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Mike Satz seems to be losing a step or two in the PR department.  If rumors are true, recently promoted Supervising ASA Amy Bloom has been demoted and suspended without pay, after sending the above email to 94 recipients at the SAO yesterday.

Satz’s PIO Ron Ishoy, currently banking $102,314 annually, has not responded to our late afternoon call and email to confirm whether Bloom has indeed been suspended, and whether it’s in response to Bloom’s emailed criticism of the $80,000 being paid to SAO Community Programs Director Lisa Arneaud, whose controversial hiring we told you about back in November.  Bloom also may have sent an email around earlier this month in support of a raise for ASA’s, around the time Katherine Fernandez Rundle was taking a public stand on behalf of her employees in Miami.

Could it be things are even worse at the SAO than previously imagined?  Is there anyone left who believes Satz is still in it for anyone but himself?  Wait and see …


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Time for a little Coffee Talk?

The issue: Are divisional assignments for Broward Judges being made for electoral benefit?

That seems to be what Barbara McCarthy told the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board last summer.  She may have been looking at David Saloman when she said “I was told that if I moved to civil, I wouldn’t have any opposition“, but judicial assignments are made by the Chief Judge, and nobody else.  Was there some sort of deal in place to help her with the election, and now that she’s won, is that why she’s rumored to be returning to criminal?


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    Duh like the judiciary or sao ever does anything that isn’t about them first and the public second?

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    There is a fridge at the SAO in the break room. It’s from Mike’s childhood home. Nobody keeps anything in it anymore since Homer the ice man died back in ’83 and they couldn’t find another ice guy that delivered. They just filled it with non-disclosed Brady. So even though there is a fridge there, she does have a point.

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    “Attorneys who have appeared before her say she’s a well-intentioned woman who is simply overwhelmed by the intensity and complexity of the job. It’s time for her to go.”

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    All judges in Broward should be run against! This ridiculous charade perpetrated by chief judges of this circuit to protect judges in hopes of garnering support for their own political aspirations have undermined the proper administration in the 17th.
    Ross set this rotten tone for over twenty five years and Weinstein lacking any administrative talent or desire to better the judiciary has continued the shuffling of judges to help them stay on the bench and thus secure their support.
    The game is abundantly clear and politically rotten and crumbling around their ears.
    Why these grimy judges can’t just do their jobs with some degree of dignity while sucking off the public trough is making us all look bad.
    Moving judges back and forth between criminal and civil isn’t going to save any of them from getting opposition and shouldn’t.
    There’s going to be a collective whaling from most of them in 2018 as they have to earn their right to stay on the bench.

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    Satzie must have forgotten his anti-dementia pills. This is why Judges are termed out due to age. He must be senile. His advisers too.

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    This is surely a good way to earn opponents. Punish your best ASA’s for speaking out. Can someone confirm that Jeff Marcus suspended her in the presence of Lisa Lee? If true, that is a major problem for the office.

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    They don’t know each other and don’t violate 104.071!

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    What does he know, if anything, about the ties of the Nina DiPietro campaign and the Russians?

    Has he violated 104.071?

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    Did candidate Michael Lynch (1) in order to aid or promote his election DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY (2) give, or promise to give, pay, or loan any money or other thing of value (3) to the owner, editor, publisher, or agent, of (4) ANY communications media, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO RED BROWARD to (5) ADVOCATE OR OPPOSE through such media any candidate in any election or any candidate for election.

    Is Lynch really going to testify that this enormous amount of work by Tom Lauder over the course of his campaign promoting his candidacy and opposing Inkeles was done without consideration? Is it a coincidence that Lynch shared Thanksgiving dinner with Ahearn, Lauder and Donahue? Is it a coincidence that at his robing he declared Ahearn and Donahue his best friends? Is it a coincidence that Lauder, Donahue and Lauder came together to Lynch’s “victory” celebration? What did Lauder do for Lynch to deserve an invite to his thank you party? Why was he invited to his “primary” victory party at Micky Byrne’s Irish Pub where he was photographed with Shumate and Lauder? Is it a coincidence that Lynch as Treasurer of his campaign issued multiple checks to non-existent, false entities? Is the flow of money from Lynch to Ahearn/Donahue, South Florida Arbitration or related entities going to evidence Lauder/Red Broward received compensation or an other thing of value? Is it just a coincidence that, on behalf of Lynch, Lauder and crew would show up at BagelLand or his private fundraiser at Maguires Hill 16? Is it a coincidence that Lauder and crew would happen to appear and then publish negative internet videos and blogs about Inkeles? Is it a coincidence that Lauder and his sidekick Dennis Shumate mysteriously appeared at Bill Scherer’s personal residence for a private fundraiser? Use your common sense. Ahearn has already demonstrated how slimy he is with his attempted lifetime ANNUITY of $31,500 per year over a two year period thus far.

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    Why is this asshole posting social media pics. Sounds like someone has a personal problem. I hope Karma deals with him appropriately or perhaps already has.

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