Vote for Lynn …

(SS photo of box of campaign literature found in back of crashed BMW)

Lynn Feig-Rosenthal
is creating another campaign issue, and she may not even know it.

When in jail, Feig-Rosenthal scribbled out 119.071(5)(i)1.a, as provided by BSO earlier today, specifically precluding dissemination of the following:

For purposes of this paragraph, “identification and location information” means the:

a. Home address, telephone number, and photograph of a current or former United States attorney, assistant United States attorney, judge of the United States Courts of Appeal, United States district judge, or United States magistrate … (Emphasis Added).

Got that?

Feig-Rosenthal, a sitting judge and public figure actively distributing her own picture prominently displayed on campaign literature, objects to the less flattering mug shot being released because of a statute designed to protect the safety of current and former law enforcement officers.  It really is a stretch, putting BSO right in the middle, since they can’t violate the plain language of the statute without a court order, or a waiver from Feig-Rosenthal.

So there you have it.  We’ve got a call in to Brian Silber, the accused’s lawyer, to see if they’ll agree to release the photo.  In the meantime, an interested party could move for declaratory judgment (or some other fancy civil law term), thereby guaranteeing additional ongoing publicity for the embattled judge.

Definitely a wait and see …

(* The second page of the PDF provided by BSO has nothing to do with Feig-Rosenthal.)


SS: Should judges be held to a higher standard?

“(Judges) need to know their actions will be scrutinized. And if they don’t, they should be replaced.”

51 thoughts on “MUG SHOT MADNESS”

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    You can bet it won’t be the photo she uses on her campaign literature! Lol. The sense of intitlement these clowns have is right out of the ballpark.

    News for her, but it’ll be out there because she is now a public official as a judge which trumps all the crap she’s throwing out there.

    She really is dumb, isn’t she? Never had anything in her courtroom, but I’ve heard she isn’t the brightest. This proves it.

    I mean, taking a video on her cell phone as she sideswipes a guardrail on 595 and then the story about a truck trying to force her off the road?

    Pretty funny stuff if she hadn’t have been on her way to court to hear cases.

    Just glad to hear she didn’t hurt anyone in the process.

    You’ve got some good ones up there in Broward!

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    The back of her car from your photo is as organized as her courtroom.
    She needs to accept responsibility for her actions and resign.
    She sounds like a real weasel.

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    Wish I could drive around wasted on ambien. What difference does her mug shot make when her mug is already plastered all over TV newspaper and net. Doesn’t have the brain to be a judge.

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    OK so I misspoke. Don’t need a brain to be a judge in south florida.

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    These things didn’t happen when we all went to “Il’G’s” and “Fat Phils”!
    The good old days!!

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    She IS being held to a higher standard, just like the rest –it’s called Above the Law.

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    I guess no one can quite misuse the law in the manner of an attorney. And amongst attorneys, it looks like judges have primacy. (Even though it was probably her attorney’s idea).

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    Public safety is not at great risk because of three ripped judicial drivers; how much damage could be done by three?; if it was the case driving after consuming too many jelly donuts led to accidents it would then be time to truly panic.

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    Stonedwalling on the arrest photo is a great way to guarantee a few more days of coverage.

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    The Broward courthouse is burning and Weinstein is playing with his fiddle.

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    This Rosenthal is even dumber than I thought from my experience with her. Her excuse is stupid and her behavior is disgraceful to the extreme but it’s something Broward citizens are becoming used to with all these drunk Broward Judges putting the public at risk and sitting on cases while they are obviously impaired.

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    Judge Rosenthal should be stripped of her judgeship and put in rehab immediately. We’ve all seen what happens when you give these people a second chance. Pollack was very lucky someone wasn’t killed in the car accident. The arrogance exhibited by Broward Judges is astounding given the poor quality of their behavior and their lack of good judgment.

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