he turned up here again.

  13. 2


    His bar address is some p.o. box in Margate. He’s not counsel of record in any cases in Broward. How’s he paying the rent? Did he get to keep a pension?

  14. 61


    Bill, no matter what anyone else is, you are still, and always will be, an arrogant, self-important, spineless asshole.

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    Why can’t these pops take responsibility for themselves ? When you’re a judge and you mess up, you should have to own up to it.
    I know the Broward Judiciary is screwed up, but this guy is seriously delusional. No wonder he got stomped into a mud hole by voters. His delusions of grandeur are seriously warped.
    He’s just pissed off. Thought the gravey train would last forever like most of these pops.
    This crap makes me mad !

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    Remember his Holiday Party? I went every year. He thought people went to hang with him and not for free food. Joker!!

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    Two things, 1) WHAT THE FUCK IS JUDGE MOLLICA THINKING? That ruling is shameful. I hope the court of appeals rips her ass apart in their decision. Hopefully the conflict counsel will file the writ of habeas corpus.

    2) The women is Judge Diaz’s division need to get some thicker skin or find another career.

    1. 5


      Now, now. You know that with the skanky bench beavers, a feeling is more important than a law.

      1. 8


        “Bench beavers”? So sorry that you are upset that women are now in positions of power. Lol. Women can’t be treated like garbage anymore- only by losers hiding behind their computers anonymously. None of you have the courage to use that language and write your name. But I’m certain you are all old men- upset that you now can’t begave like assholes all the time in public.

    2. 13


      1) Mollica did the smart thing. Better the DCA be upset than the voters if she let out that defendant.
      2) Diaz should stop being so nasty to people in general. If this gets out- with all that is going on now with women- he is toast.

      1. 1


        This is why the new rule to make retirement at 75 is bad and why they need term limits because Judges like him are burned out.

    3. 20


      If he doesn’t like the lawyer he calls them Miss or Sir while referring to the State in proper terms.. it’s totally disrespectful. He also lets the State use their computer but Defense can’t use a phone at podium to look stuff up.

      1. 7


        He can call ladies “Miss” if everyone can call him Dick. To be respectful, Judge Dick. Just like he calls all women Miss, we all call him a dick. Problem solved.

  18. 3


    I think a young and attractive man or woman can beat him.

    Can Bob finish the term or is he aged out?

  19. 3


    What do disgraced judges do after leaving the bench? Usually they still have enough connections or sympathizers to get some lawyer job to maintain appearances and have some money coming in. Ex: Imperato, Rosenthal, Pollack, Julian, Schapiro.

    Even Gardiner was charging the billable hours at Cole, Scott, Kissane before she got disbarred.

    But Destry seems to have given up all professional status and gainful employment since his fall. Is he such a pariah that none of the brown-noses or lackeys will throw him some no-show “of counsel” job somewhere? What was he before the bench? Statewide prosecutor? Can’t he cut it somewhere besides the government gravy train?

  20. 1


    What’s there to be surprised about. Most of the Broward Bench is stacked with various government lifers who have done nothing but suck at the public trough. Destry’s no different. If they can’t continue padding up the creek with a government paddle, their chit out of luck.
    I wouldn’t think Destry has many options. His talent doesn’t go any further than being a government gofer.

  21. 2


    Why shouldn’t Judge Diaz be moved for us? He is rude and you have helped others so much in Civil with movement.

    1. 2


      Voters should trash him in the nearest dumpster where scuzzes like him belong. Why Broward judges just can’t do their simple jobs without tripping over their big mouths has always been their problem. It’s not as if they have a lot to do. Start by 11 and out after lunch. Taco time is more important with this spoof.
      Return honor to the bench. Vote these pretenders out of office and keep both eyes on his replacement. There are plenty of better people out there that would give taxpayers something for their money besides a lot of lip.

    1. 3


      Bob you are too funny! Those girls only talk to you because they are still young enough to think that just because you are a judge you must be important. Is that why you are terrible to people in front of you? To show off? This made me laugh

  22. 1


    Pretty girls aren’t impressed with lifer toads whose diet consists of cheese and refried beans and look like this …
    He’s always been a morph. Poor guy. He cant do anything else.

  23. 0


    Broward County lawyer the FBI declared “armed and dangerous” in 2014 has resurfaced after four years on the lam and is now in federal custody, the website is reporting.

    Michael Ralph Casey, 71, the former in-house lawyer and president of a Fort Lauderdale-based online commodities company, now defunct, was before a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in Houston, the website reported Tuesday.

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