We’re told Michael Davis, previously slated to take over for Kim Mollica in County Criminal, now resides full-time in South Satellite, inheriting Claudia Robinson’s former division.  Kim Mollica’s old County Criminal division is currently being covered by other judges after her reassignment to full-time First Appearances, and County judges will also be asked to rotate through to pick up the slack in Davis’ former Domestic Violence division until further notice.

Please post a comment if you know who is slated to take over the vacant County Criminal division full-time …

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        This is the thing about the failure of Chief Judges, the Supreme Court, and the JQC to exert any type of controls on the out of control Broward judiciary until they get exposed in the media and removed.
        The errant Judges cause humongous problems for the litigants and the other Judges and staff. It’s expensive as hell additionally.
        It would be better if there was something that could be done to fix judicial problems before the inevitable self-destruction and corresponding humiliation to the 17th. The disgraceful way they usually behave after getting caught is salt in the wounds.
        It’s always circle the wagons with this gang though. It compounds everything. How come there isn’t a civilian review board over their performance is a mystery given their instincts are to make things worse and worse.
        It’s why nobody trusts the system.

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    Former Judge Robinson is hiding out in her house with the blinds closed.
    Full throttle hideout. Another Broward judge caught in the act.

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      Unless agreed to by all parties and the jury that is just wrong. I’m sure some of the people would have rather seen their families. I think the ‘we must get done’ mentality is wrong.

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      Judge Duffy is one of the few who has the guts to do what is right on a regular basis. She calls the balls and strikes fairly. She calls out the State when they are ridiculous. She sees the forest for the trees. She has common sense that you can tell comes with life experience. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth and you can tell. She gets it. Every judge should be like Barbara Duffy.

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      Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary’s policies, set in motion so many years ago, are responsible for the worst point loss in the history of the stock market today.

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    A meth addict should never be permitted to represent clients in court or to hold any other position in a law firm. A Pompano Beach law firm recently showed a young associate the door for this very problem. The partners of the firm should be applauded for taking swift action to protect the firms clients and putting other considerations aside.

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      How about “pain killers?
      Does that count? Because I have a prescription and chew them through all crucial proceedings, as it interrelates to my case handling. Drugs are okay if called “pain killers

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    With all that’s happened with drugged up and drunk driving Judges there should be drug testing and daily breath tests before taking the bench.

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