Channel 10’s John Turchin broke out the Lynn Feig Rosenthal driving video today.  It was obtained from the Palm Beach SAO this morning.  We’ve got a copy too, and will upload to YouTube in case the Channel 10 link goes down in the future.

John’s story is found here.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the settling of the Feig Rosenthal matter.  The full case file should be available Monday from BSO.  Until then, it’s anyone’s guess as to how a talented and thorough Traffic Homicide Investigator could botch a straight forward Implied Consent warning, and relegate a bottle of Xanax, a controlled, potentially intoxicating drug, to an event report that could not become public record by law until after a case filing decision was made …

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26 thoughts on “MRS. MAGOO”

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    I like how they light up on her off Andrews. Bet if it was a black guy they would have compelled her selfie cell phone video.
    This reeks.

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    She sure seemed on that video to be driving at a very high rate of speed than what was originally reported.

    Also, are we ever going to see the video of her on 595?

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    Maybe the cop was high on ambien from the night before when he wrote the ticket and didn’t know what he was doing.

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    She blamed it on Dr and Ambien, why not the car too? It’s German, might pick her up a few votes in condos.

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    If she didn’t remember driving because of the sleeping pills then isn’t it possible she didn’t remember taking Xanax too?

    Time for everyone stopped for DUI to remember to say Ambien (I got it from my friend) and to refuse.

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    The funniest thing I’ve seen in a while except she could have hurt herself or killed a pedestrian or another driver. Lucky she got the lesser but then lots of people get lucky if the police are dumb or the lawyer has juice or a fair Judge is assigned the case.

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    The only pedestrian she might have run down back there would have been someone recently released from the jail so she would have just been doing her job anyway.

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    It must be nice to be a Judge. While Doctors everywhere have cracked down on prescribing Xanax because of rampant abuse they wouldn’t blink twice hooking up someone with a prestigious title like Judge who has a good enough sob story. In hindsight, being able to tap into the prescription powder mill with ease and lead la vida Elvis 24/7 makes the Judge pay not seem so bad. It must be nice to be a Judge.

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    Maybe not the strongest case for the SAO, but Rosenthal would be the last Judge to grant a JOA with a clipped cop car and a bottle of Xannys.

    Jury Entering!

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    I don’t think any charges would have been filed if Jaab hadn’t brought out the property receipt.

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    The hypocrisy!!! If she was presiding on a case like this, say DUI-SBI, all her rulings would be for the State and the sentence would be the maximum. This is why she should NEVER preside over another criminal case.

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      Well she could disqualify from all cases involving DUI. When she’s moved back they will say its ok because she won’t stay on DUI cases. I think she shouldn’t be allowed back at all. The issue is deeper. She may hammer all before her to show she’s not a law breaker based on a subliminal need to prove it. The thing is she now has more in common with criminals than like 99% of the lawyers before her do since she pled no contest to a criminal charge. Hardly any lawyers get a criminal record after they get licensed. I think she shouldn’t be on any criminal cases because she might be tempted to overdo it subliminally. It’s a tough one.

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    Forget about the Ambien. How are litigants to know whether she took her Xanax properly so she’s not off her game in court? What if she misses a day of meds? Can she still do her job? What if she takes too much?

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    316.192 Reckless driving.—

    (1)(a) Any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.

    Anyone else wondering why she pled if it was all demon ambien’s fault?

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    JQC won’t do anything. She lawyered up and beat it. They don’t give a rip about anything except appearances. Once she’s reelected and everyone has forgotten about this it’s a dead issue.

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    I disagree. I think the story by Turchin is devastating and it ran on the local ABC News channel. This story has not gone away and is very close to Election Day. Most people who watched this should have been disgusted with it. Like Joyce Julian, I think rosenthal is going down. I also think that while the JQC may not come down on her hard, the Supreme Court will be more than happy to step in. At a minimum she should get a public reprimand from S Ct
    Having said all that this is a win. This woman, who wanted so desperately to be a prosecutor with a black robe, will never get the chance to sit criminal again. Go do your foreclosures and your divorces with all the other zombie judges like Feren.

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    The Judges coming from Federal are nearly always a total embarrassment and often lousy lawyers used to trial by ambush.

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    And this Broward Bimbo Judge thought she was alright to hear cases? What kind of idiot judges does Broward have? We know at least three of them have been caught under the influence. This Judge Rosenthal is possibly the worst of the three and obviously things she’s above the law herself that she’s still preaching to everyone else? Throw this Broward Bimbo off the bench and give the citizens of Broward a fair shake! This is absolutely disgusting.

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