Lynn Feig Rosenthal’s campaign continues to stack blunder upon blunder.  It’s getting almost too painful to watch.  The advantages of gender, ethnicity, incumbency, and financial dominance are being squandered with each passing day.

Today’s mishap started with a radio appearance on 850 WFTL, with Rich Stevens.  The embattled judge decided to break her personal silence regarding the DUI arrest live on the AM dial.  It was Ambien this and Ambien that, plus other excuses and veiled swipes at law enforcement, with the ever protective Stevens in charge of the cheer leading section.  After the judge left, calls were accepted, and we made it on the air, only to be disconnected mid-sentence when the host realized some of his many nitwitisms were being inconveniently eviscerated.

It’s too  bad the show isn’t available online.  Feig Rosenthal had a lot to say about the arrest.  In fact, it may have gone a long way to help her reelection bid, if someone hadn’t invited television news to film the broadcast, armed with their trusty BSO BAT facility videos.  After Feig Rosenthal left the studio, she agreed to answer questions for the cameras, and some of her answers directly contradicted what’s seen on the aforementioned BAT video.  Whatever headway she had gained with Stevens’ lopsided presentation quickly disappeared down the rabbit hole.

Check it out for yourself.  The links are below.  All the local affiliates except for Fox mention the Xanax and Feig Rosenthal’s contradictory statements regarding the refusals.  In the meantime, we’ll try to get a full transcript of the radio show for any interested parties …

Coming SoonPeter Weinstein thinks Broward judges are underpaid; Will Jeff Marano and Scott Israel support Feig Rosenthal after her criticisms of law enforcement and the jail?; How much will the Feig Rosenthal family have to spend to win?

ABC/Bob Norman: Judge Rosenthal says she was “sleep driving” 

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NBC/Judge Speaks Out on Dangers of Ambien

Fox/Broward judge speaks out after DUI arrest

SS/Dale Cohen does the right thing

LA Times/Broward’s Pot Court under fire

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Mojo/Marianne Faithfull confirms what everyone already knew about the death of Jim Morrison

Tallahassee Democrat/JQC says Judge Hawkins should be removed

BrowardBeat/Jahra McLawrence’s clever anti-Feig Rosenthal Mailer


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    What’s more embarrassing in the end, the arrest or losing to a black man in Broward?
    Maybe she can open an office with Ilene, on the bright side.

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    Her honor, well that’s clearly a misnomer. She is now a proven liar. Clearly her honor believes she is above the law. Both she and her supporters continue the ambien mantra…kind of similar to 1984, if we say it therefore its true. Why is it true, well because she’s a judge… There is jury instruction that talks about credibility of witnesses and inconsistent statements, seems the judge’s credibility is truly at issue. So common “your Honor” show some integrity to the electorate and give us the hair follicle.

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      Follicle testing would be invalidated by hydrogen peroxide factor. Surprised she didn’t ask for follicle test in addition to breathalyzer.

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    She must be fun to party with. Xannies and when she gets in a jam she’s good at getting out of it.

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      Maybe it’s not the fault of the campaign. Maybe the same person who insisted on bailing on the Dependency Judges and kids to come to Criminal before the qualifying deadline is the same one making similarly bad decisions now.

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    Gelin, instead of trying to destroy the life of someone like you are doing, why don’t you do something about it like maybe cleaning up and look like a professional looking attorney or maybe try to become a judge yourself. We get it you don’t like some judges. Informing the public about the judiciary is fine but what you are doing is well overboard and almost could be considered slander. So from someone who is amongst the general public do something about instead of just posting.

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    Good job Bill Gelin. Remember the truth is a defense and the truth will send these liars where they belong, off the bench. They can’t handle the truth. They’ve been bobbing and weaving and getting away with these lies for too long. Great job Bill.

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    First its going after a dedicated lawyer like McLawrence, then its going after Gelin. The ‘look over there and not at me’ campaign continues…

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    Except that whoever thought of doing the radio show on 850 and press conference after had no clue what they were doing. The more this is in the media the worse it is for Rosenthal. By the way, look at the comments following the ABC, CBS and NBC news stories about her. All extremely negative.

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    I’ve seen Rosenthal in court. She deserves everything coming her way now and to lose. What’s good for the goose is good gander.

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    The Judges smug behavior and lack of remorse make me want to vomit. She could have killed someone…. It could have been your child

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    She has lost all credibility. How she can sit up on the bench and pass judgment is only understandable if you have the.ego needed for any elected office. She is blind deaf and dumb to all of these well placed comments. Federal Prosecutrix = Lousy Judge.

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    Typical contrivance gone bad from yet another Broward County Judge who continues to look more like a cucumber with lips as she runs to retain her seat after being caught DUI on her way to court ! This Rosenthal needs to try another job that doesn’t suck quite so hard at the public trough.
    Any harder and her lips would collapse !

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    Lynne pooh is done. Time she puts herself out to greener pastures. She deserves time with the other cow chips

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    This gets even more interesting. In addition to McLawrence’s arrest and no contest plea in Florida, he has one arrest in Virginia for reckless driving, and another for DUI.

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    The sad part is the JQC. They went along with O’Connor’s bullshit. They bought Gardiner’s bullshit (until she was later exposed). The JQC is in the tank. They won’t do squat.

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    This latest race-baiting ECO tied to her campaign and all the rest will not go will with the Supreme Court of Florida. At a minimum there will be a reprimand.

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    Didn’t any of Judge Rosenthal’s family members see her before she left for work that day? If she was sleep driving so erratically she collided with a barrier wall, a fence and police car, wouldn’t they have seen her acting crazy at home before she left?

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