A reliable source has confirmed Jay Hurley isn’t going anywhere.  Kal Evans may be subbing in the afternoon on occasion, but there won’t be any swapping of divisions.

Additionally, we’re told Hurley couldn’t stop laughing when he first read Finkelstein’s letter.

Is this the end of this one?  Unlikely.

Developing …

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    Broward continues to be a joke for the entire judiciary in this country. Perhaps merely following the state in its consistent stupidity

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    Poor Peter. What a quandry. Kow tow to Finkelstein and Satz as usual or stand up for a voting County Judge for a change. Politics would be a lot less stressful if it wasn’t for the elections every couple of years. Bet he carries a list of Judges in his fanny pack to keep tabs on the projected final tally. What a horseshit town.

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    Unless I am mistaken Pw bears a remarkable resemblance to Wimpie. Both in looks and brains. Coincidence, I think not.

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    Opposition is sure thing for TV star Hurley. Too bad people didn’t get it the last time this buffoon was on the ballot

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    Longest serving judge in Florida never to preside over a non jury or jury trial, ruled in an evidentiary motion, ran a real division nor took a plea….Judge Jay Hurley.

    Roger Stone will eat Jay for breakfast.

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    Jay has name and face recognition, the strong support of the criminal defense bar and bail bondsmen and would be nearly impossible to beat.

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      Have you seen Jay lately? It looks like he has something under his belt, but it ain’t trials. Try eating a fucking salad.

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    Given his grandstanding at the expense of our clients, while the defense bar may like him when he is off the bench, most of us don’t much like him on the bench.

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    Why not put John Matthew Brooks HURLey in Civil and someone with Judicial background in 1st Appearance. Someone who doesn’t care about a TV spot or keeping a seat warm across the street.

    Nothing against Kal, but he’s a bit too new for 1st Appearnance.

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    I believe in the last year as a Prosecutor, Judge Evans has tried a case, argued an evidentiary motion and did something more than say… the bond shall be set at X

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    In the Miami Herald: 10/27/14 – 8:30pm Full link:

    It reads:

    John “Jay” Hurley, a Broward County judge who’s gained a measure of online celebrity for his brand of televised justice, will keep his post in bond court despite a call for his removal by Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein.

    Finkelstein complained in a letter to Chief Judge Peter M. Weinstein last week that Hurley should be booted out of magistrate court for “expressing his contempt for the homeless and members of my office.”

    Saying Hurley “has crossed the line,” Finkelstein asked Weinstein to transfer him in a letter recounting five incidents from Oct. 7-15. DVD recordings that Finkelstein said depict “Judge Hurley’s rash and troubling behavior” accompanied the four-page letter.

    “Each DVD shows Judge Hurley overreacting, abusing his judicial authority and acting in a manner unbecoming a judicial officer,” Finkelstein wrote. “His behavior is clearly intended to bully and intimidate the attorneys and prevent them from effectively representing detainees.”

    But in a Sunday telephone interview, Weinstein rejected Finkelstein’s request.

    “Jay Hurley is doing a fine job. He’s a good judge. It’s a tough assignment and there are all kinds of issues, but there are no plans for him to move,” said Weinstein, who has served as chief judge since 2011.

    Specifically, Finkelstein accused Hurley of chastising one public defender, threatening two others with contempt and twice having Chief Assistant Public Defender Nadine Girault Levy thrown out of court for seeking to assist homeless people charged with violating municipal ordinances.

    “On one occasion he actually pressed the panic button to stop her from making legal argument,” Finkelstein told Weinstein. “In an attempt to humiliate Girault Levy, Judge Hurley then ordered her to remain in the courtroom until deputies arrive[d] so she could be escorted from the courtroom by armed deputies.”

    Hurley declined to comment Friday through his secretary.

    The website streams live video from Broward’s bond court and other locations. In June, Miami’s NBC6 reported that Hurley has a daily following “on computer screens across the nation.” Site owner Cathy Russon told the station, “Judge Hurley popped into our chat room the other night, and oh my God, it’s like a celebrity that is better than George Clooney.”

    Finkelstein, widely known locally as TV legal advice maven “Help Me Howard,” said the judge’s actions followed challenges by public defenders to Hurley’s “refusal to appoint counsel to homeless persons” charged with violating city ordinances.

    Florida’s court operations are funded by the state, except for criminal violations of city ordinances. If a police officer arrests an indigent for a municipal infraction, the city must pay for a defense lawyer.

    But city-paid defense lawyers, like city prosecutors, typically don’t appear at bond hearings due to cost considerations. They only show up after the case proceeds to court.

    Public defenders are state-funded and do not handle municipal cases. Yet they are always present at magistrate hearings and are permitted by law to counsel indigent defendants and ensure they get the rights to which they are entitled.

    And that’s the rub. Indigents accused of minor city violations are, according to Finkelstein, encouraged by Hurley to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of a few days or time served.

    “He is more focused on quickly moving through the docket than ensuring that defendants understand the process,” Finkelstein said in his letter.

    Hurley’s refusal to appoint a lawyer to defend homeless people arrested for municipal violations is allegedly personal, Finkelstein said.

    In his letter, Finkelstein told Chief Judge Weinstein that at an Oct. 14 hearing Hurley went into a 10-minute “impromptu tirade” in which he “interjected his personal feelings into the proceedings and admitted that his wife and family had been approached by the homeless while in their car in traffic. He attempted to minimize his comments by characterizing them as ‘venting’ and repeatedly emphasized his compassion for homeless people while he continued to complain about being harassed by the homeless.”

    Finkelstein also cited Hurley’s handling of defendant Gregory Williams at an Oct. 8 bond hearing. Via video proceedings, Williams told the judge that he was deaf and did not use sign language, but did read lips.

    “Judge Hurley completely ignored [Chief Assistant PD] Girault Levy’s request to appoint counsel to Williams and to transport Williams to the courtroom so he could read the court’s lips and understand the hearing,” Finkelstein wrote.

    Instead, Hurley accepted a no contest plea from Williams over video.

    “Judge Hurley relied on a detention deputy to ‘translate.’ It is apparent that Williams did not understand what was said and only wished to be released from custody,” Finkelstein told the chief judge. “Judge Hurley denied Williams due process of law and failed to accommodate his disability in order to expedite and extricate a plea.”

    Weinstein, while declaring his support for Hurley, acknowledged the court has “issues with how we deal with municipal ordinance violations” and said he’s taking steps to address them.

    “We are in the process of working on a new administrative order to make things a lot clearer,” Weinstein said. He said the changes should be implemented by the end of the year.

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    Dear Judge Hurley: Date Night Won’t Cure Spousal Abuse…/dear-judge-hurley-date-night-wont-cure-spousal…
    Feb 9, 2012 – Judge John “Jay” Hurley, don’t make me come down there to Florida and go all Women’s Studies 101 on you. Seriously, domestic violence is …

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    It is good to see the PD’a finally speaking up for their clients in that courtroom. The judge in there is the wrong person to be conducting those hearings. His job is not to humiliate the Defendant’s and place them in danger when they are later placed in a cell with others that have watched the tv coverage. What the police say in their reports is not always true and the Defendant’s are not presumed guilty. You wouldn’t know that by watching Judge Hurley play to his audience.

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